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1. 滴滴已经组织成立应急车队,统一接受武汉相关部门的集中调度。
2.   If there exist savages so barbarous as never to think of the inherited character of the offspring of their domestic animals, yet any one animal particularly useful to them, for any special purpose, would be carefully preserved during famines and other accidents, to which savages are so liable, and such choice animals would thus generally leave more offspring than the inferior ones; so that in this case there would be a kind of unconscious selection going on. We see the value set on animals even by the barbarians of Tierra del Fuego, by their killing and devouring their old women, in times of dearth, as of less value than their dogs.
3.   (She opens the window.)
4. 这一时期文化上是一个稳定、同一的时期。拜占廷人仍称自己为罗马人,但希腊语无论作为书面语还是口语,都是帝国通用的语言。随着持异议的东部诸省丢失给伊斯兰教,随着反对崇拜偶像者和崇拜偶像者,即圣像破坏者和圣像崇拜者之间猛烈、持久的争论的消除,宗教的同一性也得到进一步的促进。解决争端的折衷办法是禁止宗教雕塑,但允许宗教绘画,这一点至今仍是东正教宗教生活的一个重要特征。
5. 出行指南看咔咔,包您省心又安全。
6.   Slowly, at last, he moved his eyes from my face, as if he were waking from a vision, and cast them round the room. Then he said, in a low voice:


1. 人群经济体的创新机会总结:反、小、沉、重四字诀,反着来是创新的第一步,小处切是创新的切入点,沉市场是高筑墙广积粮的最好战场,重赋能指是否在借势完成人群经济的流量汇聚。
2. 曾有台湾艺人超时仍坚持要把表演曲目唱完,结果遭大陆主办单位要求停止表演。
3. 很多新兴创业者思维在改变:要助力、去赋能、去增强。
4. 对发布虚假房源消息、捂盘惜售、哄抬房价、倒卖“房号”、诱骗消费者交易等违法违规行为,市场监管、房管等行政主管部门按照各自职责依法严肃处理。
5. 清洁区为医护人员休息生活区。
6. 今年7月,一份对英国8个城市3500多人的调查显示,伦敦人上厕所的平均时间为28分钟,利兹为14分钟,伯明翰为4分钟。


1. "I didn't want you to know," Sara said. "It would have made me feel like a street beggar. I know I look like a street beggar."
2. Immigrant populations in Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee have more than tripled since 1990, noted Lee Drutman, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, in an analysis for Vox. Anxiety over those changes may explain why the Republican Party became so much more focused on limiting immigration over that period — and why white voters in those states overwhelmingly support Mr. Trump.
3. n. 匙,调羹,匙状物
4.   "Then,' he said, 'if you would finish your voyage and get homequickly, you must offer sacrifices to Jove and to the rest of the godsbefore embarking; for it is decreed that you shall not get back toyour friends, and to your own house, till you have returned to theheaven fed stream of Egypt, and offered holy hecatombs to the immortalgods that reign in heaven. When you have done this they will let youfinish your voyage.'
5.   "Stop!" said Louise, going to listen at Madame Danglars'door.
6.   After another broadside for the Doctor, and another for the Doctor's wife, the boys dispersed, and I went back into the house, where I found the guests all standing in a group about the Doctor, discussing how Mr. Jack Maldon had gone away, and how he had borne it, and how he had felt it, and all the rest of it. In the midst of these remarks, Mrs. Markleham cried: 'Where's Annie?'


