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1. 2018对科比来说是一个取得全面商业成功的年份。
2. (某短视频平台爆料二次口罩问题,图片来源:记者手机截图)一位从事疫区物资对接的张姓志愿者对经济观察网记者表示,之前他们拿到了一批口罩,想要在网上与发起过物资需求的武汉某医院对接,但是由于他人没在武汉,于是找到了一个当地人进行中转。
3. 关于EA的论述,可能让很多纯互联网背景的同学读起来很困惑,但实际上,互联网企业所谓的中台建设思路,逃不出经过几十年沉淀的信息技术理论框架,以及管理理论框架。
4.   It is worth while to reflect for a moment on the character of the new species F14, which is supposed not to have diverged much in character, but to have retained the form of (F), either unaltered or altered only in a slight degree. In this case, its affinities to the other fourteen new species will be of a curious and circuitous nature. Having descended from a form which stood between the two parent-species (A) and (I), now supposed to be extinct and unknown, it will be in some degree intermediate in character between the two groups descended from these species. But as these two groups have gone on diverging in character from the type of their parents, the new species (F14) will not be directly intermediate between them, but rather between types of the two groups; and every naturalist will be able to bring some such case before his mind.
5. 没过多久,车里的粮食和饮用水就消耗殆尽。
6. 蒙恬讨乱于外,李斯治法于内。事逾烦,天下逾乱;法逾滋,而奸逾炽,……


1.   'Did ever anybody see such a picture of passion!'
2. 问题是,薛定谔不但没有成功,而且他还感冒了。
3. 5.营销能力:营销和产品同样重要,品牌力也是产品力。
4. 在农民起义风起云涌的年代,元朝统治集团继续相互倾轧,统治日益衰朽。各地各族地主纷纷组织武装自保,镇压起义农民。阶级斗争的形势和阶级力量的对比,在不断地变动。
5. {新东方}非典后成了行业里存粮最足的公司2003年3月,非典疫情在北京全面爆发
6.   She saw beside in many places about her, goodly Woods, fayre cooleshades, and Country houses here and there dispersed; which added thegreater violence to hir affliction, that her desires (in all these)could no way be accomplished. What shall I say more concerning thisdisastrous Lady? The parching beames of the Sunne above her, thescalding heat of the Lead beneath her, the Hornets and Flyes everieway stinging her, had made such an alteration of her beautifull bodie:that, as it checkt and controlled the precedent nights darkenesse,it was now so metamorphosed with rednesse, yea, and blood issuingforth in infinite places, as she seemed (almost) loathsome to lookeon, continuing still in this agonie of torment, quite voyde of allhope, and rather expecting death, then any other comfort.


1. 这引发了人们的讨论,直指书店的本源——在书店,人们究竟应该做什么?虽然近年来书店发展突飞猛进,但另外一组数据却变化不大。
2. 近日,他宣布不得不裁员了。
3. 目前来看,N95口罩处于脱销状态,该口罩的防护级别更高,滤布生产也有一定难度。
4.   'But where are you going to, Helen? Can you see? Do you know?'
5. ”宋先生告诉《每日经济新闻》记者,为了吸引客户投入更多资金,一些平台在初始阶段通常会操控后台,导致投资者与交易服务商看到的数据不一致,使得投资者误以为“二元期权”确实有暴利可图。
6.   "But they may come any moment, for you left word that I awaitedthem?"


1. 一九三五年,学生对河北、察哈尔事件无何表示,继起的华北"自治运动"激起了汹涌怒潮,十一月一日,北平十个学校学生自治会向国民党致送请愿书,猛烈攻击近年政府迫害青年。十一月十八日,北平学生联合会恢复。十二月三日,因"冀东自治防共委员会"出现,学生决定游行,美国记者斯诺(E.Snow)夫妇曾预闻其事。十二月九日,学生一千余人,出动示威,反对自治运动,要求停止一切内战,与军譬冲突,数人被捕,是为"一二九运动"。十二月十六日,复因冀察政务委员会的设置,学生指为变相的自治,二次游行,参加者近一万人,三百七十余人被殴伤,十四人被捕,风潮延及广州、上海、济南、武汉、长沙、西安、天津、杭州、南京、开封,又有强行进京请愿之举,京、沪、汉戒严。中共一再宣称支持,鼓励农工学兵共组国防政府。一九三六年一月,蒋中正约各地中等学校以上校长及大学生代表谈话,谓决不签订任何有损领土主权条约,如至最后关头,不惜一战。北平、天津左派学生仍然不满,教育部宣称必要时将采取断然处置。三月,北平清华大学、上海复旦大学学生数十人被捕,四月,武汉学生救国联合会解散。五月,平、津、沪学生为反对日本出兵华北及日人走私,罢课游行。这是学生抗日救国运动的第二阶段。
2. 明初商税分为两种,一为营业税,即三十税一的商税;一为通过税,即商品通过关津渡口时的关税。一般是按比例抽取实物。县设税课局,府设税课司征收商税。统由京师税课司管理。
3.   For which he wax'd a little red for shame, When he so heard the people on him cryen That to behold it was a noble game, How soberly he cast adown his eyen: Cresside anon gan all his cheer espien, And let it in her heart so softly sink, That to herself she said, "Who gives me drink?"<23>
4. 很多时候看一看统计局数字,传统产业这种没有很强技术能力、跟互联网不沾边的企业,他们规模要比整个互联网要大得多,许总提到这个数据,85:15,大概这么一个关系。
5. 因此,货币资本的循环,是产业资本循环的最片面、从而最明显和最典型的表现形式;产业资本的目的和动机——价值增殖,赚钱和积累——表现得最为醒目(为贵卖而买)。因为第一阶段是G—W,所以也表明生产资本的组成部分来自商品市场,同样也表明资本主义生产过程都受流通、商业制约。货币资本的循环不仅是商品生产;这种循环本身只有通过流通才能进行,它是以流通为前提的。这一点已经很清楚,因为属于流通的形式G是预付资本价值的最初的纯粹的形式,而在其他两种循环形式中则不是这样。
6. 而在2018年,有超过3亿人从淘宝天猫购买了近10亿件手机壳、膜、数据线、充电宝这样的数码配件,其中80%以上出自天猫。


1.   One day, while the king amused himself talking with his two vizirs and other members of the council, the conversation turned on female slaves. While some declared that it sufficed for a slave to be beautiful, others, and Khacan was among the number, maintained that beauty alone was not enough, but that it must be accompanied by wit, wisdom, modesty, and, if possible, knowledge.
2. 从其政府网站每日更新的病例信息来看,该国自2月4日起无中国旅行史的确诊病例数量开始陡增,主要与中药行永泰行以及君悦酒店举行的上述会议有关。
3.   Pedro was naked from the middle upward, and his hands bound fastbehind him, but being well observed by one of the Ambassadours, aman aged, and of great authority, named Phinio: hee espied a great redspot upon his breast, not painted, or procured by his punishment,but naturally imprinted in the flesh, which women (in these parts)terme the Rose. Upon the sight hereof, he suddenly remembred a Sonneof his owne, which was stolne from him about fifteene yeeres before,by Pyrates on the Sea-coast of Laiazzo, never hearing any tydings ofhim afterward. Upon further consideration, and comparing his Sonnesage with the likelyhood of this poore wretched mans; thus he conferredwith his owne thoughts. If my Sonne (quoth he) be living, his age isequall to this mans time, and by the red blemish on his breast, itplainely speakes him for to bee my Sonne.

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