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2. 该指数报告跟踪了这些城市的经济及其商业房地产市场的变化情况,最终确定了最具活力的部分城市。
3.   So saying she shook Camaralzaman so violently that nothing but the spells of Maimoune could have prevented his waking.
4. 他最感谢母亲这些年来的支持,准备学些技术,撑起这个家。
5. 到了第二阶段,对很多传统媒体来说是很痛苦的阶段。
6. as that precious Constable had it. Just show me a combination of male creatures, bird, bug, or beast, that works as well, will you? Or one of our masculine countries where the people work together as well as they do here! I tell you, women are the natural cooperators, not men!"


1.   At the sight of his friend, Porthos uttered a loud cry of joy;and Mousqueton, rising respectfully, yielded his place to him,and went to give an eye to the two stewpans, of which he appearedto have the particular inspection.
2. 谭尊艳和丈夫宋志斌在居家隔离期间包饺子。
3. 王华不再询问潘冬梅的家庭情况,后者也从未带过家里人来紫金了解王华一家的情况。
4. 为什么是这样的顺序?作为用户第一原则的实践者助力被投企业用户第一,基本上所有公司都会把这条原则放在公司准则的首位,因为这确实非常重要,我们做投资也是如此。
5. 这种多屏协同得益于MIUI10.0的分布式技术。
6. 它是主观标准大于客观标准,主要为了向老板交差,不能提供一个长期价值。


1.   She came near his couch and said, "Are you better to-day, my dear slave? Speak but one word to me."
2.   The Caliph came down from his throne, and said: "Rise, I forgive thee." Then turning to the Persian he said: "Fair lady, now you know who I am; learn also that I have sent Noureddin to Balsora to be king, and as soon as all necessary preparations are made I will send you there to be queen. Meanwhile I will give you an apartment in my palace, where you will be treated with all honour."
3. 兴业证券的最新研究报告显示,国产Model3的毛利率显著高于美国产Model3,在特斯拉采用国产供应链后,其生产成本要比美版低20%-28%。
4. 玩王者荣耀相当于一种社交活动,玩得好的人会被打上“这人玩王者荣耀很溜”的标签,通过微信、QQ等连接线上跟线下的社交平台的传播,从而能够将这个标签带入到现实生活中。
5. 朱熹进而在奏书中说:现在士大夫之论和我不同的,都是似是而非。奋厉有为的人说“祖宗之积愤不可以不掳,中原之故疆不可以不复”,臣以为这都不对。现在区区东南还有不少事可虑,哪里还有什么“恢复”可图?真有志于恢复,不在于“抚剑抵掌”,而在于陛下“正心克己”。朱熹又说:陛下把“儒者之道”斥为“常谈死法”,而采取“管(仲)、商(鞅)功利之说”,希望富国强兵,或有近效。这个学说已经行了几年,近效也并未见到。他最后说:圣贤所传的道理,常谈之中自有妙理,死法之中自有活法。陛下考察四种学说(佛、老、管商、孔孟)的异同而加以辨明,就会了解我所说的都是古先圣贤之说,天经地义自然之理。
6. 据悉,截至2020年1月1日,深圳地铁所辖7条线路各车站共配备AED设备557台,所有车站站厅层、站台层实现全覆盖。


1. [k?n'vi:nj?nt]
2. "Besides, she didn't beg," said Janet. "I was so afraid she might be angry with you. You know, it makes people angry to be taken for beggars when they are not beggars."
3.   Having thus spoken, and giving kinde welcome to the Messenger,secretly he called the Nurse unto him, whom hee heedfully examinedconcerning this case. She having heard the rebellion in the Kingdomeof Sicily; and understanding withall that Henriet was yet living,joyfully threw off all her former feare, relating every thing to himorderly, and the reasons moving her to conceale the whole businesse insuch manner as shee had done. Gasparino well perceiving, that thereport of the Nurse, and the message received from Conrado, varied notin any one circumstance, began the better to credit her words. Andbeing a man most ingenious, making further inquisition into thebusinesse, by all the possible meanes hee could devise; and findingevery thing to yeeld undoubted assurance, ashamed of the vile and baseusage wherein he had so long time kept the Lad, and desiring (by hisbest meanes) to make him amends, he had a beautifull daughter, agedabout thirteene yeares, and knowing what manner of man he was, hisFather Henriet also yet living, he gave her to him in marriage, with avery bountifull and honourable dowry.
4.   "A side-slip," I suggested.
5. It seemed so obvious, so natural to Terry, that he always grew impatient; but the girls were honestly anxious to understand.
6. 有一件事,或许有助于欧洲和整个世界进一步整合,并保持开放的边界和心胸:降低对恐怖主义的歇斯底里程度。欧洲对自由和宽容的这场实验,如果只因为对恐怖分子的过度恐惧就终至失败,将会非常令人遗憾。这不仅会让恐怖分子得偿所愿,更会让极少数狂热分子拥有对人类未来过大的决定权。其实,恐怖主义是人类社会中处于边缘、力量弱小的一群人的武器。恐怖主义究竟是如何演变成全球政治的主宰的?


1. 常亮监控补光灯的功率一般为20瓦,爆闪监控补光灯功率能在瞬间达到200瓦,会让驾驶员眼睛产生盲区。
2.   "Somebody there received your packet, and gave you a letterin place of it, I think?"
3.   'To see the clinging of that pretty little thing to her uncle,' said Mr. Omer; 'to see the way she holds on to him, tighter and tighter, and closer and closer, every day, is to see a sight. Now, you know, there's a struggle going on when that's the case. Why should it be made a longer one than is needful?'

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    Still, the optimistic view is that several roadblocks to recovery -- an over-indebted consumer, a moribund housing market and shellshocked banks -- are no longer holding back hiring. Barring an unforeseen shock to the economy, this could mean 2013 will be another year of slow but steady growth.[qh]

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