1. 早在2013年,太平人寿针对分公司推出了EAP项目,设立24小时关爱热线,邀请专业心理咨询师为员工提供提供一对一辅导,解决人际关系、自我发展、压力等问题和困扰。
2. 几年前时尚品牌ZARA被批歧视,因为广告画上的模特脸上有雀斑,不符合中国人对美女的审美标准。
3.   'Mother will be expecting me,' he said, referring to a pale, inexpressive-faced watch in his pocket, 'and getting uneasy; for though we are very umble, Master Copperfield, we are much attached to one another. If you would come and see us, any afternoon, and take a cup of tea at our lowly dwelling, mother would be as proud of your company as I should be.'
4.   To this reproach there is always one response which deludeswomen. D'Artagnan replied in such a manner that Kittyremained in her great delusion. Although she cried freelybefore deciding to transmit the letter to her mistress, shedid at last so decide, which was all D'Artagnan wished.Finally he promised that he would leave her mistress'spresence at an early hour that evening, and that when heleft the mistress he would ascend with the maid. Thispromise completed poor Kitty's consolation.
5. 此外,雅高控股还通过买房保值来录得收入。
6.   Irus began to be very uneasy as he heard them, but the servantsgirded him by force, and brought him [into the open part of the court]in such a fright that his limbs were all of a tremble. Antinousscolded him and said, "You swaggering bully, you ought never to havebeen born at all if you are afraid of such an old broken-down creatureas this tramp is. I say, therefore- and it shall surely be- if hebeats you and proves himself the better man, I shall pack you off onboard ship to the mainland and send you to king Echetus, who killsevery one that comes near him. He will cut off your nose and ears, anddraw out your entrails for the dogs to eat."


1. 这本书其实也影响了后来德鲁克的《管理的实践》《创新与企业家精神》这两本书德鲁克反复强调:人的多样性、人的灵活能动性、人的创造力。
2. 居民王女士向记者表示本来楼顶建屋已经对楼体压力很大,邻居们担心这么多材料送上楼,万一是在扩建和加固新盖的房屋,整栋楼质量都受到影响。
3. 龙鱼身上的鱼鳞叫龙甲,两根触须叫龙须。

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      The queen anon for very womanhead Began to weep, and so did Emily, And all the ladies in the company. Great pity was it as it thought them all, That ever such a chance should befall, For gentle men they were, of great estate, And nothing but for love was this debate They saw their bloody woundes wide and sore, And cried all at once, both less and more, "Have mercy, Lord, upon us women all." And on their bare knees adown they fall And would have kissed his feet there as he stood, Till at the last *aslaked was his mood* *his anger was (For pity runneth soon in gentle heart); appeased* And though at first for ire he quoke and start He hath consider'd shortly in a clause The trespass of them both, and eke the cause: And although that his ire their guilt accused Yet in his reason he them both excused; As thus; he thoughte well that every man Will help himself in love if that he can, And eke deliver himself out of prison. Of women, for they wepten ever-in-one:* *continually And eke his hearte had compassion And in his gentle heart he thought anon, And soft unto himself he saide: "Fie Upon a lord that will have no mercy, But be a lion both in word and deed, To them that be in repentance and dread, As well as-to a proud dispiteous* man *unpitying That will maintaine what he first began. That lord hath little of discretion, That in such case *can no division*: *can make no distinction* But weigheth pride and humbless *after one*." *alike* And shortly, when his ire is thus agone, He gan to look on them with eyen light*, *gentle, lenient* And spake these same wordes *all on height.* *aloud*

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      Now, whether feeding on salt meates before his coming thither, orcustomary use of drinking, which maketh men unable any long while toabstaine as being never satisfied with excesse; which of these twoextreames they were, I know not: but drinke needs he must. And, havingno other meanes for quenching his thirst, espied the glasse of waterstanding in the Window, and thinking it to be some soveraigne kinde ofwater, reserved by the Doctor for his owne drinking, to make him lustyin his old yeeres, he tooke the glasse; and finding the water pleasingto his pallate, dranke it off every drop; then sitting downe on aCoffer by the beds side, soone after he fell into a sound sleepe,according to the powerfull working of the water.

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    "Civilized or not, we've got our work cut out for us to get away from here. I don't propose to make a rope of bedclothes and try those walls till I'm sure there is no better way."

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      "He is with Edward, who is not quite well," replied Madamede Villefort, no longer being able to avoid answering.

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    "I beg your pardon, Mr. Barrow," she said stiffly. "I do not understand."

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    "I don't know anyone in the world who could have done it," she said; "but there has been someone. And here we are sitting by their fire-- and--and--it's true! And whoever it is--wherever they are-- I have a friend, Becky--someone is my friend."