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1. 清洁煤公司称煤没有质量问题黄先生提供的清洁煤包装袋图片显示,该洁净型煤系甘肃武威市型形煤化有限公司出品,由兰州兰煤节净能源有限公司监制,并附有销售地址与售后服务电话。
2. 在陈珏的印象里,来到上海市精神卫生中心的不少进食障碍患者家境优渥,本人也挺优秀,至少看上去已经很完美了。
3. 我认为整个互联网发展的方向是5G+AI+IoT构成的下一代超级互联网,PC互联网时代连接了十亿设备,移动互联网时代连接了超过50亿设备,而IoT将会连接500亿量级的连接规模。
4. But here, against the calm wisdom and quiet restrained humor of these women, with only that blessed Jeff and my inconspicuous self to compare with, Terry did stand out rather strong.
5. Inside larger technology companies, female employees will be hoping for signs of change in pay and promotions — but will also be on guard, as a men’s rights backlash brews in some corners of Silicon Valley.
6.   Dantes was tossed about on these doubts and wishes, when thepatron, who had great confidence in him, and was verydesirous of retaining him in his service, took him by thearm one evening and led him to a tavern on the Via del'Oglio, where the leading smugglers of Leghorn used tocongregate and discuss affairs connected with their trade.Already Dantes had visited this maritime Bourse two or threetimes, and seeing all these hardy free-traders, who suppliedthe whole coast for nearly two hundred leagues in extent, hehad asked himself what power might not that man attain whoshould give the impulse of his will to all these contraryand diverging minds. This time it was a great matter thatwas under discussion, connected with a vessel laden withTurkey carpets, stuffs of the Levant, and cashmeres. It wasnecessary to find some neutral ground on which an exchangecould be made, and then to try and land these goods on thecoast of France. If the venture was successful the profitwould be enormous, there would be a gain of fifty or sixtypiastres each for the crew.


1. 想一想再看
2. The discovery has caused huge excitement among historians, as it provides firm evidence about a monarch whose life has been shrouded in controversy since his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.
3. 调查进行到这儿,都市记者不禁感到后背发凉。
4. 不看收入,也就意味着不重视收入,也就不可能会有现金流。
5. 影响浏览/点击转化的主要因素包括导购路径和内容,导购路径的优质与否涉及到产品流程设计是否合理、符合用户体验。
6.   On this occasion the lodge sent a carriage. Drouet rode with heras far as the door, and then went about the neighbouring stores,looking for some good cigars. The little actress marchednervously into her dressing-room and began that painfullyanticipated matter of make-up which was to transform her, asimple maiden, to Laura, The Belle of Society.


1.   Well might I dread, well might I dislike Mrs. Reed; for it washer nature to wound me cruelly; never was I happy in her presence;however carefully I obeyed, however strenuously I strove to pleaseher, my efforts were still repulsed and repaid by such sentences asthe above. Now, uttered before a stranger, the accusation cut me tothe heart; I dimly perceived that she was already obliterating hopefrom the new phase of existence which she destined me to enter; Ifelt, though I could not have expressed the feeling, that she wassowing aversion and unkindness along my future path; I saw myselftransformed under Mr. Brocklehurst's eye into an artful, noxiouschild, and what could I do to remedy the injury?
2. 针对网友的质疑,澎湃新闻11月27日多次致电浙江广电集团总编室、浙江卫视主管综艺副总监,浙江卫视总编室,但截至发稿未获回复。
3. 保安主管耿其佳指着玻璃上贴的号码说,如今从外地返回上海的居民都要登记,还要再打个电话和居委会报备一下。
4. 原标题:只做金融教育用户已超百万这家知识付费平台再获千万融资铅笔道1月17日讯,金融教育APP真知灼见宣布完成A轮数千万元融资,本轮融资由泰有基金领投,大有基金跟投,本轮融资资金将用于课程研发、平台升级以及市场渠道建设等方面。
5. 此时刘秀虽然据有河北,但在广大的东方和南方,农民起义军余部和地方割据势力仍为数众多,更始政权在这些地区也有很强的势力。和这些形形色色的武装力量相比,刘秀只不过才占据了巴掌大的一块地方,其实力也不足以与号称百万之众的赤眉军展开最后决战。基于这一情形,刘秀在赤眉军攻入长安的同时,没有立即同赤眉军发生大规模的正面冲突,而是立即发布诏书,封刘玄为淮阳王,并声称吏人敢有贼害者,罪同大逆①。这样,刘秀便将原来倾向于刘玄更始政权的地主豪强势力,争取到自己一边来了,也为赤眉军进入长安后制造了重重困难。果然,长安周围的地主武装都对赤眉军的建世政权采取不合作态度,往往聚为营保,各坚守不下②,甚至图谋劫出更始皇帝刘玄。另一方面,刘秀还派邓禹率领二万精兵尾随赤眉军入河东郡,伺机入关。刘秀在完成了这些工作之后,便集中主要力量用来在长安以东构筑防线。刘秀派吴汉等人率军扫平了河北地区檀乡、五校、青犊、富平、获索等农民军;同时,遣岑彭、景丹等人向洛阳以南的河南、荆州地区推进,更始政权任命的淮阳太守暴汜、宛王刘赐、邓王王常等纷纷投降,豫西地区的众多小股农民武装也先后被削平。这样,在赤眉军据有长安的一段时间内,刘秀已完成占领从河北地区经洛阳向南到河南、荆州地区以及豫西地区一线的重大战略部署,加上原来已派邓禹占领河东,不但堵住了赤眉军东归的道路,而且形成了对长安的大半个包围圈。
6.   'Yes,' said the good lady, who now knew what ground we were upon,'and I am daily thankful for the choice Providence led me to make.Miss Eyre has been an invaluable companion to me, and a kind andcareful teacher to Adele.'


