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1. 此,在十六世纪末,英国有了一个就当时情况来说已很富有的“资本主义租地农场主”阶级,是不足为奇的。
2.   On these words the old woman covered her face with her hands; shebegan to weep and made lamentation saying, "My dear child, I cannotthink whatever I am to do with you. I am certain no one was evermore god-fearing than yourself, and yet Jove hates you. No one inthe whole world ever burned him more thigh bones, nor gave him finerhecatombs when you prayed you might come to a green old age yourselfand see your son grow up to take after you; yet see how he hasprevented you alone from ever getting back to your own home. I have nodoubt the women in some foreign palace which Ulysses has got to aregibing at him as all these sluts here have been gibing you. I do notwonder at your not choosing to let them wash you after the manner inwhich they have insulted you; I will wash your feet myself gladlyenough, as Penelope has said that I am to do so; I will wash them bothfor Penelope's sake and for your own, for you have raised the mostlively feelings of compassion in my mind; and let me say thismoreover, which pray attend to; we have had all kinds of strangersin distress come here before now, but I make bold to say that no oneever yet came who was so like Ulysses in figure, voice, and feet asyou are."
3. 因此,W'决不能作为单纯的W,作为资本价值的单纯商品形式来开始循环。作为商品资本,它总是一个二重物。从使用价值的观点看,它是P执行职能的产物,在这里是纱,而作为商品来自流通的P的要素,即A和Pm,只是作为这种产品的产品形成要素发生作用。第二,从价值的观点看,它是资本价值P加上P执行职能时产生的剩余价值m。
4.   `My God! "If they be not nice to me What care I how nice they be?"
5.   "I see no marks."
6.   "No, thank you; I gave orders for my coupe to follow me."


1. 接到报案后,当地野生动物保护官员立即赶到现场。
2.   17. Grame: sorrow; Anglo-Saxon, "gram;" German, "Gram."
3. 金融活动的惊人发展,不可避免地导致基督教放弃中世纪时它对利息的强烈谴责和排斥。本来,在一个贸易.活动不多、投资牟利讥会相应少的社会里;对利息持嫌弃态度是可以理解的,也是可行的。但是,到中世纪后期,情况起了变化,随之,教义也有了改变。在早先数世纪里,教士们一直猛烈抨击导致高利贷的利息,说它“在上帝看来,是一种最丑恶、最可憎的罪恶”。但是,到1546年,法国的法学家查尔斯·杜穆林却在恳求承认“适度且可接受的高利贷”。他说:
4.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5.   The advantage of diversification in the inhabitants of the same region is, in fact, the same as that of the physiological division of labour in the organs of the same individual body a subject so well elucidated by Milne Edwards. No physiologist doubts that a stomach by being adapted to digest vegetable matter alone, or flesh alone, draws most nutriment from these substances. So in the general economy of any land, the more widely and perfectly the animals and plants are diversified for different habits of life, so will a greater number of individuals be capable of there supporting themselves. A set of animals, with their organisation but little diversified, could hardly compete with a set more perfectly diversified in structure. It may be doubted, for instance, whether the Australian marsupials, which are divided into groups differing but little from each other, and feebly representing, as Mr Waterhouse and others have remarked, our carnivorous, ruminant, and rodent mammals, could successfully compete with these well-pronounced orders. In the Australian mammals, we see the process of diversification in an early and incomplete stage of development.After the foregoing discussion, which ought to have been much amplified, we may, I think, assume that the modified descendants of any one species will succeed by so much the better as they become more diversified in structure, and are thus enabled to encroach on places occupied by other beings. Now let us see how this principle of great benefit being derived from divergence of character, combined with the principles of natural selection and of extinction, will tend to act.
6. FOYLE’S WAR (acorn.tv, Feb. 2) After nabbing the final three episodes of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” last year, the streaming service Acorn TV scores another coup in the field of traditional British mysteries with the American premiere of this superior show’s ninth season. Starring Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle, a detective as honorable as he is shrewd, the series has morphed over the years from a provincial home-front cop show to a le Carré-like Cold War thriller. New episodes involve the Nuremberg trials and Britain’s role in Palestine.


