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1.   2. A stronger reading is "all."
2.   The man moved a little further away, as soon as he could, and the mender of roads fanned himself with his blue cap: feeling it mightily close and oppressive. If he needed a King and Queen to restore him, he was fortunate in having his remedy at hand; for, soon the large-faced King and the fair-faced Queen came in their golden coach, attended by the shining Bull's Eye of their Court, a glittering multitude of laughing ladies and fine lords; and in jewels and silks and powder and splendour and elegantly spurning figures and handsomely disdainful faces of both sexes, the mender of roads bathed himself, so much to his temporary intoxication, that he cried Long live the King, Long live the Queen, Long live everybody and everything! as if he had never heard of ubiquitous Jacques in his time. Then, there were gardens, courtyards, terraces, fountains, green banks, more King and Queen, more Bull's Eye, more lords and ladies, more Long live they all! until he absolutely wept with sentiment. During the whole of this scene, which lasted some three hours, he had plenty of shouting and weeping and sentimental company, and I throughout Defarge held him by the collar, as if to restrain him from flying at the objects of his brief devotion and tearing them pieces.
3. As Sara looked toward him he looked toward her. The first thing she thought was that his dark face looked sorrowful and homesick. She felt absolutely sure he had come up to look at the sun, because he had seen it so seldom in England that he longed for a sight of it. She looked at him interestedly for a second, and then smiled across the slates. She had learned to know how comforting a smile, even from a stranger, may be.
4. 公安部供图机动车驾驶人数量达4.35亿人。
5. Comparisons Are Odious
6. 又一纸通知,普通固废变成了危废。


1. [英国]大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国(UnitedKingdomofGreatBritainandNorthernIreland),简称“英国”(UnitedKingdom),本土位于欧洲大陆西北面的不列颠群岛,被北海、英吉利海峡、凯尔特海、爱尔兰海和大西洋包围。英国是由大不列颠岛上的英格兰、威尔士和苏格兰以及爱尔兰岛东北部的北爱尔兰以及一系列附属岛屿共同组成的一个西欧岛国。除本土之外,其还拥有十四个海外领地,总人口超过6500万,其中以英格兰人(盎格鲁-撒克逊人)为主体民族,占全国总人口的占83·9%。···更多
2.   "Come near," said the Sultan. "Nearer still."
3. 目前,违法行为人楼某某因散布虚假疫情的故意扰乱公共秩序行为,被警方依法行政拘留
4. 燕姓管教带着他们去找向于竹君借钱的保险公司经理李明。
5. 德国电信运营商宣布将采用华为设备建设5G网络。
6. 诛年羹尧年羹尧是汉军镶黄旗人,康熙三十九年进士,授翰林院检讨,迁内阁学士。一七○九年,出任四川巡抚,一七一八年擢任四川总督,一七二一年升任川陕总督,成为镇守一方的大员。雍正帝即位后,召允禵还京师,今年羹尧总理大将军事务。一七二三年;特授抚远大将军,驻师西宁,进兵青海,击败和硕特蒙古(见下节)。次年晋爵一等公。


1.   October, November, December passed away. One afternoon inJanuary, Mrs. Fairfax had begged a holiday for Adele, because shehad a cold; and, as Adele seconded the request with an ardour thatreminded me how precious occasional holidays had been to me in myown childhood, I accorded it, deeming that I did well in showingpliability on the point. It was a fine, calm day, though very cold;I was tired of sitting still in the library through a whole longmorning: Mrs. Fairfax had just written a letter which was waiting tobe posted, so I put on my bonnet and cloak and volunteered to carry itto Hay; the distance, two miles, would be a pleasant winterafternoon walk. Having seen Adele comfortably seated in her littlechair by Mrs. Fairfax's parlour fireside, and given her her best waxdoll (which I usually kept enveloped in silver paper in a drawer) toplay with, and a story-book for a change of amusement; and havingreplied to her 'Revenez bientot, ma bonne amie, ma chere Mdlle.Jeannette,' with a kiss I set out.
2.   I don't mean the dreams that I dreamed on that day alone, but day after day, from week to week, and term to term. I went there, not to attend to what was going on, but to think about Dora. If ever I bestowed a thought upon the cases, as they dragged their slow length before me, it was only to wonder, in the matrimonial cases (remembering Dora), how it was that married people could ever be otherwise than happy; and, in the Prerogative cases, to consider, if the money in question had been left to me, what were the foremost steps I should immediately have taken in regard to Dora. Within the first week of my passion, I bought four sumptuous waistcoats - not for myself; I had no pride in them; for Dora - and took to wearing straw-coloured kid gloves in the streets, and laid the foundations of all the corns I have ever had. If the boots I wore at that period could only be produced and compared with the natural size of my feet, they would show what the state of my heart was, in a most affecting manner.
3. 当大家开始了年夜饭的时候,疾控中心的热线值班室依旧一片忙碌,电话声此起彼伏。
4.   "So be it, old friend," answered Telemachus, "but I am come nowbecause I want to see you, and to learn whether my mother is stillat her old home or whether some one else has married her, so thatthe bed of Ulysses is without bedding and covered with cobwebs."
5. 刊物不能继续办,丛书不能继续出,主要的原因是赔完了老本。
6. 因为2016年年报还没有完全更新,读懂君选择了比较完整的2015年财务数据进行分析。


1. "Besides," she said, "he is a Bastille rat sent to be my friend. I can always get a bit of bread the cook has thrown away, and it is quite enough to support him."
2.   "Oh, I've got some," said Lola. "I've got twenty-five dollars,if you need it."
3. 当然,我们现在其实也能够体会革命党的苦心,他们既想在中国发动革命,又不想在中国造成大的社会动荡。这就是为什么前期在搞革命宣传时,他们的措辞似乎恨不得把满人杀干净,真有点寝其皮食其肉的感觉;但是一旦革命起来,我们就会发现,其实革命党对满人也并没有那么大的仇恨,杀满人杀得多的是帮会人士。说实在的,革命党人,表现得相当文明,稍有一点杀满人的行为,外国人一抗议,马上就会收敛。而且革命党人在整体上也是很自觉的,有的地方还组织给满人发钱粮,如果有人在革命前就把辫子铰了可能还会得到双份的。所以,整体而言,这场革命没有带来大规模的种族屠杀。当时满人都很恐惧,但最后还是相对和平的。有记载的史实好像就是西安闹得大一点,因为陕西哥老会的势力实在太大了,此外,湖北的荆州也发生了杀满事件。但总的来说,都是局部的。
4. 监控录像显示,案发当天陈某的车早已停在案发现场,焦女士所坐车辆进场停稳后,路过陈某的车辆,陈某冲出来行凶,其间有男子跑来拉拽,未能阻止,陈某作案后驾车离开。
5. 为了尽快完成改造任务,现场施工人员都在与时间赛跑。
6. 一个软件产品,当用户规模大到一定程度后,研发成本就会趋近于0,而硬件的可怕之处在于成本永远不可能趋近0。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. ▌智能移动出行解决方案与服务提供商Soda苏打共享车完成千万级A+轮融资Soda苏打共享车成立于2015年7月,专注于智能移动出行解决方案与智能移动出行服务,定位于成为未来智能移动出行业务的发动机(Enabler),为智能移动出行行业提供源源不断的创意,专业的解决方案。
3.   Chapters 9

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