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1.   Tell me, ye whelps, accursed crew! What stir ye in the broth about?Monkeys
2.   "Sidi-Nouman," observed the Caliph, "I have seen horses broken all my life long, and have even broken them myself, but I have never seen any horse broken in such a barbarous manner as by you yesterday. Every one who looked on was indignant, and blamed you loudly. As for myself, I was so angry that I was very nearly disclosing who I was, and putting a stop to it at once. Still, you have not the air of a cruel man, and I would gladly believe that you did not act in this way without some reason. As I am told that it was not the first time, and indeed that every day you are to be seen flogging and spurring your horse, I wish to come to the bottom of the matter. But tell me the whole truth, and conceal nothing."
3. 刘峻诚此前在接受采访时表示,这也是他们的核心竞争力。
4.   65. As great a craft is to keep weal as win: it needs as much skill to keep prosperity as to attain it.
5. 这个模式在线下非常成熟,但在线上目前希望能够做一些探索。
6. 做软件的还会细分为不同平台,做销售的更是和自己之前积累的行业资源密切相关。


1. 但具体到防护罩是什么的时候,工作人员支支吾吾并没有给出合理的解释。
2.   1908
3.   In order to carry out their wicked scheme the two sisters met constantly to talk over their ideas, though all the while they pretended to be as friendly as ever towards the Sultana, who, on her part, invariably treated them with kindness. For a long time no plan occurred to the two plotters that seemed in the least likely to meet with success, but at length the expected birth of an heir gave them the chance for which they had been hoping.
4.   'Certainly.'
5.   Sometime (Honourable Ladies) there lived in the City of Imola, a manof most lewd and wicked life; named, Bertho de la messa, whoseshamelesse deedes were so well knowne to all the Citizens, and wonsuch respect among them; as all his lies could not compasse anybeleefe, no, not when he delivered a matter of sound truth. Wherefore,perceiving that his lewdnesse allowed him no longer dwelling there;like a desperate adventurer, he transported himselfe thence to Venice,the receptacle of all foule sinne and abhomination, intending there toexercise his wonted bad behaviour, and live as wickedly as ever he haddone before. It came to passe, that some remorse of conscience tookehold of him, for the former passages of his dissolute life, and hepretended to be surprized with very great devotion, becomming muchmore Catholike then any other man, taking on him the profession of aFranciscane coldelier, and calling himselfe, Fryar Albert of Imola.
6. 因此,众海投资创始合伙人鲁众认为,消费人群的变化是所有人必须要关注的。


1. 当第一次世界大战于1914年开始时,第二国际为它的修正主义付出了代价:其大多数成员证明他们首先是民族主义者,其次才是社会主义者。他们响应了各自国家政府的主张,结果是数百万工人战死在壕沟两侧。因而,第二国际被扯碎,虽然战后它又复兴,但再也没有获得其从前的力量和声望。
2. 疫情期间,我们最重要的工作就是消毒,但也会受到有没有消毒、有没有做好消毒的质疑。
3. 别的终端厂商看重RF板对板,普通的板对板都有固定供货商。
4. 深圳市公安局宝安分局石岩派出所教导员杨本云:面对这种网络交友,大家一定要提高警惕,特别是初次见面就想法设法要求购物或者进行消费的,一定要提高警惕。
5. 好物被分为了精选好物及社区好物,后者可浏览全部好物内容,前者为小编精选的好物内容,字数较多的优质分享或者是讨论较多的话题分享都有可能被选入精选好物。
6.   "I should not deserve to live," I said to the genius, "if I were such a coward as to slay a lady who is not only unknown to me, but who is at this moment half dead herself. Do with me as you will-- I am in your power--but I refuse to obey your cruel command."


1. 巴里摩尔的病情基于米歇尔·菲利普斯的真实生活,她的头部在在两次机动车事故中受伤,记忆只能维持24小时。桑德勒用录像带,菲利普斯则是用便利贴和手机(对她而言还真时髦)撑了23年。
2.   Mr. Stryver had left them in the passages, to shoulder his way back to the robing-room. Another person, who had not joined the group, or interchanged a word with any one of them, but who had been leaning against the wall where its shadow was darkest, had silently strolled out after the rest, and had looked on until the coach drove away. He now stepped up to where Mr. Lorry and Mr. Darnay stood upon the pavement.
3. 原标题:移动年度账单来了,你通话最多的人是谁?账单可能会迟到,但永远不会缺席。
4. Being at last considered sufficiently tamed and trained to be trusted with scissors, we barbered ourselves as best we could. A close-trimmed beard is certainly more comfortable than a full one. Razors, naturally, they could not supply.
5.   I am not ignorant, that whatsoever I have already done unto thee,cannot properly be termed revenge, but rather chastisement; becauserevenge ought alwayes to exceede the offence, which (as yet) I amfarre enough from. For, if I did intend to revenge my wrongs, andremembred thy monstrous cruelty to me: thy life, if I tooke it fromthee, and an hundred more such as thy selfe, were farreinsufficient, because in killing thee, I should kill but a vileinhumane beast, yea, one that deserved not the name of a Woman. And,to speake truely, Art thou any more, or better (setting aside thyborrowed haire, and painted beauty, which in few yeares will leavethee wrinkled and deformed) then the basest beggarly Chamber-stuffethat can bee? Yet thou soughtest the death of a Gentleman and Scholleras (in scorne) not long since, thou didst terme me: whose life mayhereafter be more beneficiall unto the world, then millions of such asthou art, to live in the like multiplicity of ages. Therefore, if thisanguish be sensible to thee, learne what it is to mocke men ofapprehension, and (amongst them especially) such as are Schollers:to prevent thy falling hereafter into the like extremity, if it be thygood lucke to escape out of this.
6. 考试结束后,巡考人员将该考生带到办公室询问情况,该考生小田很快承认其代替吕某参加考试的事实,巡考人员随即报警。


1. 同时,作为产品的负责人,一个好的产品经理需要参与到整个Endtoend(端到端)的过程,确保需求从消费者当中来,价值到消费者那里去。
2. 金宗望还军途中,去占领中山、河间,两镇固守抗金,金兵久攻不下。三月间,种师中领兵逼近,宗望只好北还。宗翰领兵回西京大同府,留别部围攻太原。姚古部顺利收复隆德府。五月,种师中部进抵平定军,乘胜收复寿阳、榆次等县,辎重、犒赏之物都留真定。许翰催促师中进兵。师中至寿阳石坑,遇金兵,五战三胜,回师榆次。金军以重兵围攻,师中率部下窿战,身被四创,力战而死。金兵乘胜攻姚古部,姚古兵败,退守隆德。钦宗贬姚古官,安置广州。
3. 此外,当地已聘请第三方专业公司对河底淤积底泥取样检测,并已指导帮助养殖户建设粪污处理设施。

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      Youatt gives an excellent illustration of the effects of a course of selection, which may be considered as unconsciously followed, in so far that the breeders could never have expected or even have wished to have produced the result which ensued namely, the production of two distinct strains. The two flocks of Leicester sheep kept by Mr Buckley and Mr Burgess, as Mr Youatt remarks, 'have been purely bred from the original stock of Mr Bakewell for upwards of fifty years. There is not a suspicion existing in the mind of any one at all acquainted with the subject that the owner of either of them has deviated in any one instance from the pure blood of Mr Bakewell's flock, and yet the difference between the sheep possessed by these two gentlemen is so great that they have the appearance of being quite different varieties.'