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1. 女司机说完走远了,而就是这句话,激怒了叶某某。
2. 作为历史上一种非常敏感的大宗商品,原油价格走势已连续三年保持波澜不惊,其背后的一大支持因素就是美国的页岩油。
3. 在中国本质都是做牌照生意。
4.   When they had done this they washed their hands and feet and wentback into the house, for all was now over; and Ulysses said to thedear old nurse Euryclea, "Bring me sulphur, which cleanses allpollution, and fetch fire also that I may burn it, and purify thecloisters. Go, moreover, and tell Penelope to come here with herattendants, and also all the maid servants that are in the house."
5. 20世纪20年代的育儿权威约翰·沃森(JohnWatson)就曾对父母三令五申:“不要拥抱和亲吻(孩子),也不可让他们坐在你的腿上。若你坚持,也只能在他们说晚安的时候,亲一下他们的额头。早上则是与他们握手。”22当时的流行杂志《育儿》(InfantCare)也提到,养育孩子的秘诀就是遵守纪律,依据严格的日程表为孩子提供物质需求。一篇1929年的文章指示家长,如果婴儿在正常进食时间之前就哭了,“不可以抱他,不可以摇他哄他别哭,而且也不可以喂奶,要等到确切的喂奶时间才行。婴儿,甚至是小婴儿,哭一下并不会有事”23。
6.   `If some of the old England isn't preserved, there'll be no England at all,' said Clifford. `And we who have this kind of property, and the feeling for it, must preserve it.'


1.   "But what an awkward, inelegant fellow he is."
2. “整体而言,腐败问题是由于过度的赌球活动而产生的。香港相对比较安全,日本与韩国也还可以。马来西亚就有点问题了,而印度尼西亚的足球联赛就更不用提了。因为足球被认为是应当一项完全公开的运动,赌球从法律上来说是一种违法行为。虽然如此,一些狂热的赌徒还是进行异地赌球,例如,在香港等地进行有关英超联赛的竞猜赌博。”
3. Prior to the slowdown that began in 2014 employers in China had been less stingy with cash bonuses, which can total well over a full month’s salary and send employees back home for the holiday with plenty of cash for gifts to elders and other family members (or to squirrel away as savings).
4. 为加快解决民生,改善居民的居住条件,城投集团主动担当、积极作为,与虹口区在全市首创政府收回土地、市区国企合作接盘的模式推进旧改。
5.   A week or so later Drouet strolled into Fitzgerald and Moy's,spruce in dress and manner.
6. 墨尔本冬日的阳光撒满整个房间,有一段时间房间里只剩下悲伤的我和安静的小凯。我就那么坐在床前,坐在那张今年春节我来澳洲陪伴小凯,坐着给他朗读《圣经》篇章,好让他能静静地休息一会的椅子上。看着如今被病魔折腾得骨瘦如柴和迅速苍老的小凯,我怎么也想不通,那么坚强、从不向任何势力低头的小凯怎么就没抵挡住癌细胞的攻击而盍然离去!要知道,你曾是老父最后的希望,母亲心中的痛惜,兄妹眼中的骄傲,你也是整个家庭的支柱,更是你所开创事业的舵手。这个世道太不公平,你付出得最多,却没等到收获!你的壮志未酬,你的妻儿还那么弱小,你实在走得太早!


