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1. 」侯以短视频应用快手能为用户提供1.2亿个内容标签为例,证明数据灵活应用的威力
2.   At first I saw nobody; but feeling a pressure against the door, I looked round it, and there, to my amazement, were Mr. Peggotty and Ham, ducking at me with their hats, and squeezing one another against the wall. I could not help laughing; but it was much more in the pleasure of seeing them, than at the appearance they made. We shook hands in a very cordial way; and I laughed and laughed, until I pulled out my pocket-handkerchief and wiped my eyes.
3.   However, came the war, Hilda and Connie were rushed home again after having been home already in May, to their mother's funeral. Before Christmas of 1914 both their German young men were dead: whereupon the sisters wept, and loved the young men passionately, but underneath forgot them. They didn't exist any more.
4. 家用电器安全使用年限系列标准发布由中国家用电器协会组织行业制定的家用电器安全使用年限系列标准发布,确定了冰箱、空调的安全使用年限为10年,洗衣机及干衣机、吸油烟机、燃气灶、电热水器的安全使用年限为8年。
5. 小米明年将迎来第二个10年。
6. 2017年下半年,负责顺风车运营的张瑞转战滴滴外卖业务。


1.   She knowing what remained to bee done on her behalfe, drewsomewhat neere him, and shewed her selfe more familiar then formerlyshe had done: by which favourable meanes, he touched her with thecharmed Parchment, which was no sooner done; but with out using anyother kinde of language, hee went to the hay-Barne, whitherNicholletta followed him, and both being entred, he closed the Barnedoore, and then stood gazing on her, as if hee had never seene herbefore. Standing stil as in a study, or bethinking himselfe what heshould say: she began to use affable gesture to him, and taking him bythe hand, made shew as if shee meant to kisse him, which yet sherefrained, though he (rather then his life) would gladly have hadit. Why how now deare Calandrino (quoth she) jewell of my joy, comfortof my heart, how many times have I longed for thy sweet Company? Andenjoying it now, according to mine owne desire, dost thou stand like aStatue, or man alla morte? The rare tunes of the Gitterne, but (muchmore) the melodious accents of thy voyce, excelling Orpheus orAmphion, so ravished my soule, as I know not how to expresse the depthof mine affection; and yet hast thou brought me hither, onely to lookebabies in mine eyes, and not so much as speake one kinde word to me?
2. 大理大学党委宣传部表示,接下来,将根据事件处理进度和公安机关建议,学校会积极配合家属,处理善后事宜。
3.   "What are you thinking of?" asked the abbe smilingly,imputing the deep abstraction in which his visitor wasplunged to the excess of his awe and wonder.
4.   These were easily undone, and the box was found to be full of pearls, not very large ones, but well-shaped and of a good colour. So leaving the gardener to fill up the hole he had made under the tree, the princess took up the box and returned to the house.
5. ['b?:lru:m]
6. 陈先生告诉本报记者,按照通知要求,去北京上一天班,回来后就需要隔离14天,这也就意味着一个月只能上两天班,这对于他来说几乎是不可能的事情,单位会同意吗?即便单位同意了,那会不会扣工资呢?这些问题我现在都不知道如果去解决。


1. 接着他就给学校打报告,最后还找到了校长。
2. 过去十年,国内的VC/PE行业经过了发展的黄金十年,这十年中有哪些代表性的本土投资机构?它们有什么独特之处?经纬中国作为一家在中国私募股权投资市场耕耘了11年多的一线投资机构,经纬中国的成长历程可以说是中国VC/PE行业黄金十年发展的一个缩影。
3. 但是在一个远程的团队中,沟通这件事情需要做得更加的透明。
4. 那么怎样设计分成比例呢?我们曾经做过个小调查,发现超过90%的员工希望分成比例在25%以上。
5.   "Stop, stop, don't be in such a hurry. It was not he who did the murder, it was I."
6. 南明进军湖广。一六四八年九月,清廷命济尔哈朗为征远大将军,领兵征湖广,进攻李锦部。次年正月,进攻湘潭。这时,何腾蛟前往李锦的忠贞营,途中被清军俘掳。何腾蛟严厉拒绝济尔哈朗的劝降,被清军处死,南明失何腾蛟,军中无帅了。李锦在茶陵,被清军战败,经衡州、永郴转移到广西。这年秋季,长沙、衡州、辰州、宝庆、靖州、全州等地都被清军占领。十二同,南明焦琏军反攻全州,被清军击败,清军进占道州。


1. 但单从医生的角度讲,我的观点是:这纵难治本,也有试行价值。
2. 北海公园,雪中的琼岛美景。
3. 据外媒援引OYO首席执行官阿加瓦尔以及现任和前任员工的话说,该公司通过将不可用的酒店房间包括在内,来夸大其网站上的客房数量。
4.   These unpleasing newes were soone spread abroad the next morning,not only of the unfortunate accidents, but also of Rossiglions flight;in regard whereof, the dead bodyes being found, and broughttogether, as well by the people belonging to Guardastagno, as themthat attended on the Lady: they were layed in the Chappell ofRossigliones Castle; where, after so much lamentation for so great amisfortune to befall them, they were honourably enterred in onefaire Tombe, with excellent Verses engraven thereon, expressing boththeir noble degree, and by what unhappy meanes, they chanced to haveburiall in that very place.
5. 所有公司都知道技术重要,问题是怎么建立技术能力。
6. 如果员工刻意隐瞒其举报的事件,则将其提高为A级轻罪。


1.   She asked Minnie for ink and paper, which were upon the mantel inthe dining-room, and when the latter had gone to bed at ten, gotout Drouet's card and wrote him.
2. 勇士的横扫,实际上让那些试图挑战勇士的球队无力追赶勇士的脚步,致使联盟在季后赛收入上损失惨重。于是,总决赛便成了战胜勇士的最后的希望,也是最后的机会。总有些愚蠢的人通过不断告诉你不要低估了勒布朗·詹姆斯来让你重燃希望。我看了所有五场詹姆斯在的总决赛,我现在客观的告诉你:詹姆斯知道自己赢不了。“我能做什么?他们赢了73场比赛,我打败了他们,于是他们引进了凯文杜兰特。”在凯文杜兰特用自己的冷血投射杀死系列赛之前,骑士还设法在三场比赛中夺得了一场胜利。但最后,骑士队虽然避免了横扫的尴尬,但他们结束赛季的方式也只能用虎头蛇尾来形容。
3. 2018年东芝出售旗下半导体业务,世人还感慨日本这位曾经半导体巨人的迟暮。

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      "Well, Mr. Holmes, when I got back to my lodgings and found littleenough in the cupboard, and two or three bills upon the table, I beganto ask myself whether I had not done a very foolish thing. Afterall, if these people had strange fads and expected obedience on themost extraordinary matters, they were at least ready to pay fortheir eccentricity. Very few governesses in England are getting L100 ayear. Besides, what use was my hair to me? Many people are improved bywearing it short, and perhaps I should be among the number. Next day Iwas inclined to think that I had made a mistake, and by the dayafter I was sure of it. I had almost overcome my pride so far as to goback to the agency and inquire whether the place was still open when Ireceived this letter from the gentleman himself. I have it here, and Iwill read it to you:

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