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1. 张磊说,这份工作费时费力。
2.   "I was trying to come on here, but the gods detained me in Egypt,for my hecatombs had not given them full satisfaction, and the godsare very strict about having their dues. Now off Egypt, about as faras a ship can sail in a day with a good stiff breeze behind her, thereis an island called Pharos- it has a good harbour from which vesselscan get out into open sea when they have taken in water- and thegods becalmed me twenty days without so much as a breath of fairwind to help me forward. We should have run clean out of provisionsand my men would have starved, if a goddess had not taken pity upon meand saved me in the person of Idothea, daughter to Proteus, the oldman of the sea, for she had taken a great fancy to me.
3.   Fourthly, how can we account for species, when crossed, being sterile and producing sterile offspring, whereas, when varieties are crossed, their fertility is unimpaired?
4. 尽管最初的OculusAvatars存在一定的局限,但ExpressiveAvatars带来了一系列的功能,并使其成为社交VR体验的重要拼图:展开全文1.能够看着观众的双眼营造了一种联结感2.动画嘴巴和嘴唇增强了对话的真实感3.诸如微笑和鬼脸等面部表情可以传达情感所述的新功能可以营造一种临场感,从而增加体验的真实感,并在总体上改善整体的社交感受。
5. (8)初,英粤东互市章程,各国皆就彼挂号始输税。法人、美人皆言"我非英属",不肯从,遂许法、美二国互市,皆如英例(第六页第十七行)。
6. 原标题:广东省人民医院启用5G红外测温,精度达±0.2摄氏度为打赢新冠肺炎的防控战,2月6日上午广东省人民医院在东川门诊入口紧急加设一道就医安全防护网——5G红外测温设备,该院是广东省30家新冠肺炎定点收治医院之一。


1. 警方提醒:网络不是法外之地,对于编造、散布谣言,扰乱公共秩序的行为,公安机关将依法查处打击,希望广大网民不造谣、不信谣、不传谣,共同维护良好的网络环境。
2. 余鲲说,父亲陷入深度昏迷就是在23日上午10点。
3.   Very true it is, that some things which Madam Pampinea could notaccomplish, by reason of her so small time of authority, I willbegin to undergo, to wit, in restraining some matters whereon we areto speake, that better premeditation may passe upon them. For, whenrespite and a little leysure goeth before them, each discourse willsavour of the more formality; and if it might so please you, thuswould I direct the order. As since the beginning of the world, all menhave bene guided (by Fortune) thorow divers accidents and occasions:so beyond all hope and expectation, the issue and successe hath bingood and successful, and accordingly should every one of our argumentsbe chosen.
4. 据称拼多多的直播业务当前不会推出单独的应用,而是会直接在拼多多app中内置。
5. The tension between Paramore's high-intensity hooks and withering lyrics explodes into fluorescent colors on After Laughter.
6.   'Tis I. Pray what have you to say to me?


1. 凡客的陈年就没那么幸运了。
2.   This counsel was very distasteful to me, but I thought I could not do otherwise than adopt it. So the next morning I set out with a company of poor wood-cutters, to whom the tailor had introduced me. Even on the first day I cut enough wood to sell for a tolerable sum, and very soon I became more expert, and had made enough money to repay the tailor all he had lent me.
3. 二、削弱八旗贵族
4. 经纬君就带各位盘点一下,今年银行又出了哪些鬼才营销。
5. 据布坎南回忆,深刻地影响了他的思想,主要是两位学者,一是他在芝加哥大学读博士时的经济学导师奈特(FrankKnight,1885-1972)教授,另一位是他在离开芝加哥大学前夕偶然发现其作品的瑞典经济学家维克赛尔(KnutWicksell,1851-1926)。
6. 老吴告诉记者,车轴数相同的货车,行驶证标明的满载吨数基本没差别(只有单、双驱的六轴车满载重量相差3吨)。


1.   "'Well,' said a voice which vibrated in too terrible a manner inmy ear not to be recognized, 'well! Are we softened a little?Will we not pay for our liberty with a single promise of silence?Come, I am a good sort of a prince,' added he, 'and although Ilike not Puritans I do them justice; and it is the same withPuritanesses, when they are pretty. Come, take a little oath forme on the cross; I won't ask anything more of you.'"'On the cross,' cried I, rising, for at that abhorred voice Ihad recovered all my strength, 'on the cross I swear that nopromise, no menace, no force, no torture, shall close my mouth!On the cross I swear to denounce you everywhere as a murderer, asa thief of honor, as a base coward! On the cross I swear, if Iever leave this place, to call down vengeance upon you from thewhole human race!'
2. 随着纳粹德国对奥地利的吞并,苏台德问题突然成为对捷克斯洛伐克的严重威胁。这个国家这时三面被扩张了的德国所包围。更为严重的是,有某些迹象表明英、法政府准备放弃捷克斯洛伐克,就象它们先前放弃奥地利一样。3月24日,张伯伦在众议院宣布,他不能保证援助捷克斯洛伐克,也不能保证在法国援助捷克斯洛伐克的情况下援助法国,因为英国的利益“与法国和比利时的利益并不相同”。与英国相比,法国受到了帮助捷克斯洛伐克反对无端侵略的条约义务的束缚。但是,法国的将领们警告说,他们的军队不能到国界以外的地方作战,因为整个军事机构只适应防卫用的马奇诺防线的防御工事。因此,法国政府在理论上不得不尊重它对条约承担的义务,但在实际上根本不愿这样做;当最后的较量到来时,它断然地拒绝援助捷克斯洛伐克。
3. 鼻子和额头都出现皮肤坏死的症状。
4.   In these days before the funeral, I saw but little of Peggotty, except that, in passing up or down stairs, I always found her close to the room where my mother and her baby lay, and except that she came to me every night, and sat by my bed's head while I went to sleep. A day or two before the burial - I think it was a day or two before, but I am conscious of confusion in my mind about that heavy time, with nothing to mark its progress - she took me into the room. I only recollect that underneath some white covering on the bed, with a beautiful cleanliness and freshness all around it, there seemed to me to lie embodied the solemn stillness that was in the house; and that when she would have turned the cover gently back, I cried: 'Oh no! oh no!' and held her hand.
5.   He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!
6. 完成这一段,他们将在海拔6400米的营地休整。


1.   "Yes, yes; but let us talk of this plot, M. de Villefort."
2.   'Still, so it was,' continued Mrs. Micawber. 'Under such circumstances, what could a man of Mr. Micawber's spirit do? But one obvious course was left. To borrow, of that branch of my family, the money to return to London, and to return at any sacrifice.'
3.   Youatt gives an excellent illustration of the effects of a course of selection, which may be considered as unconsciously followed, in so far that the breeders could never have expected or even have wished to have produced the result which ensued namely, the production of two distinct strains. The two flocks of Leicester sheep kept by Mr Buckley and Mr Burgess, as Mr Youatt remarks, 'have been purely bred from the original stock of Mr Bakewell for upwards of fifty years. There is not a suspicion existing in the mind of any one at all acquainted with the subject that the owner of either of them has deviated in any one instance from the pure blood of Mr Bakewell's flock, and yet the difference between the sheep possessed by these two gentlemen is so great that they have the appearance of being quite different varieties.'

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