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1.   Beleeve me Buffalmaco, saide the Doctor, Bruno hath spoken nothingbut truth, for I am scarsely knowne heere in this City, where (for themost part) they are all grosse-witted people, rather then any jotjudicious: but I would thou hadst seene me among the Doctors, inmanner as I was wont to be. In troth Sir, replyed Buffalmaco, youare much more Learned then ever I imagined, in which respect, speakunto you as it becommeth me, to a man so excellent in wit andunderstanding: I dare assure you, that (without any faile) I witprocure you to be one of our Company.
2. 优秀学术期刊的论文审核标准还是非常严格的,越是办得好的学术期刊也越规范。
3.   'But punch, my dear Copperfield,' said Mr. Micawber, tasting it, 'like time and tide, waits for no man. Ah! it is at the present moment in high flavour. My love, will you give me your opinion?'
4. 恒天然公司工作人员告诉记者,员工张某患病后,公司在第一时间安排其治疗,工资和五险一金不仅全额发放,还会发放看病的交通费和必要合理的家属护理费,此外会安排人员对患病员工进行心理疏导。
5.   `Nay, your Ladyship. It's your Ladyship's own 'ut. It's as your Ladyship likes an' pleases, every time. Yer can turn me off at a wik's notice. It wor only...'
6.   "Coming, as usual, I presume, from the extreme end of theglobe? Pardon me -- at least, such I have heard is yourcustom."


1. 在保障女性生育权的同时,如果冷冻卵子女性的隐私权、处置权、使用权受到侵犯,应该怎样追责,也缺乏明确法律法规依据。
2. 所以我们就开始思考,我是不是能够离开这家公司?因为我没有议价权,没有分享到行业发展的本身的议价权,所以我们就开始走到了能源,我们拿下了中石油、中石化,两种油的AI总部认知平台,PK掉waston,进去带来的好处就是,你进去之后,你发现你的壁垒不是因为你的能力,你的壁垒是开始被数据被赋能了。
3.   He felt his wrist held closer, and he stopped. The expression in the forehead, which had so particularly attracted his notice, and which was now immovable, had deepened into one of pain and horror.
4.   When he arrived home his wife and children received him with the greatest joy. But instead of embracing them he began to weep so bitterly that they soon guessed that something terrible was the matter.
5. 2003年6月20日凌晨,魏巍和另外2名中国人潜入福冈市松本真二郎家中企图行窃,结果被户主松本发现,于是魏巍等人将松本和他的妻子,还有11岁的儿子和8岁的女儿杀害,并抢走了3.7万日元现金(约合2300元人民币)。
6.   When they were alone, Scheherazade addressed her thus:


1. 基于他们的发现,可以进一步研究肿瘤、心血管疾病等很多威胁人类健康的重大疾病,以及一个被称作饿死肿瘤的原理。
2.   For all his study nothing came of the evening except this--hesent the money. It was with great opposition, after two or threehours of the most urgent mental affirmation and denial, that atlast he got an envelope, placed in it the requested amount, andslowly sealed it up.
3. 原标题:?AI产业遭遇巨头夹击,创业公司如何取势突围|IFX新商业、新机遇、新挑战,三家创业公司的「AI落脚之2019」。
4.   11. The Third of May seems either to have possessed peculiar favour or significance with Chaucer personally, or to have had a special importance in connection with those May observances of which the poet so often speaks. It is on the third night of May that Palamon, in The Knight's Tale, breaks out of prison, and at early morn encounters in the forest Arcita, who has gone forth to pluck a garland in honour of May; it is on the third night of May that the poet hears the debate of "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale"; and again in the present passage the favoured date recurs.
5. 在赵老师眼里,崔日峰是个高个子、颇有灵气的大男生,但有时候有点不够勤奋,于是就用峰峦可攀思勤勉、九层台垒汝登来的诗句来勉励他,希望他通过勤勉努力来获得自己想要的。
6.   Siebel


1. 为了得到我这个投资“同行”的帮助,圣阿格尼斯学校这些模拟选股的“基金经理”们特意送给我一只彭太克牌子的笔,建议我认真研究一下这家优秀的公司。我真希望我当时采纳了孩子们的建议。我真后悔自己听了他们的推荐后却没有采取行动去研究,结果错过这只几乎翻了一倍的好股票,它从5.125美元开始最高上涨到9.5美元。
2. 他表示,今后会注意投入更多的时间和精力照顾王女士、悉心经营家庭生活。
3. 微软发言人称,11月20日,美国商务部批准了微软提出的向华为出口大众市场软件的许可申请。
4. 范军说,这个不用担心。
5.   10. Yern: eagerly; German, "gern."
6. 宣布旗下的中标软件和天津麒麟两家操作系统正式整合,成立新的操作系统公司,合力打造国家队的操作系统。


1. 此外,鼠年还有两个立春,分别在2020年2月4日和2021年2月3日。
2. 它基于信托的本源功能,将保险与信托跨领域结合,在保险的人身保障功能基础上叠加信托的财富传承、财产隔离等功能,是保险法律关系与信托法律关系的结合,是保险保障功能之上的新一重保障。
3.   My lefe is fare in lond Alas! Why is she so? And I am so sore bound I may not come her to. She hath my heart in hold Where ever she ride or go With true love a thousand-fold.

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