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1. 此时,法律应当尽可能地尊重公民在成年后改变出生姓名的意愿。
2.   "The complexion of our fortune has changed very much since I sawyou, Madam Bonacieux, and I should not be astonished if in thecourse of a few months it were to excite the envy of many folks.""Yes, particularly if you follow the instructions I am about togive you."
3. 21世纪,中国最大的竞争对手是印度
4. “We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture. The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered, was immediately corrected.”
5.   Only be quick, it matters not to me. (After the holes are bored and stopped.)Mephistopheles (with strange gestures)
6. 因此,到1936年年底时,外交上的均衡已完全不同于希特勒开始执政时的情景。意大利和德国这时结成了有效的伙伴关系。法国已失去从前的霸权,落入比较孤立的境地。它在中欧的旧盟国正渐渐散去,而与苏联建立的新联盟基本上仍是纸上的东西。法国政府很不信任苏维埃政权,以致拒绝签订使它们的联盟完全生效所必需的军事协定。同样,法国和英国的关系也不十分密切,彼此之间互不信任。由于满洲和埃塞俄比亚事件使维护现状集团陷入混乱,使国际联盟遭到严重削弱,“罗马-柏林轴心”能在以后3年中掌握主动权,在实际未遇抵抗的情况下取得一个又一个胜利.


1. 今年5月20日,我从奔走13年的一线上撤下来,开始坐班,成为一名服务员
2. "Pretty punk literature," Terry burst forth one day, when we were in the privacy of our own room. "Of course one expects to begin on child-stories, but I would like something more interesting now."
3. 就连与亚马逊纠缠不清的公司也成长了。
4. 很快,事件现场视频就在网络上流传开来,大量专业媒体、自媒体报道了这一事件,同时转发了这段视频,为让读者看得更加清楚,有些还截取片段做了动图展示
5.   'My things were indeed in shameful disorder,' murmured Helen to me,in a low voice: 'I intended to have arranged them, but I forgot.'
6. 是的,智利的精英们在推动经济增长和社会进步,在某些情况下,也采取一些具体措施解决国家长期存在的不平等问题。但是,和这些精英们的谈话常常会包括一些更为复杂的意外话题。在和智利一家主要木材企业的高层领导人谈话时,我能察觉到他对现状的满意和支持。他的公司统治了市场,当被问到智利是否需要做更多的工作以吸引外国投资时,这位首席执行官迟疑了。“是的,投资是好事。”他慢条斯理地说,但是他的话和他选择用词时的停顿暗示他的本意恰恰相反。不难想见,他对来自跨国公司的竞争充满防备。直到现在,智利重要的经济部门仍由两三家公司把持,这些公司多半是典型的地方企业或者和地方利益紧密联系的企业。企业家的创业活动受到明显制约。中小企业取得很大成功的故事寥寥无几。智利已经得到很大的发展,并实现了现代化,但是社会和结构性的现状仍然没有得到显著的改善,像那位木材公司的首席执行官这样的精英就乐于接受这样的现状。在很多方面,财富和权力的分配有其历史渊源,不平等现象可以追溯到殖民地时代,不仅是在智利,而且在整个拉丁美洲都有这类问题。那些本可以促进平等的重要资源却主要为精英们所有,因此这些不平等现象始终存在,如教育,只被少数人享有,因而导致不平等更加恶化。


1. 哈尔滨市人民检察院指控,被告人赵晶与被害人李远(男,殁年16岁,化名)系母子。
2. 同时它的营销效果也是多效合一的,这是为什么真正的头部综艺依然非常抢手。
3. 在四川出土的大量画像砖中也有不少庖厨图。如在四川德阳县出土的庖厨画像砖,图上肉悬于架,釜炊齐备,厨役们有的切肉,有的于灶上烹调,忙碌地为宴饮准备佳肴。又如在四川彭县出土的庖厨画像砖,图中一人执扇煽薪煮食,后两人坐于长条短案旁切肉,身后的架上悬挂畜肉;其旁有四重矮几,皆置放碗碟。三个庖丁大概也正在准备佳肴①。
4.   So extreme was the surprise of the sailor, that he wasunable even to thank Edmond, whose receding figure hecontinued to gaze after in speechless astonishment. "Somenabob from India," was his comment.
5.   "Your guest has not disgraced you, Telemachus. I did not miss what Iaimed at, and I was not long in stringing my bow. I am still strong,and not as the suitors twit me with being. Now, however, it is timefor the Achaeans to prepare supper while there is still daylight,and then otherwise to disport themselves with song and dance which arethe crowning ornaments of a banquet."
6. 堆在路边、山道上形态各异的小雪人,成了游客们的热宠,很多游客排着队与小雪人合影,还有家长带着孩子捡拾落叶、枯枝给小雪人装点五官。


1.   A mysterious voice from the end of the passage replied 'Yes.' Upon which the youthful servant replied 'Yes.'
2. 原标题:苹果开启全面清仓。
3. 应该让所有的好公司自己上市,不行就退市。
4.   "Madame," said Bonacieux, who had never seen his wife in apassion, and who recoiled before this conjugal anger, "madame,what do you say?"
5.   Impelled by a laudable ambition to study the art and mystery of his father's honest calling, Young Jerry, keeping as close to house-fronts, walls, and doorways, as his eyes were close to one another, held his honoured parent in view. The honoured parent steering Northward, had not gone far, when he was joined by another disciple of Izaak Walton, and the two trudged on together.
6.   "Far from here?"


1. 但如果将贤良文学们的对策作为政府长期的统治政策,不但是愚腐的,甚至还会危及封建政权的巩固和国家的统一。
2.   "We can imagine that in the confusion of flight somethingprecious, something which he could not bear to part with, had beenleft behind. That would explain his persistence, would it not?""Well, what is the next step?"
3. 接着,OYO就传出正在中国和印度裁员数千人的消息,在接下来的3-4个月里,印度员工还将减少1200人。

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