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1. 11月22日,涉事幼儿园称该教师已被辞退。
2. 1月27日(阴历正月初三),全国铁路、道路、水路、民航共发送旅客1626.7万人次,比去年同期下降68.3%。
3.   "Ah," said Villefort, smiling, "I confess I should like tobe warned when one of these beings is in contact with me."
4.   I was up with the dull dawn, and, having dressed as quietly as I could, looked into his room. He was fast asleep; lying, easily, with his head upon his arm, as I had often seen him lie at school.
5.   `At least Bolshevism has got down to rock bottom,' said Charlie.
6. 然而,记者近日回访诸多违法高发路段后发现,在一些路段上,违法行为仍然存在,司机们面对更多的探头,反倒更频繁的穿插并线,让守法司机面临更大的危险。


1. 华宁救援队正在水底演练救援过程。新京报记者王飞摄新京报快讯(记者朱自洁)入夏以来,北京发生多起“游野泳”导致溺亡的事故。8月4日仅一日中,房山拒马河、海淀京密引水渠就发生两起溺亡事故。今日下午5时30分,中国紧急救援华宁救援队的队员在建外soho的训练场地现场。
2. 含氯消毒剂指的是溶于水能产生次氯酸钠的消毒剂。
3.   Let us now briefly consider the steps by which domestic races have been produced, either from one or from several allied species. Some little effect may, perhaps, be attributed to the direct action of the external conditions of life, and some little to habit; but he would be a bold man who would account by such agencies for the differences of a dray and race horse, a greyhound and bloodhound, a carrier and tumbler pigeon. One of the most remarkable features in our domesticated races is that we see in them adaptation, not indeed to the animal's or plant's own good, but to man's use or fancy. Some variations useful to him have probably arisen suddenly, or by one step; many botanists, for instance, believe that the fuller's teazle, with its hooks, which cannot be rivalled by any mechanical contrivance, is only a variety of the wild Dipsacus; and this amount of change may have suddenly arisen in a seedling. So it has probably been with the turnspit dog; and this is known to have been the case with the ancon sheep. But when we compare the dray-horse and race-horse, the dromedary and camel, the various breeds of sheep fitted either for cultivated land or mountain pasture, with the wool of one breed good for one purpose, and that of another breed for another purpose; when we compare the many breeds of dogs, each good for man in very different ways; when we compare the gamecock, so pertinacious in battle, with other breeds so little quarrelsome, with 'everlasting layers' which never desire to sit, and with the bantam so small and elegant; when we compare the host of agricultural, culinary, orchard, and flower-garden races of plants, most useful to man at different seasons and for different purposes, or so beautiful in his eyes, we must, I think, look further than to mere variability. We cannot suppose that all the breeds were suddenly produced as perfect and as useful as we now see them; indeed, in several cases, we know that this has not been their history. The key is man's power of accumulative selection: nature gives successive variations; man adds them up in certain directions useful to him. In this sense he may be said to make for himself useful breeds.The great power of this principle of selection is not hypothetical. It is certain that several of our eminent breeders have, even within a single lifetime, modified to a large extent some breeds of cattle and sheep. In order fully to realise what they have done, it is almost necessary to read several of the many treatises devoted to this subject, and to inspect the animals. Breeders habitually speak of an animal's organisation as something quite plastic, which they can model almost as they please. If I had space I could quote numerous passages to this effect from highly competent authorities. Youatt, who was probably better acquainted with the works of