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1. 当前全省已有近200家企业开始使用。
2. 既然平衡的形成是由于买者后来作为出售同等价值额的卖者出现,卖者后来作为购买同等价值额的买者出现,所以,货币会流回到在购买时预付货币的、在重新购买之前先已出售的那一方。但是就商品交换本身、就年产品的不同部分的交换而言,实际平衡要
3.   First telleth it, when Scipio was come To Africa, how he met Massinisse, That him for joy in armes hath y-nome.* *taken <2> Then telleth he their speech, and all the bliss That was between them till the day gan miss.* *fail And how his ancestor Africane so dear Gan in his sleep that night to him appear.
4.   "Oh, I remember," said D'Artagnan. "Well, I will go toEngland a second time; I will go and find Buckingham.""You shall not do that, D'Artagnan," said Athos, coolly."And why not? Have I not been there once?"
5. 江帆坚持了十几年的生活轨道,在与一位肝胆科发热病人接触后发生变数。
6. 然而对于大多数企业来说,不知道从哪里下手。


1. 他们的经济思想代表西汉王朝的经济政策从无为到有为的变革。
2. 比如原来通过产品收费,能否改为通过服务收费?比如是否可以考虑提供更多附加值的产品,给消费者提供更多样的选择?或者是否可以通过对某种产品或服务免费,通过后续增值服务来盈利?我相信,办法总比困难多。
3. 药企的大楼大多坐落在市区景观最好的地段,或者说,这些政府报告里的规模以上工业企业,本身就是这座城市的景观。
4. “临时委员会”第一次会议决定,要“目标委员会”尽快投入工作。
5. As I studied these youngsters, vigorous, joyous, eager little creatures, and their voracious appetite for life, it shook my previous ideas so thoroughly that they have never been re-established. The steady level of good health gave them all that natural stimulus we used to call "animal spirits"--an odd contradiction in terms. They found themselves in an immediate environment which was agreeable and interesting, and before them stretched the years of learning and discovery, the fascinating, endless process of education.
6.   "Mother- but you are so hard that I cannot call you by such aname- why do you keep away from my father in this way? Why do younot sit by his side and begin talking to him and asking him questions?No other woman could bear to keep away from her husband when he hadcome back to her after twenty years of absence, and after havinggone through so much; but your heart always was as hard as a stone."


1. (复息算)
2. 在出错的时候使用友好而有用的文案如何在出错或者碰到问题的时候向传达信息,对于整个产品的体验影响是巨大的。
3. 成绩册上的藏头诗评语吴欣然同学很喜欢阅读,赵老师就写了诗书满腹话烟雨,扶摇东风上九天的诗句。
4.   "Gentlemen," he cried, "let me introduce you to the famous blackpearl of the Borgias."
5.   Spirits, I plainly to your face declare: No spiritual control myself will bear,Since my own spirit can exert no sway.
6.   Then Amphinomus drew his sword and made straight at Ulysses to tryand get him away from the door; but Telemachus was too quick forhim, and struck him from behind; the spear caught him between theshoulders and went right through his chest, so that he fell heavily tothe ground and struck the earth with his forehead. Then Telemachussprang away from him, leaving his spear still in the body, for hefeared that if he stayed to draw it out, some one of the Achaeansmight come up and hack at him with his sword, or knock him down, so heset off at a run, and immediately was at his father's side. Then hesaid:


1.   `Witnesses.'
2. 招纳地主武装一二一八年秋,太原失陷后,形势发生了重大的变化。一二一九年正月,金宣宗召集百官商议形势变化后的对策。翰林学士承旨徒单镐等人说:“制兵有三策,一是战,二是和,三是守。现在要战,兵力不足,要和,敌人不准,只有守。河朔州郡残破,不能一律都守。应将愿意迁徙的人迁到河南、陕西。不愿迁的,许自推首领,保聚险阻。”刑部待郎奥屯胡撒合等人说,“河北诸部,推选有才干为众所信服的人,率领民众迁徙到河南或晋安、河中,授以旷土,尽力耕种,并教之作战,以渐图恢复”。宣徽使移刺光祖等说:“太原虽暂失,还可以收复。应当召募当地土人(大地主)有威望的,给以一方之权。能收复一道,就做本道总管。能守州郡,就做本地长官。使他们各保一方,令百姓复业。”宣宗和朝臣都赞助移刺光祖的建策,招纳各地地主武装去收复或保聚河北州郡。
3.   "You know this chief, then?"
4.   'In the meantime,' said Traddles, coming back to his chair; 'and this is the end of my prosing about myself, I get on as well as I can. I don't make much, but I don't spend much. In general, I board with the people downstairs, who are very agreeable people indeed. Both Mr. and Mrs. Micawber have seen a good deal of life, and are excellent company.'
5. intelligence
6.   "Five thousand francs."


1.   "I'm glad you liked it."
2.   `I've already discussed it with her,' said Hilda.
3.   Within fewe dayes after, he was informed by some of his especiallFriends, that this had never happened to him, but onely to testifie,how understanding the Florentines are, in their ancientconstitutions and customes, to embrace, love and honour, honest,discreet worthy Judges and Magistrates; Whereas on the contrary,they as much condemne miserable knaves, fooles, and dolts, who nevermerit to have any better entertainment. Wherefore, it would be bestfor him, to make no more enquiry after the parties; lest a worseinconvenience should happen to him.

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      The prince begged his father to allow him the favour of a private interview with Marzavan, and the king was only too pleased to find his son taking an interest in anyone or anything. As soon as they were left alone Marzavan told the prince the story of the Princess Badoura and her sufferings, adding, "I am convinced that you alone can cure her; but before starting on so long a journey you must be well and strong, so do your best to recover as quickly as may be."

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      10. Yern: Shrill, lively; German, "gern," willingly, cheerfully.