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1. "Rather hard on Thomas, isn't it?" suggested Terry.
2. 我们就像给创业公司提供‘自助餐,收集全球资源、大企业资源、导师生态资源放到桌面上。
3.   "You see this handle," he said, reaching up to an electric cut-off, which was fastened to the roof. "This throws the currentoff or on. If you want to reverse the car you turn it over here.If you want to send it forward, you put it over here. If youwant to cut off the power, you keep it in the middle."
4. 原标题:全国铁路大调图
5.   `Do you think I particularly like you?'
6. 信中称,2020年联想控股将启动下一个五年计划的制定与执行,这是一个最合适的时间,把联想控股的事业交托到年富力强,创新精神,更为国际化的团队手中。


1. 预计2020年全球新能源汽车销量有望超过300万辆,同比增长超过40%。
2.   最终借助附近搜寻到的竹子,民警最终将小刘顺利拉上岸。
3.   Illustrations of the action of Natural Selection
4. The history of James Bond theme songs isn't quite as long as some might suspect, however. The first two films in the series – Dr. No and From Russia With Love – didn't have opening songs, they had orchestral arrangements. Dr. No even segued into a weird rendition of "Three Blind Mice." Later on, On Her Majesty's Secret Service gave the opening number amiss and snuck its theme song into the middle and end of the movie.
5. adj. 不合法的,非法的
6.   `Do you live here quite alone?' she asked.


1.   Alph. De Candolle and others have shown that plants which have very wide ranges generally present varieties; and this might have been expected, as they become exposed to diverse physical conditions, and as they come into competition (which, as we shall hereafter see, is a far more important circumstance) with different sets of organic beings. But my tables further show that, in any limited country, the species which are most common, that is abound most in individuals, and the species which are most widely diffused within their own country (and this is a different consideration from wide range, and to a certain extent from commonness), often give rise to varieties sufficiently well-marked to have been recorded in botanical works. Hence it is the most flourishing, or, as they may be called, the dominant species, those which range widely over the world, are the most diffused in their own country, and are the most numerous in individuals, which oftenest produce well-marked varieties, or, as I consider them, incipient species. And this, perhaps, might have been anticipated; for, as varieties, in order to become in any degree permanent, necessarily have to struggle with the other inhabitants of the country, the species which are already dominant will be the most likely to yield offspring which, though in some slight degree modified, will still inherit those advantages that enabled their parents to become dominant over their compatriots.If the plants inhabiting a country and described in any Flora be divided into two equal masses, all those in the larger genera being placed on one side, and all those in the smaller genera on the other side, a somewhat larger number of the very common and much diffused or dominant species will be found on the side of the larger genera. This, again, might have been anticipated; for the mere fact of many species of the same genus inhabiting any country, shows that there is something in the organic or inorganic conditions of that country favourable to the genus; and, consequently, we might have expected to have found in the larger genera, or those including many species, a large proportional number of dominant species. But so many causes tend to obscure this result, that I am surprised that my tables show even a small majority on the side of the larger genera. I will here allude to only two causes of obscurity. Fresh-water and salt-loving plants have generally very wide ranges and are much diffused, but this seems to be connected with the nature of the stations inhabited by them, and has little or no relation to the size of the genera to which the species belong. Again, plants low in the scale of organisation are generally much more widely diffused than plants higher in the scale; and here again there is no close relation to the size of the genera. The cause of lowly-organised plants ranging widely will be discussed in our chapter on geographical distribution.From looking at species as only strongly-marked and well-defined varieties, I was led to anticipate that the species of the larger genera in each country would oftener present varieties, than the species of the smaller genera; for wherever many closely related species (i.e. species of the same genus) have been formed, many varieties or incipient species ought, as a general rule, to be now forming. Where many large trees grow, we expect to find saplings. Where many species of a genus have been formed through variation, circumstances have been favourable for variation; and hence we might expect that the circumstances would generally be still favourable to variation. On the other hand, if we look at each species as a special act of creation, there is no apparent reason why more varieties should occur in a group having many species, than in one having few.
2. 张士诚攻下高邮,两淮地区局势为之一变。元顺帝急忙抽调追击徐寿辉的卜颜不花等军从蕲黄一线转入安丰。濒于失败的徐寿辉部又得以解围而重整旗鼓。
3. 那段时间,我和我妈住在附近的一家旅社,为了节约钱,第一天没有开空调,60块钱一个晚上。
4.   I shook hands with Mr. Peggotty, and passed into the kitchen, while he softly closed the door. Little Emily was sitting by the fire, with her hands before her face. Ham was standing near her.
5.   Beside, many Italians returning home, and carrying this report forcredible; some were so audaciously presumptuous, as they avouched upontheir oathes, that not onely they saw him dead, but were present athis buriall likewise. Which rumour comming to the eare of his Wife,and likewise to his kinred and hers: procured a great and grievousmourning among them, and all that happened to heare thereof.
6. 根据通报案例,被严重处罚的还有贵州省黔南布依族苗族自治州百姓人大药房连锁有限公司。


1. 绿林军(汉军)兵临长安,城内市民纷纷起而响应,举行暴动。王莽手中无兵可调,便效法秦二世,将狱中囚徒释放出来,编成军队,命将军史湛指挥,进攻绿林军(汉军)。但这支囚徒军刚过渭桥,便发生哗变,一哄而散,并掘毁了王莽的祖墓,焚烧其九庙。
2.   "Never mind," replied Villefort; "I say that this marriageshall be consummated."
3. 此后,全市紧急征集6000台出租车,分配给中心城区。
4. 显然,从“缺奶”到“淡奶”,是从无到有,是进步。进步往往是渐进的。不切实际地拔高标准,会适得其反。到底是要防伪防骗,还是要防劣防次,我们得作清楚的区分。
5.   The words were scarcely out of my mouth when the boat and man sank from beneath me, and left me floating on the surface. All that day and the next night I swam and floated alternately, making as well as I could for the land which was nearest to me. At last my strength began to fail, and I gave myself up for lost, when the wind suddenly rose, and a huge wave cast me on a flat shore. Then, placing myself in safety, I hastily spread my clothes out to dry in the sun, and flung myself on the warm ground to rest.
6.   "I really think," replied the king, "that will be the best way."


1. 鼓励人大代表、政协委员、政府参事、文史馆员与智库开展合作研究。
2. 有了上述的关于「价」的理念,我们还有几个重点要澄清的。
3.   'I wish with all my soul I had been better guided!' he exclaimed. 'I wish with all my soul I could guide myself better!'

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