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1.   "Sometimes," said he, "in my voyages, when I was a man andcommanded other men, I have seen the heavens overcast, thesea rage and foam, the storm arise, and, like a monstrousbird, beating the two horizons with its wings. Then I feltthat my vessel was a vain refuge, that trembled and shookbefore the tempest. Soon the fury of the waves and the sightof the sharp rocks announced the approach of death, anddeath then terrified me, and I used all my skill andintelligence as a man and a sailor to struggle against thewrath of God. But I did so because I was happy, because Ihad not courted death, because to be cast upon a bed ofrocks and seaweed seemed terrible, because I was unwillingthat I, a creature made for the service of God, should servefor food to the gulls and ravens. But now it is different; Ihave lost all that bound me to life, death smiles andinvites me to repose; I die after my own manner, I dieexhausted and broken-spirited, as I fall asleep when I havepaced three thousand times round my cell."
2. 当天雷某生日宴,程兆东起初并不想去,因为邓佳前男友代乾也会出现。
3. 法国不能对这一重大挑战作出适当的反应,因为这个国家当时正准备大选,而且是由一个临时的内阁在执政。总理萨罗和外交部长弗朗丹想通过调动军队和发出最后通碟来制止希特勒。如果实施这一计划,原本是能奏效的,因为现在已知道,当时希特勒是在不听几乎所有将军劝告的情况下决定对莱茵兰采取行动的。德国军队还没有准备好进行重大的战争,除两人外,德国军事首领都反对重新占领莱茵兰,他们自然认为这会导致与法国的冲突。因此,希特勒命令,如果法国调兵,并将其军队派过边界的话,他的各个师应一枪不放地主动撤退。希特勒同墨索里尼一样是在虚张声势吓唬人,两人都在玩策略。
4. 职工按照企业要求在家上班的,应作为休息日加班,由企业给予补休或按规定支付加班工资。
5. 武汉市中心医院住院部目前正常开展医疗工作摄影/本报记者张家振一位工作人员告诉记者,最初是在门诊一楼的急诊外科病房,已经转到二楼了。
6.   'I don't know that it will be a girl, yet, ma'am,' said my mother innocently.


1. 做到用户量短期陡增不难,难的是下一步——留存
2. 针对医疗健康赛道的企业,新科技创业系列推出了复盘2019,展望2020的活动。
3. 但我们需要关注的是,这个涉嫌违法建设的别墅,是在改建扩建存在了五六年,而且还获得了美国建筑大师奖后,通过举报的方式才由主管部门获得重要线索,对违法建设行为予以立案的。
4.   "I was hurried through the hall and into the vehicle, againobtaining that momentary glimpse of trees and a garden. Mr. Latimerfollowed closely at my heels and took his place opposite to me withouta word. In silence we again drove for an interminable distance withthe windows raised, until at last, just after midnight, the carriagepulled up.
5. “许多公司在过去几年中大量裁员,不少团队超负荷运转,为了减轻它们的负担,公司纷纷开始招兵买马,”罗伯特哈夫公司董事会主席兼首席执行官麦克斯?麦斯默尔(Max Messmer)指出。“有些机构是出于眼下的需要才增加人手,但很多企业也是在为2011年有望出现的经济增长做好人才储备。”
6. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情转发收藏。


1.   "My report, as I expected, is a negative one," said Holmes. "Ihave seen Forbes, and I have seen your uncle, and I have set one ortwo trains of inquiry upon foot which may lead to something.""You have not lost heart, then?"
2. 调兵、造船——一一五九年二月,为准备侵宋,下令征调各路猛安谋克军,凡年二十以上、五十以下,一律纳入军籍,听候调遣。猛安谋克军以女真兵为主,也包括了契丹和奚族,共约正军十二万,合副军(阿里喜)共二十四万。一一六○年七月,又签发诸路汉军(包括渤海),除中都、南京两路外,其余十五路,每路签汉军一万。海陵王又从猛安谋克军中挑选强健能射者五千人,亲自阅试,号为“硬军”。海陵王说:“签兵数十万,只是强大声势。取江南,有这五千人足矣。”
3. 465
4.   On going down in the morning, I found my aunt musing so profoundly over the breakfast table, with her elbow on the tray, that the contents of the urn had overflowed the teapot and were laying the whole table-cloth under water, when my entrance put her meditations to flight. I felt sure that I had been the subject of her reflections, and was more than ever anxious to know her intentions towards me. Yet I dared not express my anxiety, lest it should give her offence.
5. 记者今日获悉,西城法院以重婚罪判处张某拘役六个月。
6.   "Had you commissioned me?" said Monte Cristo, feigninguneasiness.


1.   Chapter 6
2. 据了解,今日11时许,广元市朝天区一处转盘路上,朝天区分局交通警察管理大队在进行交通执法检查时,遭遇交通违法人员吴某坤持刀暴力袭警阻碍执法,致使1名民警、2名辅警受伤。
3. 美国有540位富豪入选,是世界上最多的国家。中国和德国则分别有251人和120人入选,分列二、三位。
4.   I see, I heare, and feele a kinde of blisse,
5. 当前,销帮帮的产品已覆盖互联网、制造、房地产、教育等20多个行业。
6. 今日下午,新京报记者从被劫持的肖女士处了解到,上午肖女士在酒店前台值班,其间因接送孩子暂时离开,一名男子趁机拿走前台柜子里的酒店总房卡。


1. 在运动队全封闭管理期间,各队对运动员的一些个人生活需求将采用集中统计、集中采购的方式,避免分散使用外卖、快递带来的防疫风险。
2.   When the day arrived, my very carpet-bag was an object of veneration to the stipendiary clerks, to whom the house at Norwood was a sacred mystery. One of them informed me that he had heard that Mr. Spenlow ate entirely off plate and china; and another hinted at champagne being constantly on draught, after the usual custom of table-beer. The old clerk with the wig, whose name was Mr. Tiffey, had been down on business several times in the course of his career, and had on each occasion penetrated to the breakfast-parlour. He described it as an apartment of the most sumptuous nature, and said that he had drunk brown East India sherry there, of a quality so precious as to make a man wink. We had an adjourned cause in the Consistory that day - about excommunicating a baker who had been objecting in a vestry to a paving-rate - and as the evidence was just twice the length of Robinson Crusoe, according to a calculation I made, it was rather late in the day before we finished. However, we got him excommunicated for six weeks, and sentenced in no end of costs; and then the baker's proctor, and the judge, and the advocates on both sides (who were all nearly related), went out of town together, and Mr. Spenlow and I drove away in the phaeton.
3. Sara knew where it was. Becky had told her about it. She turned, and mounted up two flights of stairs. The last one was narrow, and covered with shabby strips of old carpet. She felt as if she were walking away and leaving far behind her the world in which that other child, who no longer seemed herself, had lived. This child, in her short, tight old frock, climbing the stairs to the attic, was quite a different creature.

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