1. At last Terry's ambition was realized. We were invited, always courteously and with free choice on our part, to address general audiences and classes of girls.
2.   (as they draw the stoppers and the wine chosen by each runs into his glass)Oh beauteous spring, which flows so far!
3. 先是纽约时报称OYO通过增加不可用的客房来增加其网站上的房源数量,还疑似通过提供免费住宿来贿赂官员。
4.   My uncle went first, and I followed him. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we stepped into a sort of ante-room, filled with such a dense smoke that it was hardly possible to see anything. However, we passed through the smoke into a large chamber, which at first seemed quite empty. The room was brilliantly lighted, and in another moment we perceived a sort of platform at one end, on which were the bodies of the prince and a lady, both half-burned, as if they had been dragged out of a fire before it had quite consumed them.
5. 印度电信部门将于12月31日与运营商会面,确认5G试验的时间,并称印度所有无线运营商原则上都已获得进行试验的批准。
6. While still on stage, Beatty blamed the epic mishap on being given the wrong envelope, saying he had seen the name Emma Stone from 'La La Land' when he opened his envelope.


1. 妻子何龙会觉得他是带儿子找罪受,而何烈胜对此感到骄傲,别的孩子躺在沙发看电视的时候,我儿子在雨中跑步做俯卧撑,别的孩子不小心摔了一跤爸爸会心疼地帮他揉,我儿子走在路上会随时警惕他爸爸在背后推他。
2.   `Yes, sir. We have often times the honour to entertain your gentlemen in their travelling backwards and forwards betwixt London and Paris, sir. A vast deal of travelling, sir, in Tellson and Company's House.'
3.   They all held their peace except King Alcinous, who began, "Sir,we have had much pleasure in hearing all that you have told us, fromwhich I understand that you are willing to show your prowess, ashaving been displeased with some insolent remarks that have beenmade to you by one of our athletes, and which could never have beenuttered by any one who knows how to talk with propriety. I hope youwill apprehend my meaning, and will explain to any be one of yourchief men who may be dining with yourself and your family when you gethome, that we have an hereditary aptitude for accomplishments of allkinds. We are not particularly remarkable for our boxing, nor yet aswrestlers, but we are singularly fleet of foot and are excellentsailors. We are extremely fond of good dinners, music, and dancing; wealso like frequent changes of linen, warm baths, and good beds, sonow, please, some of you who are the best dancers set about dancing,that our guest on his return home may be able to tell his friendshow much we surpass all other nations as sailors, runners, dancers,minstrels. Demodocus has left his lyre at my house, so run some one orother of you and fetch it for him."

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      The sick man was not yet able to speak, but he pointed withevident anxiety towards the door. Dantes listened, andplainly distinguished the approaching steps of the jailer.It was therefore near seven o'clock; but Edmond's anxietyhad put all thoughts of time out of his head. The young mansprang to the entrance, darted through it, carefully drawingthe stone over the opening, and hurried to his cell. He hadscarcely done so before the door opened, and the jailer sawthe prisoner seated as usual on the side of his bed. Almostbefore the key had turned in the lock, and before thedeparting steps of the jailer had died away in the longcorridor he had to traverse, Dantes, whose restless anxietyconcerning his friend left him no desire to touch the foodbrought him, hurried back to the abbe's chamber, and raisingthe stone by pressing his head against it, was soon besidethe sick man's couch. Faria had now fully regained hisconsciousness, but he still lay helpless and exhausted.

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    Meanwhile, New Yorkers living in the city’s nearly one million rent-stabilized apartments should brace for a fight in Albany in June, when the rent-stabilization law expires. Housing advocates hope to see a reversal of a rule that allows landlords to deregulate vacant units if the rent reaches $2,500 a month.

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      "It would suit me all right," said Carrie, who, nevertheless,felt badly to think it had come to this. Talk of a smaller flatsounded like poverty.

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      All the people of the village were at the fountain, standing about in their depressed manner, and whispering low, but showing no other emotions than grim curiosity and surprise. The led cows, hastily brought in and tethered to anything that would hold them, were looking stupidly on, or lying down chewing the cud of nothing particularly repaying their trouble, which they had picked up in their interrupted saunter. Some of the people of the chaateau, and some of those of the posting-house, and all the taxing authorities, were armed more or less, and were crowded on the other side of the little street in a purposeless way, that was highly fraught with nothing. Already, the mender of roads had penetrated into the midst of a group of fifty particular friends, and was smiting himself in the breast with his blue cap. What did all this portend, and what portended the swift hoisting-up of Monsieur Gabelle behind a servant on horseback, and the conveying away of the said Gabelle (double-laden though the horse was), at a gallop, like a new version of the German ballad of Leonora?

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