1. 于今盖棺论定,我认为在学术上小凯做错了一件事:他算错了自己的天赋。他的学术文章多用数学,自己高举数学。在出道初期,英语文字功底不足,赶着发表文章,多用数学是自然的。问题是:有本领用数学的经济学者多如海底沙,但有预感又知道何为重要思想的学者则绝无仅有。多用数学,频频在方程式那方面打转,以天生预感而走重要思想的路就变得缚手缚脚了。
2. 我当时所有的财产就是那一套房子,为保住房子,我便安排我老婆的弟弟李晓晨到瑶海区法院起诉我,这样我的房子他就有优先受偿权
3. 在这个因引发了第一次世界大战而闻名的城市(刺杀费迪南大公)里,虽然身处和平环境,但这里人民的好客是迄今所有其他主办城市都难以比拟的。他们简朴的旅馆和酒吧一直喧闹到凌晨,举止得体的人们即使在晚上也会聚集在市中心等待颁奖仪式,这些都给带着雾气的夜色增添了几分迷人的色彩。在这儿,你不会听到任何不耐烦的司机按喇叭的噪声。尽管如此,情况还是急转直下。一位前挪威越野滑雪冠军,当时的加拿大队教练,一时疏忽误撞进了芬兰队的更衣室,目睹了银牌获得者阿齐o卡尔沃宁(AkiKarvonen)正在进行血液回输。之后在接受美国《体育画报》采访时,阿齐承认了自己的行为--这种做法在次年才被确定为违规行为。
4. 6.数据科学家
5. 用连锁化铸就工业化发展。
6.   Mark her well! That's Lilith.


1. 短期内肯定是不利影响,主要是对我们的新客户销售。
2.   "You will have guessed, my dear, that it was the sight of this talisman which has moved me so deeply. This was the cause of my separation from my dear husband, and now, I am convinced, it will be the means of our reunion."
3.   "Very sorry, monsieur; but I was here first, and will not sailsecond."
4. 另一部分,是父亲1976年因工负伤残疾后,收废品合法购得。
5. 随着小度进入寻常百姓家,开发者有了更多用户反馈,也一点点找到了感觉。
6.   He was not a man who traveled much, but when he did, he had beenaccustomed to take her along. On one occasion recently a localaldermanic junket had been arranged to visit Philadelphia--ajunket that was to last ten days. Hurstwood had been invited.


1. 摘要:从P2P共享租车转型电动车分时租赁,友友用车在烧完2000万美元融资后一夜消失?在接到用户的爆料后,记者实地走访了友友用车的几个办公地点,发现早已人去楼空。
2. 到第二阶段梦想实现时,我们一线兄弟的收入要达到行业最高。
3.   'Nonsense! And is it that makes you so miserable? Are you afraidnow in daylight?'

