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1. 但问题还不只是限于:在工人即活劳动的承担者,同他的劳动条件的经济的,即合理而节约的使用之间,存在着异化和毫不相干的现象。资本主义生产方式按照它的矛盾的、对立的性质,还把浪费工人的生命和健康,压低工人的生存条件本身,看作不变资本使用上的节约,从而看作提高利润率的手段。于是,按照所谓的“有恒产者有恒心”的说法,要不浪费工人的生命和健康,就只有将工人作为资本家的私产就象奴隶作为奴隶主的私产一样才行。
2.   "And breakers of the law, the sooth to sayn, And likerous* folk, after that they be dead, *lecherous Shall whirl about the world always in pain, Till many a world be passed, *out of dread;* *without doubt* And then, forgiven all their wicked deed, They shalle come unto that blissful place, To which to come God thee sende grace!"
3.   Being instructed in the way, and not finding any to walke along withhim; fearing, if he went without some furnishment, and should staylong there for his dinner, he might (perhaps) complaine of hunger:he therefore carried three loaves of bread with him, knowing that hecould meet with water every where, albeit he used to drinke butlittle. Having aptly conveyed his bread about him, he went on hisjourny, and arrived at the Lord Abbots Court, an indifferent whilebefore dinner time: wherefore entering into the great Hall, and sofrom place to place, beholding the great multitude of Tables,bountifull preparation in the Kitchin, and what admirable provisionthere was for dinner, he said to himselfe; Truly this man is moremagnificent then fame hath made him, because shee speakes toosparingly of him.
4. 不过,这种恐慌随着主流媒体的日常新闻发布和家庭隔离举措逐渐平息下来。
5. 到案发时,共计骗取全国各地群众近1000人的鉴宝费、拍卖佣金等1000万余元。
6.   'Contented?' he answered, merrily. 'I am never contented, except with your freshness, my gentle Daisy. As to fitfulness, I have never learnt the art of binding myself to any of the wheels on which the Ixions of these days are turning round and round. I missed it somehow in a bad apprenticeship, and now don't care about it. - You know I have bought a boat down here?'


1. It had been all the easier to forget her because she had been suddenly called home for a few weeks. When she came back she did not see Sara for a day or two, and when she met her for the first time she encountered her coming down a corridor with her arms full of garments which were to be taken downstairs to be mended. Sara herself had already been taught to mend them. She looked pale and unlike herself, and she was attired in the queer, outgrown frock whose shortness showed so much thin black leg.
2. 市面上很少有公司是饿死的,而每个暴毙的公司都是因为盲目的扩张撑死的。
3. 网友表示:他认为家人会因怀孕而蒙羞,而不是因为谋杀。
4. 高校对通过强基计划录取的学生可单独编班,配备一流的师资,提供一流的学习条件,创造一流的学术环境与氛围,实行导师制、小班化培养。
5. 如果你丢100元钱,却捡到一张彩票,中了50元,虽然你的实际损失还是50元,但心情一定比前者好很多。
6. One of her favorite fancies was that on "the outside," as she called it, thoughts were waiting for people to call them. Becky had seen her stand and wait many a time before, and knew that in a few seconds she would uncover an enlightened, laughing face.


1.   Franz rubbed his eyes in order to assure himself that thiswas not a dream. Ali alone was present to wait at table, andacquitted himself so admirably, that the guest complimentedhis host thereupon. "Yes," replied he, while he did thehonors of the supper with much ease and grace -- "yes, he isa poor devil who is much devoted to me, and does all he canto prove it. He remembers that I saved his life, and as hehas a regard for his head, he feels some gratitude towardsme for having kept it on his shoulders." Ali approached hismaster, took his hand, and kissed it.
2. 很少有人想做一只永不停息的箭,只不过是一时找不到可以扎根的靶子,无法停下罢了。
3. 凡是价格已经确定的商品都表现为这样的形式:a量商品A=x量金;b量商品B=z量金;c量商品C=y量金,等等,在这里,a,b,c代表商品A,B,C的一定量,x,z,y代表金的一定量。这样,商品价值就转化为大小不同的想象的金量,就是说,尽管商品体五花八门,商品价值都变为同名的量,即金量。各种商品的价值作为不同的金量互相比较,互相计量,这样在技术上就有必要把某一固定的金量作为商品价值的计量单位。这个计量单位本身通过进一步分成等分而发展成为标准。金、银、铜在变成货币以前,在它们的金属重量中就有这种标准,例如,以磅为计量单位,磅一方面分成盎斯等等,另一方面又合成英吨等等。因此,在一切金属的流通中,原有的重量标准的名称,也是最初的货币标准或价格标准的名称。
4. 可教的观点能够确保信息在组织上下统一传递,让上下层级的领导人讲述同样的故事,让每个人向着共同的目标前进,遵循共同的价值观,推进组织的学习和变革。
5. 警方供图新京报此前报道,2019年11月,山西省运城市公安局禹门分局发布了一则悬赏通告,通缉3名在逃人员,各悬赏10万元征集有效线索,其中有一名名叫解丽萍的女逃犯,受到格外关注。
6. 屡屡得手的“猫队长”在老乡朋友圈里名气越来越大,只要有老乡向他打听购买狗药,他总热情提供推荐。


1. 未来,双方将加强全方位、深层次、宽领域的合作:技术上,共同应对业务中台建设过程中的各项挑战,完成业务架构的进化,为业务研发提效,助力以创新产品为核心的互联网化集约研发。
2. "Tea's over and done with," was the answer. "Did you expect me to keep it hot for you?"
3. "Mine is Sara Crewe," said Sara. "Yours is very pretty. It sounds like a story book."
4. 因此,受蒋劲夫先生的委托,我们在完成对相关侵权言论的取证工作后,已经代表蒋劲夫先生向长沙市天心区人民法院提起了诉讼,并于2020年1月3日收到了长沙市天心区人民法院送达的《受理案件通知书》。
5. 程兆东说,邓佳与代乾分手后,代乾依旧对邓佳念念不忘,也因此,王裕宽等代乾的兄弟,经常在邓佳处诋毁自己,平时看到,也多有针对。
6. (二)中国与西方国家的贸易


1. 原标题:借1万,年利息60万。
2. 以东大学生为例,他们自发地对国难做出回应,尽管效用有限,但大多与民族主义在方向上是一致的。
3.   After hailing the morn with this second salutation, he threw a boot at the woman as a third. It was a very muddy boot, and may introduce the odd circumstance connected with Mr. Cruncher's domestic economy, that, whereas he often came home after banking hours with clean boots, he often got up next morning to find the same boots covered with clay.

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