1.   A part developed in any species in an extraordinary degree or manner, in comparison with the same part in allied species, tends to be highly variable.
2. 消息人士对《深网》表示,该大型集团为国内知名零售公司,以家电类目起家,线上线下均有布局。
3. 3分钟后,许加清和同事赶到了现场。
4. 中指控股副总裁兼中指数据事业部总经理葛海峰在早前的商办分析会上表示,如果一旦楼内出现疫情,不论商户还是业主,都会面临巨大影响:疫情一旦出现就会封楼,那么楼内的其他租户是否有权利提出免租要求?导致其他租户经营产生的停顿和阻碍怎么解决?这会产生一系列的法律问题。
5. 我们没有全职的编辑团队,但是每个员工,包括工程师都会参与。
6.   Carrie was doing better, that he knew. Her clothes were improvednow, even fine. He saw her coming and going, sometimes picturingto himself her rise. Little eating had thinned him somewhat. Hehad no appetite. His clothes, too, were a poor man's clothes.Talk about getting something had become even too threadbare andridiculous for him. So he folded his hands and waited--for what,he could not anticipate.


1. 我那时候心怎么那么静。
2.   Michiele Scalza, a young Florentine, had so facetious and productivea genius that the principal youth of Florence took a great deal ofpleasure in and thought it an honour to enjoy his company. Being oneday at Mont Ughi with many gentlemen, the discussion happened to runupon the antiquity and nobility of the Florentine families. Somegave the preference to that of the Uberti, others to that of theLamberti, everyone speaking, as people ordinarily do, according totheir different humours and interests.
3.   And busily they gonnen* her comfort *began Of thing, God wot, on which she little thought; And with their tales weened her disport, And to be glad they her besought; But such an ease therewith they in her wrought, Right as a man is eased for to feel, For ache of head, to claw him on his heel.
4. 可就在不久前,三期的业主们验房时,都傻眼了。
5. 公司产品及解决方案被广泛应用于变频空调、光伏发电、UPS、新能源汽车、充电桩等众多新兴领域。
6. 这个在线募捐平台,是由上海市慈善基金会和澎湃新闻联合发起的抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情专项募捐行动,于1月26日15时开通。


1. With this wide, deep, thorough knowledge, they had met and solved the problems of education in ways some of which I hope to make clear later. Those nation-loved children of theirs compared with the average in our country as the most perfectly cultivated, richly developed roses compare with--tumbleweeds. Yet they did not SEEM "cultivated" at all--it had all become a natural condition.
2. 章宗时,猛安谋克普遍骄横不法,军纪松弛,士气低落,在抵抗北方少数族奴隶主侵扰的多次战争中,显示出猛安谋克部的战斗力极弱。为了消除这些弊病,恢复猛安谋克户从前的“材武”,改变“专务游情”、漫无纪律的现状,章宗颁布了一些法令。一一九五年五月,命令各路猛安谋克在农闲时讲习武艺,由本路提刑司监督,对惰怠者予以惩罚。承安五年(一二OO年)正月,规定猛安谋克“军前怠慢罢世袭制”,惩治遇敌作战不力的世袭通安谋克。五月,规定猛安谋克“斗殴杀人,遇赦免死,罢世袭制”,严办在各地残杀百姓的猛安谋克。八月,改定镇防军“犯徒配役法”,对犯法判处徒刑的猛安谋克镇防军重新规定了服苦役的办法。十二月,规定“管军官受所部财物,辄放离役及令人代役法”,限制军事长官受贿不法的行为。一二0一年三月,又改定镇防军猛安谋克“放老入除格”。八月,规定猛安谋克改隶按察司,由按察司的长官专管“教习武艺”。一二0八年四月,下诏改定猛安谋克“承袭程试格”。对镇防军猛安谋克退伍后授宫、猛安谋克的统属以及一般猛安谋克承袭考试的办法作了一些改订。
3. 来自民主党的奥巴马和共和党的罗姆尼在竞选活动中,都把重点放在如何修复萎靡不振的美国经济上。据估计,至少有1.2亿的美国选民将选举投票。

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      I was able at last to persuade my companion to take my advice,though I knew from his excited manner that there was not much hopeof sleep for him. Indeed, his mood was infectious, for I lay tossinghalf the night myself, brooding over this strange problem andinventing a hundred theories, each of which was more impossible thanthe last. Why had Holmes remained at Woking? Why had he asked MissHarrison to remain in the sick-room all day? Why had he been socareful not to inform the people at Briarbrae that he intended toremain near them? I cudgelled my brains until I fell asleep in theendeavour to find some explanation which would cover all these facts.It was seven o'clock when I awoke, and I set off at once forPhelps's room to find him haggard and spent after a sleepless night.His first question was whether Holmes had arrived yet.

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