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1. 这可能吗?使铍产生这一效应的如果是γ射线,那就犹如一个玻璃弹子,无论它能量多大,也不可能使一颗射来的摧毁性炮弹发生偏转。
2. demo人民+-ic…的→民主的,民主主义的;民主政体的
3. 史氏认为当晚的辩论没有录音,是经济学的一个大损失。嘉素(Kessel)在辩论前反对高斯最激烈。他的回忆是该晚回到家里,意识到高斯是史密斯后对经济体制认识得最深入的人。
4. 智能网卡芯片,支持多协议卸载,特别适合云化和低时延场景。
5.   Toward evening he looked so badly in the weak light that shesuggested he go to bed.
6. 张一辰摄中新网西安11月21日电(张一辰党田野)西安喝风辟谷国学文化传播有限责任公司因被列入政府补贴名单,而引发舆论热议。


1.   'Surely not! why, she is too old for such pettishness.'
2. 这次降雪比较有特点,降雪量虽然较大,但是由于地表的温度比较高,雪落在地面,大部分都融化了。
3.   'Well, Trot,' she began, 'what do you think of the proctor plan? Or have you not begun to think about it yet?'
4.   1904
5. 2016年5月,销帮帮在钉钉上部署完毕。
6. 听了这篇文章的介绍,你有什么不一样的看法吗?如果是你的话,你会在这次肺炎之后,选择哪一个平台呢?你觉得自己能够抓住这次机会吗?。


1. 传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!
2. 美国广播公司11月25日报道,当地警方介绍,这只吉娃娃被单独放在一辆越野车中,它的主人正在车外加油。
3. 请广大市民群众及时关注政府部门权威发布,不造谣、不传谣、不信谣,共建和谐清朗的网络空间,共同守护城市公共安全。
4. 存量挖掘:技术驱动下的LBS+兴趣in的优势在之一于数据,那么把这些数据的价值挖掘出来,以产品的形态呈现给每一个用户,乃是当务之急,而LBS+兴趣,成为in最终的解决方案。
5. The country was about the size of Holland, some ten or twelve thousand square miles. One could lose a good many Hollands along the forest-smothered flanks of those mighty mountains. They had a population of about three million--not a large one, but quality is something. Three million is quite enough to allow for considerable variation, and these people varied more widely than we could at first account for.
6. 但这些买家仍继续投诉,导致李显的商品最终被平台下架,一个店铺有几起食品安全的投诉,平台就会介入并支持买家仅退款不退货。


1. 而按撤诉处理,是原告并未申请撤诉,但不履行法定诉讼义务,法庭裁定按撤诉对待的一种责罚后果,必须严格依法行使,否则会导致当事人的诉权严重受损
2. 2010 10-year Treasury yield (year-end): 5.0%
3.   'You will,' said she, passing her arm round me. 'And now tell mewho is the lady whom Mr. Brocklehurst called your benefactress?'
4.   "My mother," answered Telemachus, tells me I am son to Ulysses,but it is a wise child that knows his own father. Would that I wereson to one who had grown old upon his own estates, for, since youask me, there is no more ill-starred man under heaven than he who theytell me is my father."
5. 例如,哈里发哈伦命令,所有在穆斯林征服后建立的教堂必须拆毁,所有非穆斯林,即迪米人必须穿规定的服装。哈伦的孙子也颁布法令:基督教徒和犹太教徒,必须把木制的魔鬼像贴在住房墙上;只能骑配备木鞍的骡子。伊斯兰教法官还规定,拒绝接受基督教徒或犹太教徒反对穆斯林的证词。迪米人交纳的税额总比穆斯林重很多。显而易见,他们是二等公民。不过,他们的地位,同西方相类似的异教徒相比要优越一些。他们可以保持原有的信仰,享有正常的财产所有权,属于一定的行会。他们常常受命在国家高等机构中任职,并与在基督教征服西班牙后的犹太教徒和穆斯林的遭遇不同,无须参加圣战,也不会被流放。
6.   The honest Knight, who was very sorrowfull for Aldobrandino,gladly gave attention to the Pilgrime, and having conferred on manymatters, appertaining to the fact committed: the two Brethren who wereTheobaldoes Hostes, and their Chambermaid, upon good advice given,were apprehended in their first sleep, without any resistance madein their defence. But when the tortures were sent for, to understandtruly how the case went, they would not endure any paine at all, buteach aside by himselfe, and then altogether confessed openly, thatthey did the deede, yet not knowing him to be Theobaldo Elisei. Andwhen it was demanded of them, upon what occasion they did so foulean act, they answered, that they were so hatefull against the manslife, because he would luxuriouslie have abused one of their wives,when they both were absent from their owne home.