agriculturalists than almost any other individual, and who was himself a very good judge of an animal, speaks of the principle of selection as 'that which enables the agriculturist, not only to modify the character of his flock, but to change it altogether. It is the magician's wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases.' Lord Somerville, speaking of what breeders have done for sheep, says: 'It would seem as if they had chalked out upon a wall a form perfect in itself, and then had given it existence.' That most skilful breeder, Sir John Sebright, used to say, with respect to pigeons, that 'he would produce any given feather in three years, but it would take him six years to obtain head and beak.' In Saxony the importance of the principle of selection in regard to merino sheep is so fully recognised, that men follow it as a trade: the sheep are placed on a table and are studied, like a picture by a connoisseur; this is done three times at intervals of months, and the sheep are each time marked and classed, so that the very best may ultimately be selected for breeding.What English breeders have actually effected is proved by the enormous prices given for animals with a good pedigree; and these have now been exported to almost every quarter of the world. The improvement is by no means generally due to crossing different breeds; all the best breeders are strongly opposed to this practice, except sometimes amongst closely allied sub-breeds. And when a cross has been made, the closest selection is far more indispensable even than in ordinary cases. If selection consisted merely in separating some very distinct variety, and breeding from it, the principle would be so obvious as hardly to be worth notice; but its importance consists in the great effect produced by the accumulation in one direction, during successive generations, of differences absolutely inappreciable by an uneducated eye differences which I for one have vainly attempted to appreciate. Not one man in a thousand has accuracy of eye and judgement sufficient to become an eminent breeder. If gifted with these qualities, and he studies his subject for years, and devotes his lifetime to it with indomitable perseverance, he will succeed, and may make great improvements; if he wants any of these qualities, he will assuredly fail. Few would readily believe in the natural capacity and years of practice requisite to become even a skilful pigeon-fancier.The same principles are followed by horticulturists; but the variations are here often more abrupt. No one supposes that our choicest productions have been produced by a single variation from the aboriginal stock. We have proofs that this is not so in some cases, in which exact records have been kept; thus, to give a very trifling instance, the steadily-increasing size of the common gooseberry may be quoted. We see an astonishing improvement in many florists' flowers, when the flowers of the present day are compared with drawings made only twenty or thirty years ago. When a race of plants is once pretty well established, the seed-raisers do not pick out the best plants, but merely go over their seed-beds, and pull up the 'rogues,' as they call the plants that deviate from the proper standard. With animals this kind of selection is, in fact, also followed; for hardly any one is so careless as to allow his worst animals to breed.
4. 一套流程下来,足足花了半小时。
5. 天眼查信息显示,该公司CEO吴俊毕业于南京航空航天大学市场营销专业和兰州大学金融学专业,拥有多年证券、银行及金融服务领域从业经验,曾任职南京洹海金融外包服务有限公司董事长、环宇纵横交通投资有限公司董事总经理(MD)。
6. 指挥部工作会议指出,当前,新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎已纳入乙类传染病、采取甲类管理。


