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1. 然而,每次失败的尝试,都让我们向战胜死亡又迈进一步,也带来更多希望,鼓励人类付出更多努力。谷歌的Calico公司可能来不及让联合创始人谢尔盖·布林(SergeyBrin)和拉里·佩奇(LarryPage)长生不死,但很有可能会在细胞生物学、基因药物和人体健康方面有重大发现。这样一来,新一代的谷歌员工就能站在更好的起点,向死亡发起进攻。高呼着人类不死的科学家,其实就像高喊“狼来了”的那个男孩:狼要来,只是早晚的事。
2. Plans to open 20,000 specialist football schools in 2017, aimed at training young players and cultivating talent, are part of the government's latest plan to advance China's ability to compete on the global pitch.
3. 网络图片在侦办过程中,民警又接到另一受害人张女士的报案称,自己于2009年认识卢某,卢某以出售朋友拆迁房为借口,自2011年至2018年间,数十次向去其索要购房款共计48万余元,但近期无法联系到芦某。
4. 但格力并未将手机作为智能家居的主要入口,而是把这个重要的入口放在了空调上。
5.   In the course of his present stay in Chicago, Drouet paid someslight attention to the secret order to which he belonged.During his last trip he had received a new light on itsimportance.
6.   The king granted these requests, and the announcement caused universal grief, for the memory of Noureddin's father was still fresh in the hearts of his people. Saouy, accompanied by twenty of his own slaves, went to the prison to fetch Noureddin, whom he mounted on a wretched horse without a saddle. Arrived at the palace, Saouy went in to the king, leaving Noureddin in the square, hemmed in not only by Saouy's slaves but by the royal guard, who had great difficulty in preventing the people from rushing in and rescuing Noureddin. So great was the indignation against Saouy that if anyone had set the example he would have been stoned on his way through the streets. Saouy, who witnessed the agitation of the people from the windows of the king's privy chambers, called to the executioner to strike at once. The king, however, ordered him to delay; not only was he jealous of Saouy's interference, but he had another reason. A troop of horsemen was seen at that moment riding at full gallop towards the square. Saouy suspected who they might be, and urged the king to give the signal for the execution without delay, but this the king refused to do till he knew who the horsemen were.


1.  转型的结果是:2011年乐淘一天能卖4万双鞋子,2012年转型自有品牌后,一天只有几百单,半年后,乐淘就产生了几千万的库存。
2.   The joy of the king was lively. He did not even give himself thetrouble to dissemble, and displayed it with affectation before thequeen. Louis XIII, like very weak mind, was wanting in generosity.But the king soon again became dull and indisposed; his brow was not oneof those that long remain clear. He felt that in returning to camp heshould re-enter slavery; nevertheless, he did return.The cardinal was for him the fascinating serpent, and himself the birdwhich flies from branch to branch without power to escape.The return to La Rochelle, therefore, was profoundly dull. Our fourfriends, in particular, astonished their comrades; they traveledtogether, side by side, with sad eyes and heads lowered. Athos alonefrom time to time raised his expansive brow; a flash kindled in hiseyes, and a bitter smile passed over his lips, then, like his comrades,he sank again into reverie.
3. 鹭鸟纹:鸟头有大的羽冠,作飞翔状,姿态优美。
4.   Nevertheless, Connie had the child at the back of her mind. Wait! wait! She would sift the generations of men through her sieve, and see if she couldn't find one who would do.---`Go ye into the streets and by ways of Jerusalem, and see if you can find a man.' It had been impossible to find a man in the Jerusalem of the prophet, though there were thousands of male humans. But a man! C'est une autre chose!
5.   They were not agreed, and wished to retire. My Lord (perhaps with George Washington on his mind) showed some surprise that they were not agreed, but signified his pleasure that they should retire under watch and ward, and retired himself. The trial had lasted all day, and the lamps in the court were now being lighted. It began to be rumoured that the jury would be out a long while. The spectators dropped off to get refreshment, and the prisoner withdrew to the back of the dock, and sat down.
6. 明清之际,时人著史以寄亡国之痛。清人全望祖称,当时野史不下千家。吴伟业著《绥寇纪略》;彭孙贻撰《平寇志》;计六奇作《明季北略》、《明季南略》;戴笠、吴殳合编《怀陵流寇始终录》等书,详细记载了张献忠、李自成领导的农民起义的过程。王夫之著《永历实录》、顾炎武作《圣安本纪》(《圣安纪事》)、查继佐撰《国寿录》、黄宗羲作《行朝录》以及屈大均辑《皇明四朝成仁录》、邵廷采编著《东南纪事》及《西南纪事》、冯梦龙撰《中兴实录》等,记述南明史事,多为清修《明史》所不载。


1. 中国目前已有16个城市出现独角兽企业,而主要聚集区域分别为“北、上、深、杭”四大城市,北京独角兽企业主要是新模式、新技术的引领者,上海独角兽企业的60%为“互联网+”,深圳独角兽企业则为技术驱动,而杭州主要以电子商务和互联网金融为主。
2. 截至1月27日24时,国家卫健委收到30个省(区、市)累计报告确诊病例4515例,现有疑似病例6973例。
3.   `He is English.'
4.   'Did she not, then, adopt you of her own accord?'
5.   The name of Porthos produced its effect upon the clerks, whobegan to laugh; but Porthos turned sharply round, and everycountenance quickly recovered its gravity.
6. 弟弟在输液,问他具体原因,他说不知道,只知道刚才医生通知他们让家属收拾行李,准备转走。


1. 但进一步透视,这也从侧面反映办公软件市场尚不成熟。
2. “货币资本从交换到交换,通过利息的积累,不断流回到它的起点,由此可以得出结论,不断由同一个人反复进行的贷放,会不断为同一个人带回利润。”[第154页]
3. 但更接近事实的是,郄小虎是被GGV合伙人童士豪游说加入小红书的,童士豪在启明期间投资了马蜂窝,当时给马蜂窝做尽调的实习生正是小红书的早期创始人也是毛文超的同学安妮,小红书一开始也是指南起家,社区做火要做跨境电商正是童士豪的菜,这个世界不大。
4. 像最近双十一亚洲医美狂欢节差不多有4000多家医疗机构参与,参与度比较广泛,发展成全行业的节日是我们的目标。
5. 事实上拼多多与苹果之类厂商是完全疏离的,也很难建立任何形式的联盟,角色只是一个能走量的下游渠道,对双方而言,关系是过度性的,不稳定的,不可持续的


1.   Carrie was ashamed to say that she was married. She had talkedso much about getting more salary and confessed to so muchanxiety about her future, that now, when the direct question offact was waiting, she could not tell this girl.
2. 我是武汉协和医院感染科护士柴应兰的父亲柴重群,湖北省应城市一位农民。
3.   `Quite, Hammond, quite! But if someone starts making love to Julia, you begin to simmer; and if he goes on, you are soon at boiling point.'...Julia was Hammond's wife.

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