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1.   "'Arthur' I screamed, 'you villain! you thief! How dare you touchthat coronet?'
2. 所以林婆婆的门是不关的,因为她当时一个人住,街坊也好、居委巡查也好,看到了都会进来帮她,但是陈然他们一家就住在楼上,有一次我们两公婆经过碰到她,为什么林婆婆在里面摔倒了,你们不进来帮她,(她就说)林婆婆骂人,不管她。
3.   'Try to get hold of my horse's bridle and lead him to me: you arenot afraid?'
4. 根据公司需要,很多同事这周都已经开始远程办公了,公司会给加班费。
5.   As usual, a pilot put off immediately, and rounding theChateau d'If, got on board the vessel between Cape Morgionand Rion island.
6.   He did not look at her often. When he did, it was with a mildlight in his eye. Not a shade was there of anything savegeniality and kindness. He took back the shifty, clever gleam,and replaced it with one of innocence. Carrie could not guessbut that it was pleasure with him in the immediate thing. Shefelt that he considered she was doing a great deal.


1. 图片来自安徽省公安厅他认为,法子英应该很喜欢劳荣枝,他记得当年劳荣枝曾和家人提起过,法子英可以为她舍命。
2.   A second replyed; And trust me, I should do no lesse, because I amperswaded, that if my wife be willing to wander, the law is in herowne hand, and I am farre enough from home: dumbe walles blab notales, and offences unknowne are sildome or never called inquestion. A third man unapt in censure, with his former fellowes ofthe Jury; and it plainely appeared, that all the rest were of the sameopinion, condemning their wives over-rashly, and alledging, thatwhen husbands strayed so far from home, their wives had wit enoughto make use of their time.
3. "She is coming," she said.
4. 像有一天,多了一份饺子,我就说给我,我就吃了两份饺子。
5. 其次,微软公司由于急剧膨胀,员工数目已过25000人。公司太大,反应势必缓慢,在市场判断、对策制定、架构调整等方面,比尔·盖茨时有难以驾驭之感。船大难掉头,再也没有昔日那么灵活、那么进退自如了,这当然会使比尔·盖茨相当苦恼。
6. 这些影响深远的技术进步与相应的影响深远的制度变革相伴而行。人口的增长使某些村落得以发展为由新的宗教显贵及后来的军事首领和行政首脑统治的城市。城市的出现之所以可能,是由于农业生产率的增长。农业生产率增长使食物有了剩余,能够供养新产生的祭司阶级、士兵和官吏。这一发展过程不是突然的或单方面的。近来有不少人展开争论:究竟是技术变革决定制度变革,还是制度变革决定技术变革?这使人联想起关于人类进化的一个早期阶段的争论:是否先有了人的大脑,然后才创造出人类文化,包括语言和工具制造?现在大家已一致同意,前者与后者相互作用,语言和工具制造是大脑发展的原因,也是大脑发展的结果。看来技术变革和社会变革也是如此,先是相互作用,最后促使城市革命和文明到来。新石器时代的耕种者向居统治地位的显贵们提供剩余物品,从而由部落成员转为农民,并不是由于他们从某个时候起同意这样做,或被迫这样做;相反,这是一个逐步发展的过程,在这一发展过程中,原因和结果相互作用、密切关联。


1. 这意味着阿里云唾手可得的B端用户,将迎来大幅增长。
2.   In this book "The Arabian Nights" are translated from the French version of Monsieur Galland, who dropped out the poetry and a great deal of what the Arabian authors thought funny, though it seems wearisome to us. In this book the stories are shortened here and there, and omissions are made of pieces only suitable for Arabs and old gentlemen. The translations are by the writers of the tales in the Fairy Books, and the pictures are by Mr. Ford.
3. 回家后第二天,她就被送往县医院抢救,一度被医生嘱咐准备后事。
4.   I caught eagerly at these words, as giving me a faint hope of softening his wrath. "O genius!" I cried, "as you wish to spare my life, be generous, and spare it altogether. Grant my prayer, and pardon my crime, as the best man in the whole world forgave his neighbour who was eaten up with envy of him." Contrary to my hopes, the genius seemed interested in my words, and said he would like to hear the story of the two neighbours; and as I think, madam, it may please you, I will tell it to you also.
5. 在应用科学方法的多数现象中,一组条件会随着另一组条件而出现,不论任何人对它们的想法如何,情形都是如此。在社会科学所研究的现象中,包括金融市场在内,存在着富有思考能力的参与者,因此问题变得更复杂,正如我将要说明的,“参与者”的观点在本质上是有偏向的。一组条件并不会直接导致另一组条件,在客观而可观察的条件与参与者的观察之间,存在着不断的相互影响:参与者的决策并非基于客观的条件本身,而是基于对条件的解释。这是一个重要的观点,影响深远,这就引进了不确定(indeterminacy)的因素,使得主体不能遵循普遍原则(gener-alizations)——预测(predictions)、解释(explanations)的方式加以处理,然而这却是通向自然科学崇高声望的方式。正因为其破坏力如此严重,所以一般社会科学,尤其是经济学理论,都尽力消除或忽略此不确定性,我反对这种努力,试图发展替代方法,并以参与者的偏向作为起点。
6. 孝宗以李显忠为淮南、京东、河北招讨使,邵宏渊为副。邵宏渊攻虹县无功,位在李下,由此与李显忠不和。金兵纥石烈志宁(纥音河hé)部自唯阳反攻宿州,被季显忠打退。金军继续增兵,李、邵分兵夹攻。邵宏渊竟临阵按兵不动。对人说:“当此盛夏,摇着扇子还不凉快,怎么能在烈日下作战。”军官们见李、邵不和,各自奔逃。金兵攻至宿州城下,李显忠尽力抵御,叹息说:“如果各军合作,自城外掩袭,敌帅可擒。”邵宏渊见金增兵,极力主张撤退。李显忠孤军难敌,夜间自宿州撤出。金兵追至符离,宋兵大溃败。李显忠到盱眙见张浚,张浚上疏请罪。


