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1.   There, You have them both!
2. 事故区域水位从今日13时的138.71m降至16时的134.08m。
3. 在一份电邮声明中,国际足联表示,在小组赛中,三等票总计售出143364张,相当于每场比赛就卖出了3000张。
4.   "Was that clearly made out?"
5. 线下连锁服务一定要贴近社区,贴近终端用户群,提供更好产品和更触达用户的服务。
6.   At the sight of these newcomers our client had sprung from hisseat and stood very erect, with his eyes cast down and his hand thrustinto the breast of his frock-coat, a picture of offended dignity.The lady had taken a quick step forward, but had held out her handto him, but he still refused to raise his eyes. It was as well for hisresolution, perhaps, for her pleading face was one which it was hardto resist.


1. 这种网络共享的方式,似乎免除了其他媒体的核查责任。
2. 它指的是通过运营者前期注册大量的自媒体账号,然后通过抄袭、洗稿、伪原创等各种低成本生产内容的方式,再通过各大平台渠道分发出去,获得大量流量,从而赚取广告分成。
3. 在南京雨花台区,记者遇到好几位这样的校长。
4. 位于加里曼丹岛上的渤泥,跟宋朝人民交往甚多。九七六年,渤泥国王向打派遣使臣带着表文(国书)入宋,赠送龙脑、玳瑁、檀香、象牙等礼品,宋太宗将使臣安置在礼宾院,以贵宾相待。宋朝商舶抵达渤泥三天,国王就带领眷属、大臣前往参观,商船跳板铺上织锦迎接,设宴款待,最后分送礼物。船上货物都由国王和大臣定价,然后击鼓,召集附近百姓前来贸易。在文莱发现的一块汉文石碑,上刻“有宋泉州判院蒲公之墓,景定甲子男应(?)甲立。”这是东南亚现存最早的一块汉文碑刻。据考订,是一二六四年为宋朝知州蒲某建造的墓碑,蒲某可能是泉州人。这说明许多泉州人,包括宋朝的官员,都来渤泥侨居。
5.   When I awoke it was day: an unusual movement roused me; I lookedup; I was in somebody's arms; the nurse held me; she was carrying methrough the passage back to the dormitory. I was not reprimanded forleaving my bed; people had something else to think about; noexplanation was afforded then to my many questions; but a day or twoafterwards I learned that Miss Temple, on returning to her own room atdawn, had found me laid in the little crib; my face against HelenBurns's shoulder, my arms round her neck. I was asleep, and Helen was-dead.
6.   The tumult of cessation from lessons was already breaking forth,but it sank at her voice. She went on-


1. 2.The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was Almost Bankrupt
2.   "I am not condemning you for this, Monsieur Baptistin; butlet your profits end here. It would be long indeed ere youwould find so lucrative a post as that you have how the goodfortune to fill. I neither ill-use nor ill-treat my servantsby word or action. An error I readily forgive, but wilfulnegligence or forgetfulness, never. My commands areordinarily short, clear, and precise; and I would rather beobliged to repeat my words twice, or even three times, thanthey should be misunderstood. I am rich enough to knowwhatever I desire to know, and I can promise you I am notwanting in curiosity. If, then, I should learn that you hadtaken upon yourself to speak of me to any one favorably orunfavorably, to comment on my actions, or watch my conduct,that very instant you would quit my service. You may nowretire. I never caution my servants a second time --remember that." Baptistin bowed, and was proceeding towardsthe door. "I forgot to mention to you," said the count,"that I lay yearly aside a certain sum for each servant inmy establishment; those whom I am compelled to dismiss lose(as a matter of course) all participation in this money,while their portion goes to the fund accumulating for thosedomestics who remain with me, and among whom it will bedivided at my death. You have been in my service a year,your fund has already begun to accumulate -- let it continueto do so."
3.   "Good!" said Caderousse.
4. 出租车司机李平远是志愿者之一,在出发前,他拉着记者说:能不能帮我拍个照?也算上了‘前线,想留个纪念。
5. 而如今,王文学对玉龙股份、ST宏盛的运作已告结束,仅留下了黑牛食品及华夏幸福。
6.   'Oh, really, Master Copperfield, - I mean Mister Copperfield,' said Uriah, 'to see you waiting upon me is what I never could have expected! But, one way and another, so many things happen to me which I never could have expected, I am sure, in my umble station, that it seems to rain blessings on my ed. You have heard something, I des-say, of a change in my expectations, Master Copperfield, - I should say, Mister Copperfield?'


