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1.   She got a pretty letter from the manager, saying that by the timeshe got it he would be waiting for her in the park. When shecame, he shone upon her as the morning sun.
2. The truth was that she had saved herself annoyance several times by keeping her eye on Lavinia, who was quite ready to make mischief, and would have been rather pleased to have made it for the ex-show pupil.
3. 在这个没有电影可看的春节,对春节期间的演播内容,央视还率先表示,一切安全为重,确定春晚两个分会场郑州、粤港澳大湾区录播,最大程度上避免因人员聚集带来的潜在风险。
4.   And Ulysses answered, "King Alcinous, if you were to bid me tostay here for a whole twelve months, and then speed me on my way,loaded with your noble gifts, I should obey you gladly and it wouldredound greatly to my advantage, for I should return fuller-handedto my own people, and should thus be more respected and beloved by allwho see me when I get back to Ithaca."
5.   On the belief that this is a law of nature, we can, I think, understand several large classes of facts, such as the following, which on any other view are inexplicable. Every hybridizer knows how unfavourable exposure to wet is to the fertilisation of a flower, yet what a multitude of flowers have their anthers and stigmas fully exposed to the weather! but if an occasional cross be indispensable, the fullest freedom for the entrance of pollen from another individual will explain this state of exposure, more especially as the plant's own anthers and pistil generally stand so close together that self-fertilisation seems almost inevitable. Many flowers, on the other hand, have their organs of fructification closely enclosed, as in the great papilionaceous or pea-family; but in several, perhaps in all, such flowers, there is a very curious adaptation between the structure of the flower and the manner in which bees suck the nectar; for, in doing this, they either push the flower's own pollen on the stigma, or bring pollen from another flower. So necessary are the visits of bees to papilionaceous flowers, that I have found, by experiments published elsewhere, that their fertility is greatly diminished if these visits be prevented. Now, it is scarcely possible that bees should fly from flower to flower, and not carry pollen from one to the other, to the great good, as I believe, of the plant. Bees will act like a camel-hair pencil, and it is quite sufficient just to touch the anthers of one flower and then the stigma of another with the same brush to ensure fertilisation; but it must not be supposed that bees would thus produce a multitude of hybrids between distinct species; for if you bring on the same brush a plant's own pollen and pollen from another species, the former will have such a prepotent effect, that it will invariably and completely destroy, as has been shown by G?rtner, any influence from the foreign pollen.When the stamens of a flower suddenly spring towards the pistil, or slowly move one after the other towards it, the contrivance seems adapted solely to ensure self-fertilisation; and no doubt it is useful for this end: but, the agency of insects is often required to cause the stamens to spring forward, as K?lreuter has shown to be the case with the barberry; and curiously in this very genus, which seems to have a special contrivance for self-fertilisation, it is well known that if very closely-allied forms or varieties are planted near each other, it is hardly possible to raise pure seedlings, so largely do they naturally cross. In many other cases, far from there being any aids for self-fertilisation, there are special contrivances, as I could show from the writings of C. C. Sprengel and from my own observations, which effectually prevent the stigma receiving pollen from its own flower: for instance, in Lobelia fulgens, there is a really beautiful and elaborate contrivance by which every one of the infinitely numerous pollen-granules are swept out of the conjoined anthers of each flower, before the stigma of that individual flower is ready to receive them; and as this flower is never visited, at least in my garden, by insects, it never sets a seed, though by placing pollen from one flower on the stigma of another, I raised plenty of seedlings; and whilst another species of Lobelia growing close by, which is visited by bees, seeds freely. In very many other cases, though there be no special mechanical contrivance to prevent the stigma of a flower receiving its own pollen, yet, as C. C. Sprengel has shown, and as I can confirm, either the anthers burst before the stigma is ready for fertilisation, or the stigma is ready before the pollen of that flower is ready, so that these plants have in fact separated sexes, and must habitually be crossed. How strange are these facts! How strange that the pollen and stigmatic surface of the same flower, though placed so close together, as if for the very purpose of self-fertilisation, should in so many cases be mutually useless to each other! How simply are these facts explained on the view of an occasional cross with a distinct individual being advantageous or indispensable!If several varieties of the cabbage, radish, onion, and of some other plants, be allowed to seed near each other, a large majority, as I have found, of the seedlings thus raised will turn out mongrels: for instance, I raised 233 seedling cabbages from some plants of different varieties growing near each other, and of these only 78 were true to their kind, and some even of these were not perfectly true. Yet the pistil of each cabbage-flower is surrounded not only by its own six stamens, but by those of the many other flowers on the same plant. How, then, comes it that such a vast number of the seedlings are mongrelised? I suspect that it must arise from the pollen of a distinct variety having a prepotent effect over a flower's own pollen; and that this is part of the general law of good being derived from the intercrossing of distinct individuals of the same species. When distinct species are crossed the case is directly the reverse, for a plant's own pollen is always prepotent over foreign pollen; but to this subject we shall return in a future chapter.
6. 与生产相关的测试工具、生产工具、烧录工具、产测工具的支持


