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1. 顾客不仅可以扫码支付,还可以选择刷脸支付,拉出小票后,所有信息一目了然。
2.   Edmond heard the creaking of the bed as they moved thecorpse, heard the voice of the governor, who asked them tothrow water on the dead man's face; and seeing that, inspite of this application, the prisoner did not recover,they sent for the doctor. The governor then went out, andwords of pity fell on Dantes' listening ears, mingled withbrutal laughter.
3.   The prince begged his father to allow him the favour of a private interview with Marzavan, and the king was only too pleased to find his son taking an interest in anyone or anything. As soon as they were left alone Marzavan told the prince the story of the Princess Badoura and her sufferings, adding, "I am convinced that you alone can cure her; but before starting on so long a journey you must be well and strong, so do your best to recover as quickly as may be."
4. 下一步,警方会针对重点管理区范围内的居民,加强对相关规定和文明养犬宣传力度,并希望养犬人能够按照《北京市养犬管理规定》文明养犬。
5. 这将是CBInsights发布的第四届AI100榜单,根据各公司在2019年的综合表现评选出,包括专利布局、投资概况、市场潜力、媒体关注、合作伙伴关系、竞争格局、团队实力和科技新颖性等,依托CBInsights自家的Mosaic算法综合评出。
6. SplashData公司称,在娱乐网站上使用和邮箱及社交网站相同的密码尤其不安全。


1. 法庭上,熊昕一方也出示了证据——第一次会见王浩时的笔录,试图证明他了解的案情均来自王浩的陈述。
2. 全球调货,开设上海本地防疫用品销售专区这几天,上海市商务委会马不停蹄动员供应商,全球搜寻货源。
3. 万变不离其宗,我们所面临的最大挑战,永远是我们自己。
4. I philosophized a bit over this and told Terry it argued against their having any men about. "There isn't a man-size game in the lot," I said.
5. 参与活动现场的9家企业服务机构也现场加入36氪企业服务联盟社群,成为「36氪企业服务商联盟」的首批官方成员。
6. 其中,公司出资4.5亿元,占比30%。


1.   THE next day commenced as before, getting up and dressing byrushlight; but this morning we were obliged to dispense with theceremony of washing; the water in the pitchers was frozen. A changehad taken place in the weather the preceding evening, and a keennorth-east wind, whistling through the crevices of our bedroom windowsall night long, had made us shiver in our beds, and turned thecontents of the ewers to ice.
2. 原标题:刷脸支付可以,骗钱就不对了。
3.   "I beg you to get us something to eat that we may make merry together." Being very avaricious, Scheih Ibrahim determined to spend only the tenth part of the money and to keep the rest to himself. While he was gone Noureddin and the Persian wandered through the gardens and went up the white marble staircase of the pavilion as far as the locked door of the saloon. On the return of Scheih Ibrahim they begged him to open it, and to allow them to enter and admire the magnificence within. Consenting, he brought not only the key, but a light, and immediately unlocked the door. Noureddin and the Persian entering, were dazzled with the magnificence they beheld. The paintings and furniture were of astonishing beauty, and between each window was a silver arm holding a candle.
4. 将2005年公告发行的第五套人民币1角硬币称为2005年版第五套人民币1角硬币。
5. 借助这些海量用户平台,虎扑为用户提供完整覆盖线上线下的体育相关内容与服务,主要包括赛事资讯、社区互动、线上增值、赛事运营、体育服务、商品和服务导购等。
6.   "I stayed there for seven years and got together much money amongthe Egyptians, for they all gave me something; but when it was nowgoing on for eight years there came a certain Phoenician, a cunningrascal, who had already committed all sorts of villainy, and thisman talked me over into going with him to Phoenicia, where his houseand his possessions lay. I stayed there for a whole twelve months, butat the end of that time when months and days had gone by till the sameseason had come round again, he set me on board a ship bound forLibya, on a pretence that I was to take a cargo along with him to thatplace, but really that he might sell me as a slave and take themoney I fetched. I suspected his intention, but went on board withhim, for I could not help it.


1.   `I know all, I know all,' said the last comer. `Be a brave man, my Gaspard! It is better for the poor little plaything to die so, than to live. It has died in a moment without pain. Could it have lived an hour as happily?'
2. "May I?" exclaimed Sara. "Oh, please let me! I know I can teach them. I like them, and they like me."
3.   Thus did they converse in the house of Hades deep down within thebowels of the earth. Meanwhile Ulysses and the others passed out ofthe town and soon reached the fair and well-tilled farm of Laertes,which he had reclaimed with infinite labour. Here was his house,with a lean-to running all round it, where the slaves who worked forhim slept and sat and ate, while inside the house there was an oldSicel woman, who looked after him in this his country-farm. WhenUlysses got there, he said to his son and to the other two:
4. 李丰:生产内容能力这件事情,在一个有护城河有辨识度的前提下,内容生产者的思考能力和文字能力大约各占多少?左志坚:逻辑能力是最重要的,逻辑能力占95%。
5. 而百度近几年AI化转型,无疑都是再朝这个方向努力。
6.   Phemius was still singing, and his hearers sat rapt in silence as hetold the sad tale of the return from Troy, and the ills Minerva hadlaid upon the Achaeans. Penelope, daughter of Icarius, heard hissong from her room upstairs, and came down by the great staircase, notalone, but attended by two of her handmaids. When she reached thesuitors she stood by one of the bearing posts that supported theroof of the cloisters with a staid maiden on either side of her. Sheheld a veil, moreover, before her face, and was weeping bitterly.


1. 新京报记者多次致电冯姓项目经理,电话均无人接听。
2. 全球化企业比前两个全球化更深了一步,比如说华为公司,它经历了销售全球化、运营全球化、现在是研发体系全球化的阶段来达到用擅长的人和地方做擅长的事情,成果全球共享。
3. 在客服的工作中,雪莉是属于比较积极努力的,来得早去的晚的那种。

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