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1.   12. Remued: removed; French, "remuer," to stir.
2. 2016年,公司获得阿里巴巴的天使轮融资,并和钉钉一起专注于智能办公硬件。
3. 陈灵发的段子式的自述经历在网络上广泛传播。
4. 朱姓男子在凌晨3点多再返回KTV包厢,刘姓男子见状独自走出包厢外,没想到,朱姓男子跟随而出,并在柜台附近掏枪朝刘姓男子胸部开枪,刘姓男子胸部中枪倒地。
5. 之所以不裁员,是因为梁建章当时预测,非典会在几个月之内停止,所以公司一定要顶住,保持原来的规模。
6. 二、缴获的作案工具铁棍1支予以没收(现扣押于广州市公安局天河区分局,由该局执行)。


1.   Who liv'd ever in such delight one day, That him not moved either conscience, Or ire, or talent, or *some kind affray,* *some kind of disturbance* Envy, or pride, or passion, or offence? I say but for this ende this sentence,* *judgment, opinion* That little while in joy or in pleasance Lasted the bliss of Alla with Constance.
2. 其中,京东参与了来酷科技的两轮战略投资。
3.   Clouds gather over me The moon conceals her light The lamp is quench'dVapours are rising - Quiv'ring round my head Flash the red beams - Downfrom the vaulted roof A shuddering horror floats, And seizes me! I feel it,spirit, prayer - compell'd, 'tis thou Art hovering near! Unveil thyself! Ha! Howmy heart is riven now! Each sense, with eager palpitation, Is strain'd to catchsome new sensation! I feel my heart surrender'd unto thee! Thou must! Thoumust! Though life should be the fee!
4.   As he spoke Jove sent two eagles from the top of the mountain, andthey flew on and on with the wind, sailing side by side in their ownlordly flight. When they were right over the middle of the assemblythey wheeled and circled about, beating the air with their wings andglaring death into the eyes of them that were below; then, fightingfiercely and tearing at one another, they flew off towards the rightover the town. The people wondered as they saw them, and asked eachother what an this might be; whereon Halitherses, who was the bestprophet and reader of omens among them, spoke to them plainly and inall honesty, saying:
5. 女孩哭着告诉妈妈原因,当天,有两名小男生按住女儿,另外一名小男生负责往她的眼睛里塞纸片。
6. 工业物联网分析初创公司Seeq获2400万美元新融资。


1. 张献忠再起,罗汝才部也起而响应,树起反明旗帜。李自成在商洛山中得到消息,立即重整旗鼓,收聚部众,冲破陕西总督郑崇俭的包围,到谷城与张献忠合兵。张献忠傲慢不容,李自成只好到马守应营中借得一些人马,在陕、鄂、川边境活动。
2. 截至2019年10月底,全省共开设工资专用账户3500余个。
3. ……任何一家伟大的公司都必须在非常残酷的形势下经受洗礼。
4. 即便冯国璋遵命停战,袁世凯还是不放心,随即用段祺瑞替换了他,让他回到北京。到了前线的段祺瑞,虽然对于指挥部队作战无所用心,经常在前线和后方来回窜,但却能很恰如其分地摸准袁世凯的脉搏,随着政治指挥棒起舞,带领众将,一会儿通电誓死捍卫帝制,一会儿又坚决拥护共和。一面逼得满人交权,一面迫革命党人让位,政治仗打得好,结果大受宠信。自以为立了大功的冯国璋,却只能在北京坐冷板凳,袁世凯什么真心话都不对他讲。只好闭门谢客,在家生闷气。段祺瑞派自己的心腹靳云鹏前来沟通,被他臭骂一通,赶了出去。不仅如此,他还上书袁世凯,要求坚持君主立宪,查封南北的报纸,取缔报馆,严查鼓吹叛乱的“奸人”,甚至不惜跟包庇革命党的外国人翻脸。这样的严重不合时宜且又不靠谱的上书,惹得全国舆论大哗,连在华的外国人都很生气。唯独满人贵族,倒是对这个忠臣大有好感,大有全指望他了的呼声。即便如此,朝廷也只赏给他二等男爵——都死到临头了,对汉人还这么吝啬。当然,冯国璋再死心眼,也是北洋之狗,袁世凯不发话,他什么也做不了。鼎革之际,身兼禁卫军统领的他,所能做的,也就是拼命为全系满人的禁卫军说话,保全了这支队伍。以至于后来这支没有战斗力老爷兵,就赖在了他的身上,成为他毕生的负担,从代理总统的位置上退下来,还得为这帮老爷兵筹饷。
5.   Amonges other thinges, specially These merchants have him told of Dame Constance So great nobless, in earnest so royally, That this Soudan hath caught so great pleasance* *pleasure To have her figure in his remembrance, That all his lust*, and all his busy cure**, *pleasure **care Was for to love her while his life may dure.
6. 医生王雅颅脑损伤,护士谭小飞晚期先兆流产。


1. 多年来印度政治体制的一个最大问题是,少数城市精英垄断了政府决策过程。这是由于印度广大的农村地区长期以来一直受封建制度的统治。民主制度现在也被引入印度农村地区。这个进程的起步也是在印度经济起飞的时代实施的。1992年,印度通过修改宪法和推广乡村自治的方式推进了草根民主,也就是“五人长老会”,即由五位高级种姓的村社长者组成一个乡村自治性质的治理机构。我相信在不远的将来这些政治改革的措施将极大地提高印度政治治理的质量,帮助印度克服腐败。
2. 他不想依附任何势力,想要成为新一代的成吉思汗。
3.   Camaralzaman was much surprised at hearing the king--whom he never suspected of being a woman in disguise--asserting their acquaintance, for he felt sure he had never seen her before. However he received all the praises bestowed on him with becoming modesty, and prostrating himself, said:
4. 监控画面记录下整个作案过程:作案人员物色单人驾驶车辆,后排降下车窗使用弹弓弹射橄榄,使受害人车辆发出声响,让受害人误以为发生了碰擦。
5.   `Imagine if we floated like tobacco smoke,' said Connie.
6. "Oh, Sara!" cried Lottie. "I should like to live here!"


1.   `Haven't you looked at the child!' asked Hilda, gazing at him full stare. He looked rather like a huge, boiled crayfish at the moment; or so she thought.
2. 此次事故未造成人员伤亡,车辆自燃原因有待调查。
3. 想一想再看

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