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1. 我还看到有医生进来住院的,住了十多天了,现在还没好。
2.   Cecilie may eke be said in this mannere, Wanting of blindness, for her greate light Of sapience, and for her thewes* clear. *qualities Or elles, lo, this maiden's name bright Of heaven and Leos <7> comes, for which by right Men might her well the heaven of people call, Example of good and wise workes all;
3.   Imprudent emperor of Rome, alas! Was there no philosopher in all thy town? Is no time bet* than other in such case? *better Of voyage is there none election, Namely* to folk of high condition, *especially Not *when a root is of a birth y-know?* *when the nativity is known* Alas! we be too lewed*, or too slow. *ignorant
4. 汪医生介绍,某些类型的血卟啉病通过异基因造血干细胞骨髓移植可能得到缓解,目前国外成功过一例,但国内还没有。
5.   10. Bratt: coarse cloak; Anglo-Saxon, "bratt." The word is still used in Lincolnshire, and some parts of the north, to signify a coarse kind of apron.
6. 那天我来敲门,就是他本人开的门,当时他家里就他一个人,没见到他老伴。


1. 原标题:乌克兰一架波音737客机在伊朗坠毁,我使馆表示正核实新京报讯(记者王洪春见习记者吴淋姝)据外媒报道,伊朗当地时间1月8日,乌克兰一架搭载百余人的波音737客机从伊朗德黑兰霍梅尼国际机场起飞后坠毁。
2. We were rather doubtful on this point, and inclined to hold that there was more chance of improvement in greater physical variation.
3. ‘他的灵魂在‘他累倒在办公室地板上时离开身体。
4. 第一部分:核物理界又一颗巨星冉冉升起震惊世界的“手骨骼”现象
5. 16日下午,于欢的姑姑于秀荣告诉新京报记者,苏银霞于本月14日上午刑满释放,服刑3年整。
6. 与法子英同案的劳荣枝在从合肥逃亡20年后于11月28日在厦门落网,让这起当年轰动全国的抢劫杀害7人的大案再次走入公众视野。


1. 无论是早期李子柒的单打独斗还是后期摄制团队的参与,都在使李子柒作为一个形象而沾染了程度不同的创作性,网友喜欢看到这个形象与故事,是因为大家在李子柒那里找到了自己愿意看到的外在与内涵。
2.   This made them all very angry, for they feared he might string thebow; Antinous therefore rebuked him fiercely saying, "Wretchedcreature, you have not so much as a grain of sense in your whole body;you ought to think yourself lucky in being allowed to dine unharmedamong your betters, without having any smaller portion served you thanwe others have had, and in being allowed to hear our conversation.No other beggar or stranger has been allowed to hear what we say amongourselves; the wine must have been doing you a mischief, as it doeswith all those drink immoderately. It was wine that inflamed theCentaur Eurytion when he was staying with Peirithous among theLapithae. When the wine had got into his head he went mad and didill deeds about the house of Peirithous; this angered the heroes whowere there assembled, so they rushed at him and cut off his ears andnostrils; then they dragged him through the doorway out of thehouse, so he went away crazed, and bore the burden of his crime,bereft of understanding. Henceforth, therefore, there was warbetween mankind and the centaurs, but he brought it upon himselfthrough his own drunkenness. In like manner I can tell you that itwill go hardly with you if you string the bow: you will find nomercy from any one here, for we shall at once ship you off to kingEchetus, who kills every one that comes near him: you will never getaway alive, so drink and keep quiet without getting into a quarrelwith men younger than yourself."
3. 11月24日,任天宇的很多同学陆续走上盐亭街头为其募捐。
4. 根据《中华人民共和国刑法》《中华人民共和国传染病防治法》等国家有关法律法规,2月2日,我局对陆某(女,江西赣州人,已确诊为新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎病例,现已隔离收治)以涉嫌以危险方法危害公共安全罪立案侦查。
5.   "Stockman," answered Ulysses, "you seem to be a very well-disposedperson, and I can see that you are a man of sense. Therefore I willtell you, and will confirm my words with an oath: by Jove, the chiefof all gods, and by that hearth of Ulysses to which I am now come,Ulysses shall return before you leave this place, and if you are sominded you shall see him killing the suitors who are now mastershere."
6. 以特劳特实验室一期学员为例,可以说20多个学员就有20多种企业形态、20多种行业需求,如何为这些人总结出一套对他们都有效果的模式和方法?然而特劳特·战略定位黑马实验室给出了商业的底层逻辑、企业制定战略的基本范式,并在第三加速模块结合每家企业的具体情况给出了针对性建议,从面到点,从理论到实际,皆有助益。


1.   Violenta, who had concealed her amisse so long as she could, and sawno other remedy, but now at last it must needes be discovered; wentprivately to her Mother, and (in teares) revealed her infirmity,humbly craving her pardon, and furtherance in hiding it from herFather. The Mother being extraordinarily displeased, chiding herwith many sharpe and angry speeches, would needes know with whomshee had thus offended. The Daughter (to keepe Pedro from anydetection) forged a Tale of her owne braine, farre from any truthindeede, which her Mother verily beleeving, and willing to preserveher Daughter from shame, as also the fierce anger of her Husband, hebeing a man of very implacable nature: conveyed her to the CountreyFarme, whither Signior Amarigo sildome or never resorted, intending(under the shadow of sicknesse) to let her lye in there, without theleast suspition of any in Trapani.
2.   Then he gave each man presents in proportion to his rank.
3.   My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.
4. 自2000年第一次参加禅修之后,我每天都会冥想两个小时,每年也会参加一两个月的禅修课程。这不是逃离现实,而是接触现实。因为这样一来,我每天至少有两个小时能真正观察现实,另外22个小时则是被电子邮件、推文和可爱的小狗短片淹没。如果不是凭借禅修带给我的专注力和清晰的眼界,我不可能写出《人类简史》和《未来简史》。至少对我而言,冥想与科学研究并不冲突。特别是要了解人类心智的时候,冥想就是另外一种重要的科学工具。
5. 原本已经回到江西老家的廖佳明又要飞回成都
6. 不过,当警方确认爆炸是由技术故障引发,而非故意袭击时,民众的担忧情绪有所减缓。


1.   Its disappearance, however, was but momentary. With a
2.   'A little, ma'am.'
3. 创业公司数量少,竞争小,融资困难:创业公司数量比较少,由于没有外资进入,所以很少有创业公司走到A轮之后(Ride,ZayRide,Gebeya等)。

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    Of course it was a dream. She felt as if warm, delightful bedclothes were heaped upon her. She could actually FEEL blankets, and when she put out her hand it touched something exactly like a satin-covered eider-down quilt. She must not awaken from this delight-- she must be quite still and make it last.