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1.   Agnes laughed again at her own penetration, and told me that if I were faithful to her in my confidence she thought she should keep a little register of my violent attachments, with the date, duration, and termination of each, like the table of the reigns of the kings and queens, in the History of England. Then she asked me if I had seen Uriah.
2.   Deluded fool! 'Tis magic, I declare! To each she doth his lov'd one's imagewear.
3.   Extinction
4. 微信读书的营收因素主要有2点:第1点是客单价。
5. 不过,特斯拉此轮暴涨,也被被认为夹有泡沫。
6.   6. A Godde's kichel/halfpenny: a little cake/halfpenny, given for God's sake.


1. 我们没找到父亲的劳动合同,我向父亲同事求助希望他们出个证明,但几位叔叔因为一些原因都拒绝了。
2. 蒙哥一路的先锋军,由纽璘等率领向成都进兵。在遂宁大败宋刘整军,继而又进驻灵泉山和云顶山。四川制置使蒲择之领兵救成都,被蒙古军打败,成都降蒙。彭州、汉州、怀安、绵州等地宋兵相继投降。
3. 我把胡萝卜、土豆、红薯、大白菜、菜薹、泥蒿这些便于存放的蔬菜每样买了好几斤,又去卖肉的摊位买了一些五花肉和肉末,价格较之前有上涨,可以接受。
4. 臣民不会仅仅因为付出感就对君王死心塌地,君王还必须包装出一套君权神授的理论,来证明自己政权的正当性。
5. 一个个选择构成了宿命,再也不能回头。
6. "Come down," he said, pointing to the cataract. "Woman Country--up there."


1. 1.2数字生态是下一波变革浪潮未来,随着保险行业参与主体的数字化,以及投保人行为的数字化,行业会进入数字生态阶段。
2. 《救助申请表》上的签名。
3. 他们内心热爱北京、期待融入,现实却融而难入、来而不留。
4. 但问题的关键在于,曹操在明知道河北民生艰难,需要长时间休养生息的情况下还大兴土木,修建邺城三台。
5. "Here we have Human Motherhood--in full working use," she went on. "Nothing else except the literal sisterhood of our origin, and the far higher and deeper union of our social growth.
6.   "My request seemed both to puzzle and to irritate my host. His greateyebrows came down over his eyes, and he tapped his fingersimpatiently on the table. He looked up at last with the expressionof one who has seen his adversary make a dangerous move at chess,and has decided how to meet it.


1. Western whites have a place within their nations’ new, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.
2. 这种方法与现今所使用的人工呼吸法基本相同。所谓人工呼吸,也就是说抢救者通过用手按压胸部与牵引肢体活动,可以使被抢救者的胸腔被动地运动,实现气体交换并促进血液循环的进行,经过一段时间,如出现自主的呼吸,抢救就算成功了。而在国外,直到公元1897年,才开始把人工呼吸的方法应用于临床。
3. 他好像是孝感那边的,具体在哪里,他也说不清楚。
4. 此次组织架构调整进一步明确了,58同城以人力资源及职业教育事业群(HRG)、本地服务事业群(LBG)、汽车事业群(ABG)、房产事业群(HBG)为核心的前台四大事业群。
5. 截至目前为止,国外都没大规模的开始做这方面的事情,主要还都是以广告和教育培训等比较老派的形式,而类似知乎Live这样的模式,还属于空白地带。
6.   12月4日,嘉兴海宁市许村镇荡湾工业园区发生印刷厂污水厌氧罐倒塌,压垮附近两家企业的车间引发事故。


1. "Sara," she said, "do you think you can bear living here?"
2. 春节出行指南也将在全国296城上线。
3. 根据警方调查,这家医院在4年多时间里,以治疗男性疾病为名,通过诱导就诊、虚构病症、套路患者、对被害人实施故意伤害,涉嫌诈骗、敲诈勒索被害人数两万余名。

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      This being done, soone after he left his house, and leading him thusdisguised along by the chaine, he was followed by great crowds ofpeople, every one questioning of whence, and what he was. In whichmanner, he brought him, to the Market place, where an infinitenumber of people were gathered together, as well of the followers,as of them that before heard the proclamation. There he made choice ofa pillar, which stood in a place somewhat highly exalted, wherto hechained his savage man, making shew, as if be meant to awaite there,till the hunting should begin: in which time, the Flies, Waspes, andHornets, did so terribly sting his naked body, being annointed withHony, that he endured therby unspeakable anguish. When the poore mansaw, that there needed no more concourse of people; pretending, asif he purposed to let loose his Salvage man; he tooke the maske orvizard from Alberts face, and then he spake aloud in this manner.Gentlemen and others, seeing the wilde Boare commeth not to ourhunting, because I imagine that he cannot easily be found: I meane (tothe end you may not lose your labour in comming hither) to shew youthe great God of Love called Cupid, who Poets feigned long since to bea little boy, but now growne to manly stature. You see in what manerhe hath left his high dwelling onely for the comfort of our Venetianbeauties: but belike, the night-fogs overflagging his wings, he fellinto our gulfe, and comes now to present his service to you. No soonerhad he taken off his vizard, but every one knew him to be FryarAlbert; and sodainely arose such shoutes outcries, with most bitterwords breathed forth against him, hurling also stones, durt andfilth in his face, that his best acquaintance then could take noknowledge of him, and not any one pittying his abusing. So longcontinued the offended people in their fury, that the newes therof wascarried to the Convent, and six of his Religious Brethren came, whocasting an habite about him, and releasing him from his chaine, theyled him to the Monastery, not without much mollestation and trouble ofthe people; where imprisoning him in their house, severity of someinflicted punishment, or rather conceite for his open shame,shortned his dayes, and so he dyed. Thus you see (fayre Ladies) whenlicentious life must be clouded with a cloake of sanctifie, andevill actions daylie committed, yet escaping uncredited: there willcome a time at length, for just discovering of all, that the goodmay shine in their true luster of glory, and the bad sinke in theirowne deserved shame.

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