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1.   Heereupon the Pilgrime stood up, and sodainly putting off hispoore linnen Frock, and the Hood from his head, using his Florentinetongue, he said; Tell me Madam, do you not know me? When she hadadvisedly beheld him, and knew him indeed to be Theobaldo, she wasstricken into a wonderfull astonishment, being as fearfull of him,as she was of the dead body which she saw lying in the street. And Idare assure you, that she durst not go neere him, to respect him asTheobaldo lately come from Cyprus, but (in terror) fled away from him;as if Theobaldo had bin newly risen out of his grave, and came thitherpurposely to affright her; wherefore he said. Be not affraid Madam,I am your Theobaldo, in health, alive, and never as yet died,neither have I received any wounds to kill mee, as you and my brethrenhad formerly imagined.
2. 刘大使要求英方认清形势,停止任何纵容极端暴力犯罪活动的言行,停止以任何方式干涉香港事务和中国内政。
3. 动脉血氧分压(PaO2)/吸氧浓度(FiO2)≤300mmHg(1mmHg=0.133kPa)。
4.   `I want this wood perfect...untouched. I want nobody to trespass in it,' said Clifford.
5. 其中,2016年9月8日至2019年7月4日期间生产的部分进口2017-2020款Panamera(帕那美拉)系列汽车,共计29218辆
6. 但有时候我也很焦虑,门诊那么忙,每天回去都很晚了,很累,晚上半夜还要交报表。


1. 刘永告诉北青报记者,舅舅赶回重庆涪陵后,当天下午就去殡仪馆看了遇难的家属。
2. 这两个月,她增肥18斤,只为捐献造血干细胞救治一位远在他乡的陌生少年。
3.   For I have nothing else to say:
4. 本轮融资由云谷基金和现有股东高思教育、开物资本共同投资数千万元,用于进一步落实其产品战略,提升服务水平。
5. 原标题:长沙联通用户改用低档套餐多次受阻,工信部督促纠正整改工业和信息化部信息中心微博@工信微报1月9日消息,近日,有舆论报道反映,湖南长沙联通用户在将原包月套餐改为低档套餐多次受阻的问题
6. 主要因为晚上是补货、收货时间,以及做一些白天忙的时候不方便做的事情,顺带着就开店做一些生意了,还竖立了24小时的品牌形象。


1. 根据我国《消防法》第二十八条规定:任何单位、个人不得占用、堵塞、封闭疏散通道、安全出口、消防车通道。
2. 伦斯特罗姆所表示,一项创新成果从实验室,到试用,再到商业化,大概需要5年时间。
3. 宝马(中国)汽车贸易有限公司将以挂号信等形式通知相关用户。
4. 沿途车站在开车前10分钟停止售票,高铁开车前5分钟停止检票。
5.   Now Badoura had thought much of the difficulties of her first interview with King Armanos' daughter, and she felt the only thing to do was at once to take her into her confidence.
6.   Lordings, right thus, as ye have understand, *Bare I stiffly mine old husbands on hand,* *made them believe* That thus they saiden in their drunkenness; And all was false, but that I took witness On Jenkin, and upon my niece also. O Lord! the pain I did them, and the woe, 'Full guilteless, by Godde's sweete pine;* *pain For as a horse I coulde bite and whine; I coulde plain,* an'** I was in the guilt, *complain **even though Or elles oftentime I had been spilt* *ruined Whoso first cometh to the nilll, first grint;* *is ground I plained first, so was our war y-stint.* *stopped They were full glad to excuse them full blive* *quickly Of things that they never *aguilt their live.* *were guilty in their lives* Of wenches would I *beare them on hand,* *falsely accuse them* When that for sickness scarcely might they stand, Yet tickled I his hearte for that he Ween'd* that I had of him so great cherte:** *though **affection<16> I swore that all my walking out by night Was for to espy wenches that he dight:* *adorned Under that colour had I many a mirth. For all such wit is given us at birth; Deceit, weeping, and spinning, God doth give To women kindly, while that they may live. *naturally And thus of one thing I may vaunte me, At th' end I had the better in each degree, By sleight, or force, or by some manner thing, As by continual murmur or grudging,* *complaining Namely* a-bed, there hadde they mischance, *especially There would I chide, and do them no pleasance: I would no longer in the bed abide, If that I felt his arm over my side, Till he had made his ransom unto me, Then would I suffer him do his nicety.* *folly <17> And therefore every man this tale I tell, Win whoso may, for all is for to sell; With empty hand men may no hawkes lure; For winning would I all his will endure, And make me a feigned appetite, And yet in bacon* had I never delight: *i.e. of Dunmow <9> That made me that I ever would them chide. For, though the Pope had sitten them beside, I would not spare them at their owen board, For, by my troth, I quit* them word for word *repaid As help me very God omnipotent, Though I right now should make my testament I owe them not a word, that is not quit* *repaid I brought it so aboute by my wit, That they must give it up, as for the best Or elles had we never been in rest. For, though he looked as a wood* lion, *furious Yet should he fail of his conclusion. Then would I say, "Now, goode lefe* tak keep** *dear **heed How meekly looketh Wilken oure sheep! Come near, my spouse, and let me ba* thy cheek *kiss <18> Ye shoulde be all patient and meek, And have a *sweet y-spiced* conscience, *tender, nice* Since ye so preach of Jobe's patience. Suffer alway, since ye so well can preach, And but* ye do, certain we shall you teach* *unless That it is fair to have a wife in peace. One of us two must bowe* doubteless: *give way And since a man is more reasonable Than woman is, ye must be suff'rable. What aileth you to grudge* thus and groan? *complain Is it for ye would have my [love] <14> alone? Why, take it all: lo, have it every deal,* *whit Peter! <19> shrew* you but ye love it well *curse For if I woulde sell my *belle chose*, *beautiful thing* I coulde walk as fresh as is a rose, But I will keep it for your owen tooth. Ye be to blame, by God, I say you sooth." Such manner wordes hadde we on hand.


1.   "So much the better; yet you have something to tell me?"replied the count with increased anxiety.
2. 在赛场外,记者被要求从这里离开。
3. 为什么?近日在《文化纵横》杂志和南都公益基金会合作举办的我们为什么一直在谈‘减负——对素质教育政策和实践的反思学术沙龙上,北京大学教育学院副教授林小英分析了减负政策之所以没有达到预期效果的原因。
4.   Manager. Dramatic Poet. Merryman.
5. 全面小康路上一个都不能少,贫困户精准识别不容打折扣。
6. 这种人鲜有,碰见了赶快投,他第一次失败了,第二次还能成功。


1. 如果我们能够兑现我们正在努力的目标,到2030年这个未来应该会更加接近于成为现实。
2. 另一边厢的制造业,自行车厂商和配件厂商接单接得手都软。
3. 这种神秘的岩体在学术上被称为大型横波低速带,因为地震波穿越此类岩体时总会减速,但多数科学家只是简单称它们为地球的瘤子。

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      Frederigo, who was no meane man in his Mistresses favor, andtherefore these private meetings the more welcome to him; received asummons or assignation from her, to be there on such a night, when hirhusband had no intent of comming thither. There they supped merrilytogether, and (no doubt) did other things, nothing appertaining to ourpurpose, she both acquainting, and well instructing him, in a dozen(at the least) of her Husbands devout prayers. Nor did shee make anyaccount, or Frederigo either, that this should be the last time oftheir meeting, because (indeede) it was not the first: and therforethey set downe an order and conclusion together (because theChambermaide must be no longer the messenger) in such manner as youshall heare.

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