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1.   "Do you like it?"
2.   When he escaped was, he could not stint* *refrain For to begin a newe war again; He weened well, for that Fortune him sent Such hap, that he escaped through the rain, That of his foes he mighte not be slain. And eke a sweven* on a night he mette,** *dream **dreamed Of which he was so proud, and eke so fain,* *glad That he in vengeance all his hearte set.
3. ▲成熟的虚拟现实技术,图片来自电影《头号玩家》剧照。
4.   'But you are passionate, Jane, that you must allow: and nowreturn to the nursery- there's a dear- and lie down a little.'
5. "You haven't time to hear it now, I'm afraid," she said; "but if you will tell me just what time you come to do my rooms, I will try to be here and tell you a bit of it every day until it is finished. It's a lovely long one--and I'm always putting new bits to it."
6. 除夕的火车票将于今年12月26日开售。


1. 想一想再看
2. Investors are divided as to whether the anticipated rate increase by the US Federal Reserve tomorrow has already played out, or will intensify stress for indebted companies and economies.
3. 作为曾经的全国十大名酒,酒鬼酒近年来的发展可谓一波三折。
4. "Then why not in your children?" urged Jeff.
5.   The spirit I, which evermore denies! And justly; for whate'er to light is broughtDeserves again to be reduced to naught; Then better 'twere that naught shouldbe. Thus all the elements which ye Destruction, Sin, or briefly, Evil, name, Asmy peculiar element I claim.
6. 钱是男人胆,马斯克立刻满血复活。


1.   She listened to the tapping of the man's hammer; it was not so happy. He was oppressed. Here was a trespass on his privacy, and a dangerous one! A woman! He had reached the point where all he wanted on earth was to be alone. And yet he was powerless to preserve his privacy; he was a hired man, and these people were his masters.
2. 此外在解锁方面依旧延续了延续3D Tof解锁的方式,总之称它为超级旗舰一点都不为过。
3. "How about the boys?" Jeff asked.
4. 如今,陈六二靠刷墙,开上了小车,县城也买了几套房。
5. 这批重水浓缩度不等,从11%到976%,准备装在39只桶里,桶上贴上“钾碱液”的标记。
6. 不仅如此,注中还屡称真道、天道和生道,反复告诫君民要顺道意,知道真,一切唯道是信,唯道是奉,唯道是守,唯道是行。注说:当求善能知真道者,不当事邪伪伎巧(第8章),教民令知真道,无令知伪道邪知也(第10章)。与此相应,作者对儒家及其经学采取了否定的态度。注说:真道藏,邪文出,世间常伪伎称道教,皆为大伪不可用。何谓邪文?其五经半入邪,其五经以外,众书传记,尸人所作,悉邪也(第18章)。强调信行真德.②推崇和神化《老子》。


1.   29. Not the Oliver of Charlemagne -- but a traitorous Oliver of Armorica, corrupted by a bribe. Ganilion was the betrayer of the Christian army at Roncevalles (see note 9 to the Shipman's Tale); and his name appears to have been for a long time used in France to denote a traitor. Duguesclin, who betrayed Pedro into his brother's tent, seems to be intended by the term "Ganilion Oliver," but if so, Chaucer has mistaken his name, which was Bertrand -- perhaps confounding him, as Tyrwhttt suggests, with Oliver du Clisson, another illustrious Breton of those times, who was also Constable of France, after Duguesclin. The arms of the latter are supposed to be described a little above
2. 公开资料显示,施立成系浙江省杭州市人,1953年9月浙江大学化工系毕业后来院工作,在火炸药行业兢兢业业工作60余年,先后任工艺室主任工程师、院科技委委员等职务,多次获得院先进工作者、劳动模范
3.   As soon as the escort arrived in a city, when they had conducted theking to his quarters the four friends either retired to their own or tosome secluded cabaret, where they neither drank nor played; they onlyconversed in a low voice, looking around attentively to see that no oneoverheard them.
4. 降雪过后,北风将逐渐增大,预计傍晚到夜间,有三四级北风,气温有所下降,风寒效应明显,需注意防风防寒。
5. 可是,这好像不符合跨国公司的风格,因为CEO都说话了,一般要讲究诚信,也应该没有跨国企业敢拿慈善这种事情开玩笑。
6. avail效用。参:availability(n 可用性,实用性)


1. 电话放不下,几乎每分钟都有电话进来。
2. 4个月后,河南省烟草专卖局原局长郑建民被调查。
3.   "Oh dear, yes, sir; the abbe's dungeon was forty or fiftyfeet distant from that of one of Bonaparte's emissaries, --one of those who had contributed the most to the return ofthe usurper in 1815, -- a very resolute and very dangerousman."

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