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1. "This part's easy enough--I'll come last, so as to cut the rope," said Terry.
2.   "They have abducted her? Ah!"
3.   32. On the dais: On the raised platform at the end of the hall, where sat at meat or in judgement those high in authority, rank or honour; in our days the worthy craftsmen might have been described as "good platform men".
4. 业内人士认为,在油品需求下降的同时,作为成品油销售的主要渠道,加油站需要在非油领域不断拓展。
5.   Defarge closed the door carefully, and spoke in a subdued voice:
6.   'As sulky as a bear!' said Miss Murdstone.


1. 社会运转在疫情面前停摆,2月3日,沪深复市首日千股跌停,我们这个以高效出名的民族,就这么突然按下了暂停键。
2. 前几天,阿诺特刚刚取代贝佐斯占据《福布斯》世界富豪榜榜首。
3. 也只有坚持如此,粉丝利益得以保障,主播流量得以巩固,主播的名气才能越播越大。
4. 基本上整天都待在这,有时候遇到受伤严重的鸟,就得住下来,晚上得按时给他们打针、调理和喂食。
5.   The words were scarcely out of my mouth when the boat and man sank from beneath me, and left me floating on the surface. All that day and the next night I swam and floated alternately, making as well as I could for the land which was nearest to me. At last my strength began to fail, and I gave myself up for lost, when the wind suddenly rose, and a huge wave cast me on a flat shore. Then, placing myself in safety, I hastily spread my clothes out to dry in the sun, and flung myself on the warm ground to rest.
6. 新京报记者通过对相关人士、街坊的走访调查发现,孙文斌的母亲是一名农转非人员,而其本人则曾经从事过多种职业,但都以失败告终。


1. Will emerging market GDP growth pass 5 per cent
2.   `No thanks! Sir Clifford wondered if you would and she delivered her message, looking unconsciously into his eyes again. And now his eyes looked warm and kind, particularly to a woman, wonderfully warm, and kind, and at ease.
3.   At the same instant a market cart, which some minutes before hadappeared upon the Amiens road, pulled up at the inn, and Planchetand Grimaud came out of it with the saddles on their heads. Thecart was returning empty to Paris, and the two lackeys hadagreed, for their transport, to slake the wagoner's thirst alongthe route.
4. 苏武在匈奴被扣留十九年,出使时尚在壮年,回国时已经须发尽白了。为了表彰他不辱汉节的功绩,昭帝封他为典属国,秩中二千石,赐钱二百万,公田二顷,宅一区。宣帝时,被赐爵关内侯,后复为右曹典属国。苏武留胡节不辱的爱国精神,也受到后人们的敬仰,他的事迹被编为歌、剧、故事,广为流传。
5. 一方面,线下实体商业之间的竞争加剧,竞争中越来越强调体验的重要性和差异化经营,商业地产的运营压力也越来越大。
6. 乔治街128号…………………………………1间房18人


1. 根据SynergyResearchGroup(一家提供IT和云相关市场的调研的公司),截至2017年,AWS占据了所有云服务市场34%的份额,它的竞争对手Microsoft,Google和IBM的份额分别是11%,8%,6%。
2. 产业从属于资本的下一步,是工场手工业的出现。工场手工业使得在十七世纪和十八世纪还多半是自己充当自己的出口商人的工场手工业者(在德国直到1850年几乎普遍都是这样,甚至到今天也还有些地方是这样),有可能比他的墨守成规的竞争者即手工业者按比较便宜的方法从事生产。同一个过程会不断反复:工场手工业资本家占有的剩余价值使得他或者同他分享剩余价值的出口商人,能够比自己的竞争者卖得便宜一些,直到新的生产方式得到普遍推广为止,这时平衡就又重新出现。已有的商业利润率,即使它只是在局部地区实现了平均化,仍然是一张普罗克拉斯提斯的床,以它为标准,超额的产业剩余价值都会被毫不用情地砍掉。
3. 企业要调整收入模式中一次性收入和分期收入的比例。
4. 移动支付赛道或正在成为非洲市场的投资风口,大佬攒局,竞争者众。
5. 国际体育联合会总会应当与国际足联和国际奥委会共同评估阿迪达斯公司资金涉入的程度。
6.   "In the third watch of the night when the stars had shifted theirplaces, Jove raised a great gale of wind that flew a hurricane so thatland and sea were covered with thick clouds, and night sprang forthout of the heavens. When the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn,appeared, we brought the ship to land and drew her into a cave whereinthe sea-nymphs hold their courts and dances, and I called the mentogether in council.


1.   "I, madame?" said Porthos, drawing himself up proudly; "how so?""The signs just now, and the holy water! But that must be aprincess, at least--that lady with her Negro boy and her maid!""My God! Madame, you are deceived," said Porthos; "she is simplya duchess."
2. 在电子雾化技术被广泛应用在电子烟之后,有生产者提出了雾化万物的概念。
3. 自2016年11月11日上线至今,其在腾讯视频上已有1.1亿点击量,称得上一部爆款。

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