1. 许多大臣不服,进谏李显,但李显因幽禁中曾说过不干涉韦皇后的话,加上怯于韦皇后的厉害,对大臣劝谏不予理睬。而这时,韦皇后及其爱女安乐公主早对皇位觊觎已久,而韦皇后也早有心登皇位一效婆婆武则天,于是更加专权放肆,经常“指鹿为马”,恫吓群臣。后又与武则天的侄儿武三思勾搭成奸,形成武、韦二家外戚合作的反皇集团。接着,她把宰相张柬之等良臣忠门逐出朝廷,韦皇后实际上成为独揽皇权的天子,于是更加急欲把李显赶下皇位。公元710年(景龙四年)春夏之交,由于许州(今河南许昌)司兵参军燕钦融上书揭露韦皇后干预朝政,安乐公主专横跋扈,而被韦皇后母女害死,使中宗与韦皇后矛盾激化,于是,韦皇后与女儿安乐公主密谋,决计将毒药掺入中宗最爱吃的饼中,由韦皇后的情夫马秦客、杨均送入宫中。中宗吃后,一命呜呼!
2.   "Don't say anything, will you?" he asked, giving the girl's arm agentle squeeze.
3. 所以,还处在这个阶段的公司形势是严峻的,你需要在最短的时间内开发出一个最小可行性产品,立刻丢到市场里去验证。
4. 这个故事的背景是,内森·底特律(NathanDetroit)要跟斯凯·马斯特森打赌,看看明迪糕饼店的苹果酥和奶酪蛋糕哪一样卖得比较好。正好,内森刚刚发现了答案(苹果酥!)。他当然愿意打赌,只要斯凯把赌注押在奶酪蛋糕上。
5. 2.节流:全面排查堵住滴漏节流就是成本的降低与费用的减少,我有三个思路要分享。
6. Outside was another large room, furnished with a great table at one end, long benches or couches against the wall, some smaller tables and chairs. All these were solid, strong, simple in structure, and comfortable in use--also, incidentally, beautiful.


1. 小贵去世后,尸体一直停放在当地殡仪馆,至今已近4年。
2.   `We have so asserted our station, both in the old time and in the modern time also,' said the nephew, gloomily, `that I believe our name to be more detested than any name in France.'
3.   Seedlings from the same fruit, and the young of the same litter, sometimes differ considerably from each other, though both the young and the parents, as Muller has remarked, have apparently been exposed to exactly the same conditions of life; and this shows how unimportant the direct effects of the conditions of life are in comparison with the laws of reproduction, and of growth, and of inheritance; for had the action of the conditions been direct, if any of the young had varied, all would probably have varied in the same manner. To judge how much, in the case of any variation, we should attribute to the direct action of heat, moisture, light, food, &c., is most difficult: my impression is, that with animals such agencies have produced very little direct effect, though apparently more in the case of plants. Under this point of view, Mr Buckman's recent experiments on plants seem extremely valuable. When all or nearly all the individuals exposed to certain conditions are affected in the same way, the change at first appears to be directly due to such conditions; but in some cases it can be shown that quite opposite conditions produce similar changes of structure. Nevertheless some slight amount of change may, I think, be attributed to the direct action of the conditions of life as, in some cases, increased size from amount of food, colour from particular kinds of food and from light, and perhaps the thickness of fur from climate.Habit also has a deciding influence, as in the period of flowering with plants when transported from one climate to another. In animals it has a more marked effect; for instance, I find in the domestic duck that the bones of the wing weigh less and the bones of the leg more, in proportion to the whole skeleton, than do the same bones in the wild-duck; and I presume that this change may be safely attributed to the domestic duck flying much less, and walking more, than its wild parent. The great and inherited development of the udders in cows and goats in countries where they are habitually milked, in comparison with the state of these organs in other countries, is another instance of the effect of use. Not a single domestic animal can be named which has not in some country drooping ears; and the view suggested by some authors, that the drooping is due to the disuse of the muscles of the ear, from the animals not being much alarmed by danger, seems probable.

