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1. Sara was sitting quietly in her seat, waiting to be told what to do. She had been placed near Miss Minchin's desk. She was not abashed at all by the many pairs of eyes watching her. She was interested and looked back quietly at the children who looked at her. She wondered what they were thinking of, and if they liked Miss Minchin, and if they cared for their lessons, and if any of them had a papa at all like her own. She had had a long talk with Emily about her papa that morning.
2. 难懂的马来西亚语言,诡异多变的天气,神出鬼没的蚊虫,令人谈之色变的登革热,完全陌生的社区环境……刚到马来西亚不几天,队伍里,就有人生病了。
3. 比如,准入门槛5万元成为合伙人,再介绍一个合伙人就成为天使人,之后每介绍一个学员,将根据层级提成。
4. 其实我们当时已经想清楚要投什么模式,任何一个想干这个事儿的人,我们都想投三亿美元,但就是找不到这样的人。
5.   "I'm going up the street for a walk," she said after supper.
6. 北京市东城区市场监管局发布对猫眼娱乐的行政处罚罚款20万元根据北京市东城区市场监督管理局发布的《行政处罚决定书》﹝京东市监工罚(2020)10号﹞,显示:经查:2019年3月30日,消费者举报称其在参与猫眼APP上宣传的与建设银行联合举办周六电影秒杀活动中,活动页面说明该活动支持消费者所持有的建设银行龙卡mastercard双标信用卡,但消费者每周参与该活动无一次成功,后消费者致电建设银行被告知消费者持有的建设银行龙卡mastercard双标信用卡不参与该活动……当事人的上述行为违反了《中华人民共和国反不正当竞争法》第八条规定,属于经营者利用广告或者其他方法,对商品作引人误解的虚假宣传的违法行为。


1.   'Mrs. Crupp?' I returned, reddening.
2.   32. On the dais: On the raised platform at the end of the hall, where sat at meat or in judgement those high in authority, rank or honour; in our days the worthy craftsmen might have been described as "good platform men".
3. 至于进化,更是早在儿科医师之前许久,就发现了这个伎俩。许多妇女分娩时都会经历难以忍受的痛苦,可能会让人以为,只要生过一次,没有哪个心智正常的女性会愿意再生一次。但在分娩后的几天,内分泌系统会分泌皮质醇和β–内啡肽,舒缓疼痛,让人感到安慰,甚至是欢快,再加上对小婴儿的爱与日俱增,又得到来自亲友、宗教和民族主义宣传的多方赞誉,都会合力把分娩从创伤转为正面记忆。
4. 2017年销售收入23亿,占总营收的1.55%。
5. 原告因此请求判令被告蓝色柔情公司、百惠公司停止侵权、赔偿经济损失350万元、合理费用80万元,消除影响,被告食品店立即停止销售涉案被诉侵权产品。
6. 他对在山门墙壁上涂写一事供认不讳,随后警方将其逮捕。


1. 同时,国内四大机器视觉独角兽商汤、旷视、云从和依图科技,号称AI四小龙,他们融资额一轮高过一轮,推动其估值也是一家比一家高。
2.   "I, indeed? I assure you," cried Danglars, with a confidenceand security proceeding less from fear than from theinterest he really felt for the young man, "I solemnlydeclare to you, that I should never have thought of writingto Yanina, did I know anything of Ali Pasha's misfortunes."
3.   "You will tell me if you have any news to-morrow. No doubt youwill go to the prison to see James. Oh, if you do, Mr. Holmes, do tellhim that I know him to be innocent."
4. 建议:1搭乘电梯一定要戴口罩。
5. 对客户而言,拥有内嵌的支付模块后,相当于多拓展了一个创收渠道。
6.   'Agnes!' I said. 'I'mafraidyou'renorwell.'


1. 在微博下方,@李荣浩还留言解释了看中电动车维修论坛的原因:冷门。
2. 视频加载中,请稍候...
3.   "And how does he behave towards travellers?"
4. 无刘海设计,面部识别模块隐藏在黑边中。
5. 夷商寄寓洋行之内,各国公司的支店(factory)亦分向洋行赁屋开设,及商务繁盛,行商别于洋行附近建屋出租,通称为"夷馆"。居住夷馆的夷商自大班、二班、三班以下,①不准携带眷属,交易完毕,须退至澳门。一七五一年,禁令加严,如有番妇进口,夷人船货,一并驱回,意在防止夷人久留不去,孳养生息,开盘踞之渐。
6.   He went in front of her down the garden path to hold the gate. In his shirt, without the clumsy velveteen coat, she saw again how slender he was, thin, stooping a little. Yet, as she passed him, there was something young and bright in his fair hair, and his quick eyes. He would be a man about thirty-seven or eight.


1.   All (sing)
2. 考点出来后,会在考点附近租房或住宾馆备考,考试时一般有家长陪同
3. 中国的产品思维,印度人不懂很多刚来印度的中国人对这边不了解,导致完全没办法进行本地化。

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      The coffee-room had no other occupant, that forenoon, than the gentleman in brown. His breakfast-table was drawn before the fire, and as he sat, with its light shining on him, waiting for the meal, he sat so still, that he might have been sitting for his portrait.

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