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1.   'Oh, very well!' returned Miss Temple; 'we must make it do,Barbara, I suppose.' And as the girl withdrew she added, smiling,'Fortunately, I have it in my power to supply deficiencies for thisonce.'
2. 这一年发生了很多互联网公司的合并,包括滴滴和快的,58和赶集,携程和艺龙、去哪儿。
3.   The first time he saw D'Artagnan, "You have come off well," saidhe to him; "there is your Jussac thrust paid for. There stillremains that of Bernajoux, but you must not be too confident."As to the rest, M. de Treville had good reason to mistrust thecardinal and to think that all was not over, for scarcely had thecaptain of the Musketeers closed the door after him, than hisEminence said to the king, "Now that we are at length byourselves, we will, if your Majesty pleases, converse seriously.Sire, Buckingham has been in Paris five days, and only left thismorning."
4.   In the spell of fine weather Clifford, too, decided to go to the wood. The wind was cold, but not so tiresome, and the sunshine was like life itself, warm and full.
5.   It is said that the barrister who crams up a case with such carethat he can examine an expert witness upon the Monday has forgottenall his forced knowledge before the Saturday. Certainly I should notlike now to pose as an authority upon ceramics. And yet all thatevening, and all that night with a short interval for rest, and allnext morning, I was sucking in knowledge and committing names tomemory. There I learned of the hall-marks of the great
6. 赵珂说,一次代拍某头部明星参加的发布会,全场无其他流量明星,刨去活动门票的成本,只卖他一人的图就能赚上几百元,更不要说流量明星多的活动了。


1. 原一审判决书认为,2007年12月1日16时许,李建功与曹菊英发生争吵,用木棍将曹菊英打昏,然后致其窒息死亡并抛尸粪坑。
2. 而如果一篇稿子热度过高,会被机器自动打回重新审核,防止标题党。
3. 但是在短视频领域,付费观看还是只是刚刚开始。
4. 根据老冀多年的观察,柳总会花很长时间考察下属的管理能力,如果这位下属经受住了考验,又极度认同联想的企业文化,就会授予独当一面的权力。
5.   'An island thousands of miles off, where they make wine- the butlerdid tell me-'
6. 对这些行业来说,底部之下还有地下室,地下室之下还有未知的十八层。


1. 以此为基础,卡普兰认为大部分人对公共政策所发表的意见,是与其个人在市场上的行为是存在显著差异的。也就是说,人们会说一套为了标榜,做一套为了实惠。有些人赞成保护民族工业,但他们自己却去买进口货甚至是走私货;有些人积极的参与节水公益活动,但自己坐飞机旅行则从来没有迟疑过;有人爱跑去非洲关心那里素不相识的穷人,但跟自己的邻居甚至是配偶却相处不来。重要的是,他们甚至没有意识到两者之间的矛盾。
2.   I soon found by watching that they were right, and when I mortally wounded a favourite slave of hers for a great crime, she begged that she might build a palace in the garden, where she wept and bewailed him for two years.
3. 12月4日下午,当民警点到她的名字时,她才知道,自己要被遣送回家乡服刑了。
4. 他不喜欢去医院,消毒水的味儿大,电梯排队,还经常有外地人写不清地址。
5.   Camaralzaman told him all without disguise, and ended by inquiring the shortest way to his father's capital. "For," added he, "if I tried to rejoin the princess, how should I find her after eleven days' separation. Perhaps, indeed, she may be no longer alive!" At this terrible thought he burst into tears.
6.   'I wish,' continued the good lady, 'you would ask her a question ortwo about her parents: I wonder if she remembers them?'


1. 此外,平时上下楼在电梯前碰面时,也会和他打招呼
2. Weaker demand from emerging markets made 2015 the worst year for world trade since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, highlighting rising fears about the health of the global economy.
3. 在福建沙县总医院夏茂分院(下简称夏茂分院)上班的邓秋伟,是医院的总务科科长、司机、信息员,管理着医院的后勤以及物资的调配和救护车的驾驶。
4. 换句话说,一直到手机业务退出历史舞台之前,HTC仍旧只是个手机组装工厂,与富士康等代工厂商最大的区别,估计也就是其所拥有的HTC品牌了。
5. 民警称,张某因涉嫌诈骗被列为网上逃犯。
6.   "Well," she said, "I think I'll look around tomorrow. I've gotFriday and Saturday, and it won't be any trouble. Which way isthe business part?"


1. 王守义认为,凡事“信”为先,为了赢得信誉,王守义特意在每包调料上都盖上刻有“十三香”的四方印章和王守义自己的名章。
2.   `Why! Because he has lived so long, locked up, that he would be frightened--rave--tear himself to pieces--die--come to I know not what harm-if his door was left open.'
3. 今天下午,新东方在线CEO孙畅、COO潘欣与CFO尹强对新东方在线的过去和未来发展进行了解读。

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      She making a modest courtesie to her Father, and answering soloude as every one might her, There is not any one in this assemblythat more willingly would give him all expression of a joyfullwelcom home and thankefull gratitude for such especiall favoursreceived, then in my heart I could affoord to do, but onely inregard of those infamous speeches noysed out against me, on the daywhen we wept for him, who was supposed to be Theobaldo, whichslander was to my great discredit. Go on boldly, replied Aldobrandino,doest thou think that I regard any such praters? In the procuring ofmy deliverance, he hath approved them to be manifest lyars, albeit Imy selfe did never credit them. Go then I command thee, and- let mesee thee both kisse and embrace him. She who desired nothing more,shewed her selfe not sloth full in obeying her father to do but herduty to her husband. Wherefore being risen, as all the rest haddone, but yet in farre more effectuall manner, she declared herunfained love to Theobaldo. These bountifull favours ofAldobrandino, were joyfully accepted by Theobaldoes brethren, asalso to every one there present; so that all former rancour and hatredwhich had caused heavie variances betweene them, was now convertedto mutuall kindnesse and solemne friendship on every side.

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      "'Show him round here.' An instant afterwards there appeared alittle wizened fellow with a cringing manner and a shambling styleof walking. He wore an open jacket, with a splotch of tar on thesleeve, a red-and-black check shirt, dungaree trousers, and heavyboots badly worn. His face was thin and brown and crafty, with aperpetual smile upon it, which showed an irregular line of yellowteeth, and his crinkled hands were half closed in a way that isdistinctive of sailors. As he came slouching across the lawn I heardMr. Trevor make a sort of hiccoughing noise in his throat, and,jumping out of his chair, he ran into the house. He was back in amoment, and I smelt a strong reek of brandy as he passed me."'Well, my man,' said he. 'What can I do for you?'

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      "And, Nightingale, therefore hold thee nigh; For, 'lieve me well, for all thy quainte cry, If thou be far or longe from thy make,* *mate Thou shalt be as other that be forsake, And then thou shalt hoten* as do I." *be called

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      "That ye so long, of your benignity, Have holden me in honour and nobley,* *nobility Where as I was not worthy for to be, That thank I God and you, to whom I pray Foryield* it you; there is no more to say: *reward Unto my father gladly will I wend,* *go And with him dwell, unto my lifes end,

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