1. 哥哥纽特·强森得知此事后蓄起了长发,并打算在头发长到够长时做成假发给妹妹。
2. “经营一个青年球员培训学院,每年需要三百万英镑以上的开支。要想保持现有的培训水平,必须配备十位全职教练、一名教官和全套高级训练设备。如果通过球员转会体制,小俱乐部投入的这些资金得不到适应的回报的话,那么青年球员培训工作可能就要走向衰落消亡了。”
3. 同时,美国Rapper歌手Eminem被证明是“复出王”,摘得最佳Hip Hop歌手奖。”The Lose Yourself ”的创作者与Hip Hop的新面孔相互竞争,包括Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone。
4.   On the evening of the crime, he returned from the club exactly atten. His mother and sister were out spending the evening with arelation. The servant deposed that she heard him enter the frontroom on the second floor, generally used as his sittingroom. She hadlit a fire there, and as it smoked she had opened the window. No soundwas heard from the room until eleven-twenty, the hour of the return ofLady Maynooth and her daughter. Desiring to say good-night, sheattempted to enter her son's room. The door was locked on theinside, and no answer could be got to their cries and knocking. Helpwas obtained, and the door forced. The unfortunate young man was foundlying near the table. His head had been horribly mutilated by anexpanding revolver bullet, but no weapon of any sort was to be foundin the room. On the table lay two banknotes for ten pounds each andseventeen pounds ten in silver and gold, the money arranged inlittle piles of varying amount. There were some figures also upon asheet of paper, with the names of some club friends opposite tothem, from which it was conjectured that before his death he wasendeavouring to make out his losses or winnings at cards.A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make thecase more complex. In the first place, no reason could be given whythe young man should have fastened the door upon the inside. There wasthe possibility that the murderer had done this, and had afterwardsescaped by the window. The drop was at least twenty feet, however, anda bed of crocuses in full bloom lay beneath. Neither the flowers northe earth showed any sign of having been disturbed, nor were there anymarks upon the narrow strip of grass which separated the house fromthe road. Apparently, therefore, it was the young man himself whohad fastened the door. But how did he come by his death? No onecould have climbed up to the window without leaving traces. Supposea man had fired through the window, he would indeed be a remarkableshot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound. Again,Park lane is a frequented thoroughfare, there is a cab stand withina hundred yards of the house. No one had heard a shot. And yet therewas the dead man and there the revolver bullet, which had mushroomedout, as soft-nosed bullets will, and so inflicted a wound which musthave caused instantaneous death. Such were the circumstances of thePark Lane Mystery, which were further complicated by entire absence ofmotive, since, as I have said, young Adair was not known to have anyenemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuablesin the room.
5.   'Say what it is, Trot,' she returned.
6. 数据库集群池化内存资源,内存池多级管理,会话访问实现99.99%内存访问命中率,实现高并发OLTP场景下内存的无锁访问,系统CPU的使用率提升10%。


1.   11. A drunkard. "Perhaps," says Tyrwhitt, "Chaucer refers to Epist. LXXXIII., 'Extende in plures dies illum ebrii habitum; nunquid de furore dubitabis? nunc quoque non est minor sed brevior.'" ("Prolong the drunkard's condition to several days; will you doubt his madness? Even as it is, the madness is no less; merely shorter.")
2. 后期的HTC,处处都要受制于人,更遗憾的是HTC长期安于现状,在后面5年的时间里,哪怕能解决其中的一个问题,也不会这么快就败家。
3. 视频来源:信阳消防官方微博。

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