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1. 既然逆推思维如此简单却又如此强大,那么在现实生活如如何运用逆推思维呢?04运用逆推思维正如上面三个例子,对于简单问题,如果顺着问题找不到很好的解决办法,那么就自己和自己说:反过来想,总是反过来想,这样逆着方向思考,很快就会有新的解决办法涌现出来了。
2.   There are many laws regulating variation, some few of which can be dimly seen, and will be hereafter briefly mentioned. I will here only allude to what may be called correlation of growth. Any change in the embryo or larva will almost certainly entail changes in the mature animal. In monstrosities, the correlations between quite distinct parts are very curious; and many instances are given in Isidore Geoffroy St Hilaire's great work on this subject. Breeders believe that long limbs are almost always accompanied by an elongated head. Some instances of correlation are quite whimsical; thus cats with blue eyes are invariably deaf; colour and constitutional peculiarities go together, of which many remarkable cases could be given amongst animals and plants. From the facts collected by Heusinger, it appears that white sheep and pigs are differently affected from coloured individuals by certain vegetable poisons. Hairless dogs have imperfect teeth; long-haired and coarse-haired animals are apt to have, as is asserted, long or many horns; pigeons with feathered feet have skin between their outer toes; pigeons with short beaks have small feet, and those with long beaks large feet. Hence, if man goes on selecting, and thus augmenting, any peculiarity, he will almost certainly unconsciously modify other parts of the structure, owing to the mysterious laws of the correlation of growth.The result of the various, quite unknown, or dimly seen laws of variation is infinitely complex and diversified. It is well worth while carefully to study the several treatises published on some of our old cultivated plants, as on the hyacinth, potato, even the dahlia, &c.; and it is really surprising to note the endless points in structure and constitution in which the varieties and sub varieties differ slightly from each other. The whole organization seems to have become plastic, and tends to depart in some small degree from that of the parental type.
3.   'Pray, my dear, allow me to conclude. Here is Mr. Micawber, with a variety of qualifications, with great talent - I should say, with genius, but that may be the partiality of a wife -'
4. 相比之下,日结工在三和的生活成本十分低廉,住宿床位一晚15元,一碗面5元,一瓶1.5升的水2元,上网1.5元/小时,包夜8元,包天26元。
5.   "No, sire, but I am hourly expecting one; it may havearrived since I left my office."
6. “Since these developments will not fade overnight, there is little hope for a trade revival in 2017,” says Mr Leering.


1. 1500年以前,西欧几乎一直是今日所谓的不发达地区。西欧诸民族地处边缘地带,从那里窥视内地,它们充分意识到自己是孤立的、脆弱的;12世纪英国编年史家威廉(马姆斯伯里的)说的一段话清楚地表明了这一点。他说:
2. 她笔下的人物们觉得自己为了登上“美国梦”的山巅,经历了漫长的排队等候,但是上山的队伍放慢了速度,甚至停顿下来了。而那些移民、黑人和其他“外来者”似乎还在插队。
3. 日本餐饮界对当年的米其林榜单反响平平,甚至有京味、瓢亭这种直接拒绝米其林评定的名店。
4. ['k?nfid?nt]
5. adj. 精美的,微妙的,美
6. 该负责人说,合同结束后,云兴物业撤离了该小区物业服务中心,物业服务由阳春市思创物业服务有限公司接替,该公司是新世界花园的业主张思维等三人于2019年7月26日成立的。


1. 他们可能过去大红大紫,可能现在初出茅庐,但演员面对的现实问题也不比我们少——年龄、性别、业务能力、毕业院校……虽然演员的收入天花板有时候高得吓人,让吃瓜群众感叹是贫穷限制了想象。
2. 波士顿咨询在报告中指出。
3.   Thrust home!
4.   Siebel
5. X
6.   Holmes and I rushed out and round the angle of the house, withToller hurrying behind us. There was the huge famished brute, itsblack muzzle buried in Rucastle's throat, while he writhed andscreamed upon the ground. Running up, I blew its brains out, and itfell over with its keen white teeth still meeting in the great creasesof his neck. With much labour we separated them and carried him,living but horribly mangled, into the house. We laid him upon thedrawing-room sofa, and having dispatched the sobered Toller to bearthe news to his wife, I did what I could to relieve his pain. Wewere all assembled round him when the door opened and a tall, gauntwoman entered the room.


1.   'If you'll have the goodness to keep my secret, Master Copperfield,' he pursued, 'and not, in general, to go against me, I shall take it as a particular favour. You wouldn't wish to make unpleasantness. I know what a friendly heart you've got; but having only known me on my umble footing (on my umblest I should say, for I am very umble still), you might, unbeknown, go against me rather, with my Agnes. I call her mine, you see, Master Copperfield. There's a song that says, "I'd crowns resign, to call her mine!" I hope to do it, one of these days.'
2. 做抗疫志愿者会遇到很多困难,得和各种各样的人打交道,难免会有负面的情绪和影响。
3. 附近民众拍摄的视频显示,大量白色烟雾从飞船顶部喷涌而出,然后落在星际飞船试验台附近的地面上。
4.   Clifford stopped the chair, once through the gate, and the man came quickly, courteously, to close it.
5. 模式简单,易于复制而水货这种无餐具模式出现后,也引起了很多餐饮品牌的兴趣,先后出现了外婆家动手吧、净雅嗨餐厅、九锅一堂的拿货餐厅,无疑让水货餐厅受到不少冲击。
6.   "Oh," exclaimed Haidee, "is it not yet over?"


1. 进入斯坦福大学之后,他偶遇Intuit的创始人、ebay董事斯考特·库克,获得工作机会。
2.   How now Aniolliero? What shall we goe away so soone? I pray youSir tarry a little while, for an honest man is comming hither, whohath my Doublet engaged for eight and thirty shillings; and I amsure that he will restore it me back for five and thirty, if I couldpresently pay him downe the money.
3.   'You will change your mind, I hope, when you grow older: as yet youare but a little untaught girl.'

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      I prepared Peggotty for Steerforth's arrival and it was not long before he came. I am persuaded she knew no difference between his having been a personal benefactor of hers, and a kind friend to me, and that she would have received him with the utmost gratitude and devotion in any case. But his easy, spirited good humour; his genial manner, his handsome looks, his natural gift of adapting himself to whomsoever he pleased, and making direct, when he cared to do it, to the main point of interest in anybody's heart; bound her to him wholly in five minutes. His manner to me, alone, would have won her. But, through all these causes combined, I sincerely believe she had a kind of adoration for him before he left the house that night.

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      Now, seeing that the customs of our land oblige us to marry without ever beholding the person with whom we are to pass our lives, a man has of course no right to complain as long as his wife is not absolutely repulsive, or is not positively deformed. And whatever defects her body may have, pleasant ways and good behaviour will go far to remedy them.

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      I could not of course deny that what the dervish said was perfectly reasonable, but, in spite of that, the thought that the dervish would be as rich as I was unbearable to me. Still there was no use in discussing the matter, and I had to accept his conditions or bewail to the end of my life the loss of immense wealth. So I collected my camels and we set out together under the guidance of the dervish. After walking some time, we reached what looked like a valley, but with such a narrow entrance that my camels could only pass one by one. The little valley, or open space, was shut up by two mountains, whose sides were formed of straight cliffs, which no human being could climb.

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