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      BEFORE applying the principles arrived at in the last chapter to organic beings in a state of nature, we must briefly discuss whether these latter are subject to any variation. To treat this subject at all properly, a long catalogue of dry facts should be given; but these I shall reserve for my future work. Nor shall I here discuss the various definitions which have been given of the term species. No one definition has as yet satisfied all naturalists; yet every naturalist knows vaguely what he means when he speaks of a species. Generally the term includes the unknown element of a distinct act of creation. The term 'variety' is almost equally difficult to define; but here community of descent is almost universally implied, though it can rarely be proved. We have also what are called monstrosities; but they graduate into varieties. By a monstrosity I presume is meant some considerable deviation of structure in one part, either injurious to or not useful to the species, and not generally propagated. Some authors use the term 'variation' in a technical sense, as implying a modification directly due to the physical conditions of life; and 'variations' in this sense are supposed not to be inherited: but who can say that the dwarfed condition of shells in the brackish waters of the Baltic, or dwarfed plants on Alpine summits, or the thicker fur of an animal from far northwards, would not in some cases be inherited for at least some few generations? and in this case I presume that the form would be called a variety.Again, we have many slight differences which may be called individual differences, such as are known frequently to appear in the offspring from the same parents, or which may be presumed to have thus arisen, from being frequently observed in the individuals of the same species inhabiting the same confined locality. No one supposes that all the individuals of the same species are cast in the very same mould. These individual differences are highly important for us, as they afford materials for natural selection to accumulate, in the same manner as man can accumulate in any given direction individual differences in his domesticated productions. These individual differences generally affect what naturalists consider unimportant parts; but I could show by a long catalogue of facts, that parts which must be called important, whether viewed under a physiological or classificatory point of view, sometimes vary in the individuals of the same species. I am convinced that the most experienced naturalist would be surprised at the number of the cases of variability, even in important parts of structure, which he could collect on good authority, as I have collected, during a course of years. It should be remembered that systematists are far from pleased at finding variability in important characters, and that there are not many men who will laboriously examine internal and important organs, and compare them in many specimens of the same species. I should never have expected that the branching of the main nerves close to the great central ganglion of an insect would have been variable in the same species; I should have expected that changes of this nature could have been effected only by slow degrees: yet quite recently Mr Lubbock has shown a degree of variability in these main nerves in Coccus, which may almost be compared to the irregular branching of the stem of a tree. This philosophical naturalist, I may add, has also quite recently shown that the muscles in the larvae of certain insects are very far from uniform. Authors sometimes argue in a circle when they state that important organs never vary; for these same authors practically rank that character as important (as some few naturalists have honestly confessed) which does not vary; and, under this point of view, no instance of any important part varying will ever be found: but under any other point of view many instances assuredly can be given.There is one point connected with individual differences, which seems to me extremely perplexing: I refer to those genera which have sometimes been called 'protean' or 'polymorphic,' in which the species present an inordinate amount of variation; and hardly two naturalists can agree which forms to rank as species and which as varieties. We may instance Rubus, Rosa, and Hieracium amongst plants, several genera of insects, and several genera of Brachiopod shells. In most polymorphic genera some of the species have fixed and definite characters. Genera which are polymorphic in one country seem to be, with some few exceptions, polymorphic in other countries, and likewise, judging from Brachiopod shells, at former periods of time. These facts seem to be very perplexing, for they seem to show that this kind of variability is independent of the conditions of life. I am inclined to suspect that we see in these polymorphic genera variations in points of structure which are of no service or disservice to the species, and which consequently have not been seized on and rendered definite by natural selection, as hereafter will be explained.Those forms which possess in some considerable degree the character of species, but which are so closely similar to some other forms, or are so closely linked to them by intermediate gradations, that naturalists do not like to rank them as distinct species, are in several respects the most important for us. We have every reason to believe that many of these doubtful and closely-allied forms have permanently retained their characters in their own country for a long time; for as long, as far as we know, as have good and true species. practically, when a naturalist can unite two forms together by others having intermediate characters, he treats the one as a variety of the other, ranking the most common, but sometimes the one first described, as the species, and the other as the variety. But cases of great difficulty, which I will not here enumerate, sometimes occur in deciding whether or not to rank one form as a variety of another, even when they are closely connected by intermediate links; nor will the commonly-assumed hybrid nature of the intermediate links always remove the difficulty. In very many cases, however, one form is ranked as a variety of another, not because the intermediate links have actually been found, but because analogy leads the observer to suppose either that they do now somewhere exist, or may formerly have existed; and here a wide door for the entry of doubt and conjecture is opened.Hence, in determining whether a form should be ranked as a species or a variety, the opinion of naturalists having sound judgement and wide experience seems the only guide to follow. We must, however, in many cases, decide by a majority of naturalists, for few well-marked and well-known varieties can be named which have not been ranked as species by at least some competent judges.

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      `Did he say anything about America, Miss Manette? Be particular.'

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      We reached the palace without anyone having noticed our absence, when, shortly after, a clashing of drums, and cymbals, and the blare of trumpets burst upon our astonished ears. At the same time a thick cloud of dust on the horizon told of the approach of a great army. My heart sank when I perceived that the commander was the vizir who had dethroned my father, and was come to seize the kingdom of my uncle.

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      "True," said Louis XVIII., "was there not a marriageengagement between you and Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran?"

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      "O Fortune cursed, why now and wherefore Hast thou," they said, "bereft us liberty, Since Nature gave us instrument in store, And appetite to love and lovers be? Why must we suffer such adversity, Dian' to serve, and Venus to refuse? Full *often sithe* these matters do us muse. *many a time*

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