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2. 德昌马帮大多在外包揽输变电工程材料运送工程,凡是现代交通运输工具难以到达的地方,传统的马帮运输方式就派上了用场。
3. n. 不和谐,刺耳声,震动,震惊,广口瓶
4. Her look was clear and truthful and she did not advance this astonishing statement as if it was astonishing, but quite as a matter of fact.
5. 气溶胶的粒子直径在0.0001~100μm之间。
6. 》一文,和环保志愿者们一起揭露了一家名为龙腾养殖珍禽服务的老板。


1. 而综艺节目只需要担心签约期间艺人发生意外。
2. [k?m'plein]
3.   "They must have lost my track completely after their bludgeonman wasarrested. Otherwise they could not have imagined that I had returnedto my rooms. They have evidently taken the precaution of watching you,however, and that is what has brought Moriarty to Victoria. Youcould not have made any slip in coming?"
4.   "In the room adjoining the chamber in which she changed hertoilet."
5.   "What! my house?"
6.   `But we needn't let Clifford know, need we?' she pleaded. `It would hurt him so. And if he never knows, never suspects, it hurts nobody.'


1. 经现场勘查,犯罪嫌疑人是从珠宝店更衣室后面破窗进入的,但监控并没有记录到他的模样。
2. 新加坡大会上,各种猜想以前所未有的速度流传,巴黎毫无疑问地成为夺标热门。但在过去一个星期,甚至过去几天的争夺中,伦敦和马德里都缩小了与巴黎之间的差距,另外,人们也难以估计代表西班牙出席大会的国际奥委会终身荣誉主席萨马兰奇会对投票造成什么样的影响。
3. 在晋朝五胡乱华的时候,有一个胡人。唤做石勒,据历史上记载,他有这样一段事情。有一次,他喝酒喝的醉了,对一个人焕做徐光的说道:"我可同前代那一位开基的皇帝相比犷徐光恭维他道:"你比汉高祖、魏武帝都强。只有古代的轩辕皇帝,可以和你相比。。石勒笑道;"人岂不自知?你的话过分了。我如其遇见汉高祖,要北面而事之,和韩信、彭越争先。如其遇见后汉光武帝,该和他并驱中原,未知鹿死谁手?大丈夫行事,当磊磊落落,如日月映然,终不能如曹孟德、司马仲达父子,欺他孤儿寡妇,狐媚以取天下也。'这一段话。是否真实。还未可知。就算是他说的,也不过是酒后狂言,毫无价值。后来读史的人,却把他看作名言,有许多人喜欢引用,因此就有许多人,把魏武帝和司马璐,看做一流人物,这真是笑话了,魏武帝何尝有欺人孤儿寡妇之事来?
4.   "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."
5. 论坛当天,华为还正式发布了城市大数据最新解决方案,华为-宜春城市大数据创新示范基地、赣西云数据中心、智慧城市指挥中心也同期上线。
6. 工作人员回复说,可能是购票的人数过多,网站产生了问题,所以才导致同一个座位被卖了两次。


1.   Why thou shouldst ask, I cannot see. Since thee I now have learned to know,At thy good pleasure, visit me. Here is the window, here the door, Thechimney, too, may serve thy need.
2. 背面调整主景、面额数字、胶印对印图案的样式,取消右下角局部图案,年号改为2019年。
3.   `What,' said Carton, still only half turned towards him, `do you expect, Mr. Darnay?'
4. We held a consultation.
5.   Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)
6. So they set to work, to bury the dead, to plow and sow, to care for one another.


1. 在此次火炬升级计划中,齐家网发布了齐家保2.0版本,将通过资金托管、全程管家、合同咨询及审核、11次质检服务、安全文明和工期管控等众多服务,倒逼装企提升产品和服务质量,加强施工监督,以获取更好的用户口碑
2. 和桑德兰在此前闭门听证中的说法一致,桑德兰说,今年5月23日他与其他官员在参加完泽连斯基的就职典礼后回到华盛顿面见特朗普。
3. 综合外媒报道,警方接获医院报案称,有一名刚出生的女婴,遭头戴伊斯兰教黑纱的女子抱走。

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