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1. But McGowan has slammed the movement as 'bull****' in today's Sunday Times Magazine, which comes the day after Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice in the face of historic sexual assault allegations he denies.
2. 记者从多位消防员处了解到,防疫期间,在家使用酒精不当,存在着火的风险。
3.   In regard to the domestic animals kept by uncivilised man, it should not be overlooked that they almost always have to struggle for their own food, at least during certain seasons. And in two countries very differently circumstanced, individuals of the same species, having slightly different constitutions or structure, would often succeed better in the one country than in the other, and thus by a process of 'natural selection,' as will hereafter be more fully explained, two sub-breeds might be formed. This, perhaps, partly explains what has been remarked by some authors, namely, that the varieties kept by savages have more of the character of species than the varieties kept in civilised countries.
4.   De Tertia Parte Poenitentiae. [Of the third part of penitence]
5. 统治阶级以王权的力量结束了经学内部的矛盾与纷争,经学也就丧失了其进一步发展的动力。因此,统一经学的建立实际上也是经学由盛到衰的开始。
6. 今天的商业机构,因为有多人参与,上述的保护秘密的法律是重要的。尤其是在一个产品研究室之内,从事研究的大都是被雇用的人(employedinventors),在研究途中,还没有成果注册专利,一个雇员要转到另一家类同的研究室工作,没有法律约束这员工把秘密外泄,岂不是前功尽废了?


1. The woman went to the window and put some in a paper bag.
2.   Thus, then, the ship sped on her way through the watches of thenight from dark till dawn.
3. 那时人手少,一个合格的播音员、主持人得是多面手,不能仅限于一种节目形式。
4. 视频车将车停到路边后,司机明显没缓过神了,过了好一会才想起打电话报警。
5.   With these words she made her mistress leave off crying, and driedthe tears from her eyes. Penelope washed her face, changed herdress, and went upstairs with her maids. She then put some bruisedbarley into a basket and began praying to Minerva.
6.   `All right. The fact that things ought to be something else than what they are, is not my department.


1. 原标题:顶风作案
2.   God is a friend to the poor orphan child.'
3.   Thy worthy avocation now I guess! Wholesale annihilation won't prevail, Sothou'rt beginning on a smaller scale.
4. 从硅谷精英到大爷大妈,这双鞋为什么突然流行了?。
5.   The cardinal repressed another smile.
6.   "Well, now tell your story, Penelon."


1. 无论如何表述,无论用什么样的词汇,包括所谓的“新思维”、“新做法”、“新模式”,关键还是要确认两岸同属一个中国的核心认知。
2. 数据分析显示,从发案源头看,网络、电话、短信诈骗接报既遂案件分别占比72.4%、21.7%、5.9%。
3. 最近的例子更加明晰。
4. 作为生息资本,而且正是在它作为生息货币资本的直接形式上(生息资本的其他形式同我们这里无关,这些其他形式也是由这个形式派生出来的,并以这个形式为前提),资本取得了它的纯粹的拜物教形式:G—G'被看成主体,被看成可出售的物。第一,这是由于资本作为货币的不断存在;在这样的形式上,资本的一切规定性都已经消失,它的现实要素也看不出来。货币正好是这样的一个形式,在这个形式上,商品作为使用价值的差别消失了,因而由这些商品和它们的生产条件构成的各种产业资本的差别也消失
5. 由于疫情的发展,我们医院的十二名白衣战士奉命前往武汉。
6. 预计通货膨胀和工资上涨将仍具挑战,特别是2020年上半年。


1.   `I assure you,' returned Mr. Stryver, in the friendliest way, `that I am sorry for it on your account, and sorry for it on the poor father's account. I know this must always be a sore subject with the family; let us say no more about it.'
2. 澎湃新闻获取的多段视频显示,在一商场内部约4层楼高的上方聚集了大量气球,这些气球倾泻下来,不少人上前拿气球
3.   Carrie, coming in from another direction, thought she saw Mrs.Vance going away. She strained her eyes, but could not makesure.

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      For the first week or so, Mrs Bolton, however, was very quiet at Wragby, her assured, bossy manner left her, and she was nervous. With Clifford she was shy, almost frightened, and silent. He liked that, and soon recovered his self-possession, letting her do things for him without even noticing her.