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1.   7. Citrination: turning to a citrine colour, or yellow, by chemical action; that was the colour which proved the philosopher's stone.
2. 目前,Homelane已经和900多名设计师合作,交付了6000多个项目。
3. 结果,她们被骗了。
4.   Not longe time after that this Griseld' Was wedded, she a daughter had y-bore; All she had lever* borne a knave** child, *rather **boy Glad was the marquis and his folk therefore; For, though a maiden child came all before, She may unto a knave child attain By likelihood, since she is not barren.
5.   19. Andromache's dream will not be found in Homer; It is related in the book of the fictitious Dares Phrygius, the most popular authority during the Middle Ages for the history of the Trojan War.
6. Little Sara rose in her seat. She was beginning to feel rather desperate, as if she were almost in disgrace. She looked up into Monsieur Dufarge's face with her big, green-gray eyes, and they were quite innocently appealing. She knew that he would understand as soon as she spoke. She began to explain quite simply in pretty and fluent French. Madame had not understood. She had not learned French exactly--not out of books--but her papa and other people had always spoken it to her, and she had read it and written it as she had read and written English. Her papa loved it, and she loved it because he did. Her dear mamma, who had died when she was born, had been French. She would be glad to learn anything monsieur would teach her, but what she had tried to explain to madame was that she already knew the words in this book-- and she held out the little book of phrases.


1. 以疯狂烧钱换取增长,留存用户的运营模式也开始引发大众的反思。
2. ,美国主要评级机构)降级为垃圾债券(Junk)
3. 只是根据张兰独子汪小菲的说法,俏江南根本没签什么对赌协议,一切都是媒体造谣。
4. 也包括途虎养车、优信、各类4S店等线上线下的车生活与车交易场景。
5. 原标题:别人家的年终奖:微信支付团队获创始人奖千人瓜分2亿奖金年终已来,年终奖是否同期而至,这是一个各村有各村的实际情况的话题。
6. 在服务区,陈先生的充电宝也被人拿走了


1. 有网友指出,幺妹结婚太早,对父母孝敬不够。
2. 宋朝地主阶级兼并成风,在政治上主张革新、主张抗战的官员,也都占有大批田产。王安石晚年在江宁府半山买田。王安石子王雱妇萧氏,捨给半山报宁寺的庄田,即有一千亩。韩侂胄被害后,朝廷没收韩侂胄、陈自强、苏师旦及其他主战官员的田产归宫,每年共收租米七十多万斛。南宋抗金将领中,占田最少的是岳飞。岳飞被害后,被没收的家产有田地一千多亩。这和投降派张俊占田六、七十万亩相比,自然是为数甚少。但广大农民,贫无立锥之地。岳飞占有田地千亩,也还是不算小的地主。这里也反映出,南宋官员兼并土地已是多么普遍。
3. [ri'flekn]
4. 不难理解,文化、饮食和语言上的隔阂,都会给以统一著称的测评增加操作难度,每进入一个新地区,米其林的专业性都会受到质疑。
5. This groundbreaking fight is loosely based on a bout between Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali, in which the "everyman" Wepner managed to become one of the four men to knock Ali down in his career. Just like in the film, Wepner pushed Ali through 15 rounds despite looking (and feeling) like he'd been hit by a truck. While both he and Rocky ended up losing their fights on a technicality, Wepner wins in our book for inspiring such an awesome character.
6. 比起小瓶装的间接节约水资源或者常见的捐款活动,LifeWater将两者相结合。


1.   In regard to the domestic animals kept by uncivilised man, it should not be overlooked that they almost always have to struggle for their own food, at least during certain seasons. And in two countries very differently circumstanced, individuals of the same species, having slightly different constitutions or structure, would often succeed better in the one country than in the other, and thus by a process of 'natural selection,' as will hereafter be more fully explained, two sub-breeds might be formed. This, perhaps, partly explains what has been remarked by some authors, namely, that the varieties kept by savages have more of the character of species than the varieties kept in civilised countries.
2. "Education?" I was puzzled again. "I don't mean education. I mean by motherhood not only child-bearing, but the care of babies."
3. 生活上唯一的困难就是买不着口罩,这两天儿媳出门去买,都没买到。
4. 原标题:黎万强:我正式离开小米谢谢这滚烫沸腾的10年雷帝网乐天11月29日报道小米今日宣布,联合创始人、高级副总裁黎万强,由于个人原因离开小米,之后会持续担任小米高级顾问。
5. 传统企业在互联网冲击下越过越艰难,涉足互联网也好,微电商也罢,别想大而全啥都做。
6.   "You are more capable of lighting them than I, but not more than three."


1. 下班的护士们早已感到饥饿。
2. 对于刘辉等已经网签待收房的购房者,王佳红提醒:接下来,购房者要时刻关注江南府项目的验收动态,针对具体情况,可以向相关部门咨询,发现超规、乱收费等问题,及时向相关部门举报。
3. 选择真的比努力重要,做正确的事,才能事半功倍。

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