1. 面对高购物车放弃率,事实上您不是束手无策。
2. 停车场离村民日常生活、农耕种植的范围有一定距离。
3. 九六九年二月,当穆宗在怀州射猎回行宫(宫帐)后,辽朝著帐奴隶以近侍小哥、盥人花哥、庖人辛古等为首,举行起义,杀死穆宗。《辽史》记此事甚简,只说“近待小哥、盥人花哥、庖人辛古等六人反,帝遇弑”。

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      "Good heavens," said he, "see how the gods have saved this manfrom destruction. We kept a succession of scouts upon the headlandsall day long, and when the sun was down we never went on shore tosleep, but waited in the ship all night till morning in the hope ofcapturing and killing him; but some god has conveyed him home in spiteof us. Let us consider how we can make an end of him. He must notescape us; our affair is never likely to come off while is alive,for he is very shrewd, and public feeling is by no means all on ourside. We must make haste before he can call the Achaeans inassembly; he will lose no time in doing so, for he will be furiouswith us, and will tell all the world how we plotted to kill him, butfailed to take him. The people will not like this when they come toknow of it; we must see that they do us no hurt, nor drive us from ourown country into exile. Let us try and lay hold of him either on hisfarm away from the town, or on the road hither. Then we can divideup his property amongst us, and let his mother and the man who marriesher have the house. If this does not please you, and you wishTelemachus to live on and hold his father's property, then we must notgather here and eat up his goods in this way, but must make our offersto Penelope each from his own house, and she can marry the man whowill give the most for her, and whose lot it is to win her."

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      Truly (quoth Calandrino) well enough to mine owne thinking, yetnotwithstanding, I met with Nello but even now; and he told me, thatmy countenance was very much altred; Is it possible that I shouldbee sicke, and feele no paine or distaste in any part of me?Buffalmaco answered; I am not so skilfull in judgement, as to argue onthe Nature of distemper in the body: but sure I am, that thou hastsome daungerous inward impediment, because thou lookst (almost) like aman more then halfe dead.

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      4. Descensories: vessels for distillation "per descensum;" they were placed under the fire, and the spirit to be extracted was thrown downwards. Croslets: crucibles; French, "creuset.". Cucurbites: retorts; distilling-vessels; so called from their likeness in shape to a gourd -- Latin, "cucurbita." Alembikes:stills, limbecs.

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      Now, whether feeding on salt meates before his coming thither, orcustomary use of drinking, which maketh men unable any long while toabstaine as being never satisfied with excesse; which of these twoextreames they were, I know not: but drinke needs he must. And, havingno other meanes for quenching his thirst, espied the glasse of waterstanding in the Window, and thinking it to be some soveraigne kinde ofwater, reserved by the Doctor for his owne drinking, to make him lustyin his old yeeres, he tooke the glasse; and finding the water pleasingto his pallate, dranke it off every drop; then sitting downe on aCoffer by the beds side, soone after he fell into a sound sleepe,according to the powerfull working of the water.

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    They urged us to throw at it, and we did, but the thing was a long way off, and it was only after a number of failures, at which those elvish damsels laughed delightedly, that Jeff succeeded in bringing the whole structure to the ground. It took me still longer, and Terry, to his intense annoyance, came third.

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