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1. 好在最后有惊无险,他们只是遭受一些皮外伤。
2.   Secondly, is it possible that an animal having, for instance, the structure and habits of a bat, could have been formed by the modification of some animal with wholly different habits? Can we believe that natural selection could produce, on the one hand, organs of trifling importance, such as the tail of a giraffe, which serves as a fly-flapper, and, on the other hand, organs of such wonderful structure, as the eye, of which we hardly as yet fully understand the inimitable perfection?
3. 华为在发展的过程中会不断储备在极端情况(如断供)下依然能够生存下去的资源,互联网企业为什么不能打造自己的备胎计划呢?晴天修屋顶,雨天才不会淋湿。
4. 在头部领域,像智云健康、思派网络、太美医疗、妙手医生、企鹅杏仁、微脉等企业,在2019年里融资额均超过1亿美元,这批公司将有更大空间进行商业模式的复制和生态圈的打造。
5. 来看《中国经营报》2019年4月4号的一篇报道:这样的公司到底值不值得投?有人说,不值得。
6.   I now busied myself in preparations: the fortnight passedrapidly. I had not a very large wardrobe, though it was adequate to mywants; and the last day sufficed to pack my trunk,- the same I hadbrought with me eight years ago from Gateshead.


1.   'Then I think I shall go to bed, for it is past twelve o'clock; butyou may call me if you want anything in the night.'
2. 从最差S赛成绩到最强,Imp只用了一年时间便完成了战队了救赎。
3. 在全球,每年有29万到65万人死于流感相关的呼吸道疾病。
4.   "No, sir."
5. 一位叫阿维塔的市民表示,到目前为止,市政府什么都没做,她希望那些顽固的猪离开。
6. Social network Facebook Inc., e-commerce giant Amazon and toy company Lego were the top-growing brands.


1. 2005年,稳健医疗又在湖北省黄冈市设立了分公司稳健医疗(黄冈)有限公司,也是上述进行口罩生产的分公司。
2. 不同省份的菜可能大不相同。
3. 事发后,工作人员已对地铁口进行预防性消毒。
4. 22日,社交媒体账号名为赵雨润,认证为天使投资人,原盛大影视CEO发布一张截图被外界关注。
5. 想一想再看
6. absolutely


1. 南京市中级人民法院审判员、四级高级法官刘尚雷介绍,这种捕捞方式会直接导致电捕区域水生生物死亡,侥幸逃脱的鱼类生理功能会遭受不同程度损伤。
2. 5月4日一大早,社区工作人员就来到王大娘家,对2019年的慈善救助款发放情况进行复核。
3. 原标题:香港资深音乐人黎小田病逝,罗家英发文悼念[环球网综合报道]12月1日早上,曾先后捧红梅艳芳、张国荣等歌手的香港资深音乐人黎小田病逝,终年73岁。
4. 这时候,滴滴就能主动地调配司机,从而提升整个网约车网络的效率。
5.   The cab had not travelled a short block before Carrie, settlingherself and thoroughly waking in the night atmosphere, asked:
6. 据《黑龙江日报》4月25日报道,初步核算,一季度全省实现地区生产总值(GDP)3184.6亿元,比上年同期增长5.3%,增幅在全年目标值之上,高于上年全年0.6个百分点。


1. 一旦生鲜食品出了问题,很大程度上损害客户体验。
2.   "It shows, my dear Watson, that we are dealing with an exceptionallyastute and dangerous man. The Rev. Dr. Shlessinger, missionary fromSouth America, is none other than Holy Peters, one of the mostunscrupulous rascals that Australia has ever evolved- and for ayoung country it has turned out some very finished types. Hisparticular specialty is the beguiling of lonely ladies by playing upontheir religious feelings, and his so-called wife, an Englishwomannamed Fraser, is a worthy helpmate. The nature of his tacticssuggested his identity to me, and this physical peculiarity- he wasbadly bitten in a saloon-fight at Adelaide in '89- confirmed mysuspicion. This poor lady is in the hands of a most infernal couple,who will stick at nothing, Watson. That she is already dead is avery likely supposition. If not, she is undoubtedly in some sort ofconfinement and unable to write to Miss Dobney or her other friends.It is always possible that she never reached London, or that she haspassed through it, but the former is improbable, as, with their systemof registration, it is not easy for foreigners to play tricks with theContinental police; and the latter is also unlikely, as these roguescould not hope to find any other place where it would be as easy tokeep a person under restraint. All my instincts tell me that she is inLondon, but as we have at present no possible means of tellingwhere, we can only take the obvious steps, eat our dinner, and possessour souls in patience. Later in the evening I will stroll down andhave a word with friend Lestrade at Scotland Yard."
3. 3、经费来源多样,相对独立性强。

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