1.   But then some meaning must the words convey.
2.   Hurstwood showed his hand. He was done. The bitter fact that hehad lost seventy-five dollars made him desperate.
3. (记者喻珮、胡喆)点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎
4. 但风险不得不考虑,当时也有压力,觉得要是退货率到20%,直接就关门做不下去了。
5. 同样一只手表,在不同地区或不同的商店,价格可能不同(就是撇开讨价还价也可能不同)。这通常不是价格分歧。不同的商店有高低不同的层次,不同的服务,不同的保证信誉等等。把这些与手表加起来,同样的手表就变为不同的物品,而顾客购物往往不是单看物品决定的。
6. This assumes, of course, that Apple can find a way to build a $330 iPhone with cheaper parts, a slower processor, a lower resolution screen and perhaps a plastic body, thatisn't, in the phrase Tim Cook used at a Goldman Sachs conference last week, "a crappy product."


1. 特斯拉在中国拥有强大的品牌声誉——中国是世界上最大的电动汽车(EV)市场——上海制造的新Model3的大幅降价显然也有助于提振销售。
2. Big Little Lies
3.   Ah no, That time hath not yet come for me.
4.   "Oh, let up," he answered.
5. 在这条寻找募集新基金投资者的路上,二人先后被卡塔尔、新加坡主权财富基金,以及日本邮政储蓄银行拒绝。
6. 除了积极拓展客户外,华兴源创还通过收购的方式,拓宽了在消费电子领域的业务布局。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.   D'Artagnan owned nothing. Provincial diffidence, that slightvarnish, the ephemeral flower, that down of the peach, hadevaporated to the winds through the little orthodox counselswhich the three Musketeers gave their friend. D'Artagnan,following the strange custom of the times, considered himself atParis as on a campaign, neither more nor less than if he had beenin Flanders--Spain yonder, woman here, In each there was anenemy to contend with, and contributions to be levied.But, we must say, at the present moment D'Artagnan was ruled byas feeling much more noble and disinterested. The mercer hadsaid that he was rich; the young man might easily guess thatwith so weak a man as M. Bonacieux; and interest was almostforeign to this commencement of love, which had been theconsequence of it. We say ALMOST, for the idea that a young,handsome, kind, and witty woman is at the same time rich takesnothing from the beginning of love, but on the contrarystrengthens it.
3.   "What you have done," said the Sultan, "is not enough to cure me. Every day at midnight all the people whom you have changed into fish lift their heads out of the lake and cry for vengeance. Go quickly, and give them their proper shape."

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      Great as the differences are between the breeds of pigeons, I am fully convinced that the common opinion of naturalists is correct, namely, that all have descended from the rock-pigeon (Columba livia), including under this term several geographical races or sub-species, which differ from each other in the most trifling respects. As several of the reasons which have led me to this belief are in some degree applicable in other cases, I will here briefly give them. If the several breeds are not varieties, and have not proceeded from the rock-pigeon, they must have descended from at least seven or eight aboriginal stocks; for it is impossible to make the present domestic breeds by the crossing of any lesser number: how, for instance, could a pouter be produced by crossing two breeds unless one of the parent-stocks possessed the characteristic enormous crop? The supposed aboriginal stocks must all have been rock-pigeons, that is, not breeding or willingly perching on trees. But besides C. livia, with its geographical sub-species, only two or three other species of rock-pigeons are known; and these have not any of the characters of the domestic breeds. Hence the supposed aboriginal stocks must either still exist in the countries where they were originally domesticated, and yet be unknown to ornithologists; and this, considering their size, habits, and remarkable characters, seems very improbable; or they must have become extinct in the wild state. But birds breeding on precipices, and good fliers, are unlikely to be exterminated; and the common rock-pigeon, which has the same habits with the domestic breeds, has not been exterminated even on several of the smaller British islets, or on the shores of the Mediterranean. Hence the supposed extermination of so many species having similar habits with the rock-pigeon seems to me a very rash assumption. Moreover, the several above-named domesticated breeds have been transported to all parts of the world, and, therefore, some of them must have been carried back again into their native country; but not one has ever become wild or feral, though the dovecot-pigeon, which is the rock-pigeon in a very slightly altered state, has become feral in several places. Again, all recent experience shows that it is most difficult to get any wild animal to breed freely under domestication; yet on the hypothesis of the multiple origin of our pigeons, it must be assumed that at least seven or eight species were so thoroughly domesticated in ancient times by half-civilized man, as to be quite prolific under confinement.An argument, as it seems to me, of great weight, and applicable in several other cases, is, that the above-specified breeds, though agreeing generally in constitution, habits, voice, colouring, and in most parts of their structure, with the wild rock-pigeon, yet are certainly highly abnormal in other parts of their structure: we may look in vain throughout the whole great family of Columbidae for a beak like that of the English carrier, or that of the short-faced tumbler, or barb; for reversed feathers like those of the jacobin; for a crop like that of the pouter; for tail-feathers like those of the fantail. Hence it must be assumed not only that half-civilized man succeeded in thoroughly domesticating several species, but that he intentionally or by chance picked out extraordinarily abnormal species; and further, that these very species have since all become extinct or unknown. So many strange contingencies seem to me improbable in the highest degree.

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      At that moment the violins sounded the signal for the ballet.The king advanced toward Madame the President, with whom he wasto dance, and his Highness Monsieur with the queen. They tooktheir places, and the ballet began.

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      She then returned to her private apartments, where she told the Princess Haiatelnefous all that had happened, as well as her plans for the future, and begged her assistance, which her friend readily promised.