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1. 对当地岛民来说,自2014年收到最后一笔股份分红后,截至今年他们已经5年未曾收到来自当地政府的獐子岛集团股份有限公司(下称:獐子岛公司)股份分红。
2.   Without considering, perhaps, whether there were any consequences to be taken, I felt quite in a glow at this gallant speech. It made an impression on the boys too, for there was a low stir among them, though no one spoke a word.
3. 在退休时,也会收获到一片的赞美声,但凡事都有例外,如果放在几年前,谁也不会想到联想的柳传志会成为这个例外。
4.   7. Wariangles: butcher-birds; which are very noisy and ravenous, and tear in pieces the birds on which they prey; the thorn on which they do this was said to become poisonous.
5. 以上我们介绍了三点转向点数图的画法。’现在我们再来看看一点转向的情况。下列数字是瑞士法朗期货合约9天的价格资料。作图时,我们把每点取值设为5个价格点。因此,向反方向变化达到5个价格点
6. 当然,疫情对供应链平台赛道产生了非常大的影响。


1. 老人之子请求警方尽快缉拿凶手,同时希望此事不要成为香港仇恨的开始,而是结束
2. 在提升企业产品质量时,其质量经营战略主要包括追求零缺陷、营造质量文化、开展质量教育与塑造质量形象等内容。
3. 当初与孙宏斌一同进入联想的杨元庆、郭为等年轻人依然受到柳传志的重用。
4.   "I'll not give him the rest of my money," said Carrie. "I doenough. I am going to get me something to wear."
5. "It was a butterfly that made me a forester," said Ellador. "I was about eleven years old, and I found a big purple-and-green butterfly on a low flower. I caught it, very carefully, by the closed wings, as I had been told to do, and carried it to the nearest insect teacher"--I made a note there to ask her what on earth an insect teacher was--"to ask her its name. She took it from me with a little cry of delight. `Oh, you blessed child,' she said. `Do you like obernuts?' Of course I liked obernuts, and said so. It is our best food-nut, you know. `This is a female of the obernut moth,' she told me. `They are almost gone. We have been trying to exterminate them for centuries. If you had not caught this one, it might have laid eggs enough to raise worms enough to destroy thousands of our nut trees--thousands of bushels of nuts--and make years and years of trouble for us.'
6. 两国不是盟国,严重战略互疑重,但两国经济合作之紧密在全球首屈一指。


1.   "And matches?"
2. 因此,去年Elastic又添加了很多高级功能,并限制了亚马逊等公司对这些功能的使用。
3. 3.The End of the One-Child Policy
4. 去年还有暴雷的,倒闭了好几家机构。
5. 只有通过设施的不断完善,资本的不断积累,才能实现大规模经营,获得财富。
6. 目前,事故原因正在进一步调查中,伤者正在医院接受治疗。


1. 设计风格偏向传统的康博在2016年退出市场前也是榜上有名。
2. And as she sat in this silence there came a low tap at the door-- such a low, humble one that she did not at first hear it, and, indeed, was not roused until the door was timidly pushed open and a poor tear-smeared face appeared peeping round it. It was Becky's face, and Becky had been crying furtively for hours and rubbing her eyes with her kitchen apron until she looked strange indeed.
3. 英国教育周刊总经理黄湘雯也认为,各类少儿类的英语考试,在一定意义上对孩子学习语言有积极作用,但一味追求考试导向的过程,未免还是会偶尔偏离语言学习或教育的规律。
4. UFS3.0每GB/s顺序读取的功耗比UFS2.1降低60%。
5. 太丢脸了,以后不出去添乱了。
6.   "Sire," replied the princess, "this is not the one you gave me before and whose ring I wear. Permit me to say that I can accept no other."


1. v. 形成(颗粒状),
2.   From these remarks it will be seen that I look at the term species, as one arbitrarily given for the sake of convenience to a set of individuals closely resembling each other, and that it does not essentially differ from the term variety, which is given to less distinct and more fluctuating forms. The term variety, again, in comparison with mere individual differences, is also applied arbitrarily, and for mere convenience sake.
3.   "You may retire," said Milady. "I will not talk.""Here is the knife," said Felton, drawing from his pocket theweapon which he had brought, according to his promise, but whichhe hesitated to give to his prisoner.

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      Before he had uttered halfe these words, Beltramo, having forgotan especiall evidence in his Study, which was the onely occasion ofhis journey, came gallopping backe againe into the Castell Court,and seeing such a goodly Gelding stand fastened there, could notredily imagine who was the owner thereof. The waiting woman, uponthe sight of her Masters entring into the Court, came to her Lady,saying: My Master Beltramo is returned back?, newly alighted, and(questionlesse) comming up the staires. Now was our Lady Isabella, tentimes worse affrighted then before, (having two severall amouroussuters in her house, both hoping, neither speeding, yet her creditelying at the stake for either) by this unexpected returne of herHusband. Moreover, there was no possible meanes, for the concealing ofSignior Lambertuccio, because his Gelding stood in the open Court, andtherefore made a shrewde presumption against her, upon the leastdoubtfull question urged.

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