1.   As to the strength of his case, he had not a doubt about it, but clearly saw his way to' the verdict. Argued with the jury on substantial worldly grounds--the only grounds ever worth taking into account--it was a plain case, and had not a weak spot in it. He called himself for the plaintiff, there was no getting over his evidence, the counsel for the defendant threw up his brief, and the jury did not even turn to consider. After trying it, Stryver, C. J., was satisfied that no plainer case could be.
2.   He was waiting for us, in fact, at the public-house; and asked me how I found myself, like an old acquaintance. I did not feel, at first, that I knew him as well as he knew me, because he had never come to our house since the night I was born, and naturally he had the advantage of me. But our intimacy was much advanced by his taking me on his back to carry me home. He was, now, a huge, strong fellow of six feet high, broad in proportion, and round-shouldered; but with a simpering boy's face and curly light hair that gave him quite a sheepish look. He was dressed in a canvas jacket, and a pair of such very stiff trousers that they would have stood quite as well alone, without any legs in them. And you couldn't so properly have said he wore a hat, as that he was covered in a top, like an old building, with something pitchy.
3.   While occurrences passed on in this manner, it fortuned, that Osbechthe King of Turky (who was in continuall war with the Emperour) cameby accident to Lajazzo: and hearing there how lasciviously Constantinespent his time in Setalia, with a Lady which he had stolne, beingbut weake and slenderly guarded; in the night with certaine wellprovided ships, his men and he entred the town, and surprized manypeople in their beds, before they knew of their enimies comming,killing such as stood upon their defence against them, (among whom wasConstantine) and burning the whole Towne, brought their booty andprisoners aboord their Shippes, wherewith they returned backe toLajazzo. Being thus come to Lajazzo, Osbech who was a brave andgallant young man, upon a review of the pillage, found the faire Lady,whom he knew to be the beloved of Constantine, because shee wasfound lying on his bed. Without any further delay, he made choice ofher to be his wife; causing his nuptials to be honourablysolemnized, and many moneths he lived there in great joy with her.
4. 视频画面显示,6名医护人员正在手术,突然病床右侧的输液支架开始晃动
5. "Yes; a rat, Sahib," answered Ram Dass, also whispering. "There are many in the walls."
6. 朝阳公园南门的春节景观布置。


1. What they call Motherhood was like this:
2.   The vizir bowed to the ground and hastened to leave the room and tower.
3. 但在自制内容、艺术创意和作品领域,通过数据化和内容补贴生产出来的内容是没有梯度可言的,80%的标准内容需求里不会有大IP,只有廉价的快消品。
4. 和前者不同,共享汽车很难做到突然爆发,这个重资产的项目,将处于长期风口。
5.   "In fact," said Franz, "this horrible scene has passed awaylike a dream."
6. 只是由于当时诗歌观念中雅俗畛域的限制和束缚,视五言为俗体,被士大夫所轻贱,不能登大雅之堂,作歌者多为下层文人,而且也不署名,所以迄于西汉,我们见不到上层士大夫的作品。然而,五言体毕竟在民间和下层文人中无可阻遏地活跃发展,并以比其他体裁更为优越的长处从歌辞向徒诗迈进,成为诗人抒情寄志的理想形式,因此到东汉,文人创作的歌辞不仅更多,而且终于出现了由班固所创作的文学史上第一首完全脱离音乐的五言诗《咏史》,尽管质量不高,却标志着新的诗歌创作时代的开始。


1. 他冒险去买了电饭锅和大米,借电煮粥以自救。
2.   by Charles Darwin
3.   The executioner speedily untied the knots which confined the doctor, and was passing the cord round the neck of the tailor, when the Sultan of Kashgar, who had missed his jester, happened to make inquiry of his officers as to what had become of him.
4.   At Waterloo we were fortunate in catching a train for Leatherhead,where we hired a trap at the station inn and drove for four or fivemiles through the lovely Surrey lanes. It was a perfect day, with abright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens. The trees andwayside hedges were just throwing out their first green shoots, andthe air was full of the pleasant smell of the moist earth. To me atleast there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of thespring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged. Mycompanion sat in the front of the trap, his arms folded, his hatpulled down over his eyes, and his chin sunk upon his breast, buriedin the deepest thought. Suddenly, however, he started, tapped me onthe shoulder, and pointed over the meadows.
5.   So she plodded home to Clifford, to join forces with him again, to make another story out of nothingness: and a story meant money. Clifford seemed to care very much whether his stories were considered first-class literature or not. Strictly, she didn't care. Nothing in it! said her father. Twelve hundred pounds last year! was the retort simple and final.
6. 英国父亲网购6米长恐龙雕像送儿子起重机运到家图源:《镜报》海外网2月10日电近日,英国一名父亲为了实现儿子想见到最大食肉牛龙(恐龙的一种)的愿望,花1000英镑(约人民币1万元)在网上购买了一座牛龙雕像。


1. 然后,再次调整定位,转向城市潮人、留学生等。
2. The Bellarine Peninsula, located Southwest of Melbourne, Victoria, has been a hotspot for timeless beaches and historic towns like Queenscliff and Portarlington.
3. 宣宗即位后,即遣使向蒙古军求和。一二一四年三月,成吉思汗各军会集于中都城北。宣宗命完颜承晖去蒙军议和,成吉思汗这时还并不想立即消灭金朝,在中原建立统治,而只在掳掠奴隶和财物。他拒绝了蒙古将领关于进攻中都的建策,而向金朝提出了许和的条件。金宣宗完全接受蒙古的要求:献纳童男女各五百,绣衣三千件,御马三千匹和大批金银珠玉,并把允济女岐国公主献给成吉思汗,以表示对蒙古的屈服。和议告成。完颜承晖伴送成吉思汗退出居庸关。蒙古大军带着在各地掳掠来的大批奴隶、财物,得胜回军。成吉思汗径直北上,到鱼儿泊金朝皇帝的夏纳钵去驻夏。垂危的金朝又渡过了它的一次危机。

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