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      One in the company constantly avouched, that of all the Women bythem so generally observed, there was not any comparable to the Wifeof Egano de Galluzzi, dwelling in Bologna, and her name Madam Beatrix,reputed to be the onely faire woman of the world. Many of the restmaintained as much, having bin at Bologna, and likewise seene her.Lodovico hearing the woman to be so highly commended, and never (asyet) feeling any thought of amorous inclination; became sodainelytoucht with an earnest desire of seeing her, and his minde couldentertaine no other matter, but onely of travailing thither to seeher, yea, and to continue there, if occasion so served. The reason forhis journey urged to his Father, was to visit Jerusalem, and theholy Sepulcher, which with much difficulty, at length he obtainedhis leave.

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      Impossible to reply to this in the affirmative: my little worldheld a contrary opinion: I was silent. Mrs. Reed answered for me by anexpressive shake of the head, adding soon, 'Perhaps the less said onthat subject the better, Mr. Brocklehurst.'

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      But we may go further than this. The original species of our genus were supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature; species (A) being more nearly related to B, C, and D, than to the other species; and species (I) more to G, H, K, L, than to the others. These two species (A) and (I), were also supposed to be very common and widely diffused species, so that they must originally have had some advantage over most of the other species of the genus. Their modified descendants, fourteen in number at the fourteen-thousandth generation, will probably have inherited some of the same advantages: they have also been modified and improved in a diversified manner at each stage of descent, so as to have become adapted to many related places in the natural economy of their country. It seems, therefore, to me extremely probable that they will have taken the places of, and thus exterminated, not only their parents (A) and (I), but likewise some of the original species which were most nearly related to their parents. Hence very few of the original species will have transmitted offspring to the fourteen-thousandth generation. We may suppose that only one (F), of the two species which were least closely related to the other nine original species, has transmitted descendants to this late stage of descent.The new species in our diagram descended from the original eleven species, will now be fifteen in number. Owing to the divergent tendency of natural selection, the extreme amount of difference in character between species a14 and z14 will be much greater than that between the most different of the original eleven species. The new species, moreover, will be allied to each other in a widely different manner. Of the eight descendants from (A) the three marked a14, q14, p14, will be nearly related from having recently branched off from a14; b14 and f14, from having diverged at an earlier period from a5, will be in some degree distinct from the three first-named species; and lastly, o14, e14, and m14, will be nearly related one to the other, but from having diverged at the first commencement of the process of modification, will be widely different from the other five species, and may constitute a sub-genus or even a distinct genus. The six descendants from (I) will form two sub-genera or even genera. But as the original species (I) differed largely from (A), standing nearly at the extreme points of the original genus, the six descendants from (I) will, owing to inheritance, differ considerably from the eight descendants from (A); the two groups, moreover, are supposed to have gone on diverging in different directions. The intermediate species, also (and this is a very important consideration), which connected the original species (A) and (I), have all become, excepting (F), extinct, and have left no descendants. Hence the six new species descended from (I), and the eight descended from (A), will have to be ranked as very distinct genera, or even as distinct sub-families.Thus it is, as I believe, that two or more genera are produced by descent, with modification, from two or more species of the same genus. And the two or more parent-species are supposed to have descended from some one species of an earlier genus. In our diagram, this is indicated by the broken lines, beneath the capital letters, converging in sub-branches downwards towards a single point; this point representing a single species, the supposed single parent of our several new sub-genera and genera.

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    "Good thing to have a botanist on hand," I agreed. "Sure there are no medicinal ones? Or any for pure ornament?"