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1.   "Ah, so much the better, I feared this little precautionmight have been forgotten."
2. 在西汉前期,民间商业曾得到自由发展,当时以独立经营的大商人居多。
3. 高院法官毛里斯·凯认为体育场十字转门那里在开球前一个半小时的确十分拥挤而混乱,他说:“当时的局势看起来好像是有愈演愈烈的趋势,太多的人都挤在一小块地方上。几分钟之后,有人开始不得已推推搡搡,在这么小的地方挤了这么多人,是在是让人难受,人们发现要出大问题了。”
4. [si'lebriti]
5.   'Traddles!' I replied, triumphantly.
6. 在接受检查驾驶证和车辆行驶证的过程中,该车突然加速逃离,将正在协助民警工作的辅警颜文雄挂倒并从其身上碾过,造成颜文雄当场死亡。


1.   Although natural selection can act only through and for the good of each being, yet characters and structures, which we are apt to consider as of very trifling importance, may thus be acted on. When we see leaf-eating insects green, and bark-feeders mottled-grey; the alpine ptarmigan white in winter, the red-grouse the colour of heather, and the black-grouse that of peaty earth, we must believe that these tints are of service to these birds and insects in preserving them from danger. Grouse, if not destroyed at some period of their lives, would increase in countless numbers; they are known to suffer largely from birds of prey; and hawks are guided by eyesight to their prey, so much so, that on parts of the Continent persons are warned not to keep white pigeons, as being the most liable to destruction. Hence I can see no reason to doubt that natural selection might be most effective in giving the proper colour to each kind of grouse, and in keeping that colour, when once acquired, true and constant. Nor ought we to think that the occasional destruction of an animal of any particular colour would produce little effect: we should remember how essential it is in a flock of white sheep to destroy every lamb with the faintest trace of black. In plants the down on the fruit and the colour of the flesh are considered by botanists as characters of the most trifling importance: yet we hear from an excellent horticulturist, Downing, that in the United States smooth-skinned fruits suffer far more from a beetle, a curculio, than those with down; that purple plums suffer far more from a certain disease than yellow plums; whereas another disease attacks yellow-fleshed peaches far more than those with other coloured flesh. If, with all the aids of art, these slight differences make a great difference in cultivating the several varieties, assuredly, in a state of nature, where the trees would have to struggle with other trees and with a host of enemies, such differences would effectually settle which variety, whether a smooth or downy, a yellow or purple fleshed fruit, should succeed.In looking at many small points of difference between species, which, as far as our ignorance permits us to judge, seem to be quite unimportant, we must not forget that climate, food, &c., probably produce some slight and direct effect. It is, however, far more necessary to bear in mind that there are many unknown laws of correlation of growth, which, when one part of the organisation is modified through variation, and the modifications are accumulated by natural selection for the good of the being, will cause other modifications, often of the most unexpected nature.
2. 法院审理查明01无端怀疑妻子,凌晨到岳母家要说法被告人蒙阿岩因无端怀疑其妻与他人有不正当男女关系,经常殴打妻子。
3.   Margaret
4. 成吉思汗为游牧民族传统的技术增添了新的技能和装备。这些技能和装备,绝大多数是从中国人那里学来的,其中包括强有力的石弩、攻城槌和坑道工兵;坑道工兵能将地道挖到城墙底下,然后用火药把城墙炸掉。这样,成吉思汗为无与伦比的骑兵射手增加了攻城武器;这种武器在攻占带有防御工事的城市时,是必不可少的。
5.   Clifford, however, inside himself, never quite forgave Connie for giving up her personal care of him to a strange hired woman. It killed, he said to himself, the real flower of the intimacy between him and her. But Connie didn't mind that. The fine flower of their intimacy was to her rather like an orchid, a bulb stuck parasitic on her tree of life, and producing, to her eyes, a rather shabby flower.
6. 而为了不让父母担心,叶黎文至今没有告诉父母自己调入发热门诊工作,每天会通过时长不到1分钟的电话报个平安,但不会和父母过多讲述自己工作的具体内容


1.   "Take my advice then, and do not go travelling about for long so farfrom home, nor leave your property with such dangerous people inyour house; they will eat up everything you have among them, and youwill have been on a fool's errand. Still, I should advise you by allmeans to go and visit Menelaus, who has lately come off a voyage amongsuch distant peoples as no man could ever hope to get back from,when the winds had once carried him so far out of his reckoning;even birds cannot fly the distance in a twelvemonth, so vast andterrible are the seas that they must cross. Go to him, therefore, bysea, and take your own men with you; or if you would rather travelby land you can have a chariot, you can have horses, and here are mysons who can escort you to Lacedaemon where Menelaus lives. Beg of himto speak the truth, and he will tell you no lies, for he is anexcellent person."
2. 第一,这些互相的债权的抵销,取决于资本的回流;也就是说,取决于只是延期的W—G。如果纺纱业者从棉织厂主那里得到一张汇票,这个棉织厂主只要能在到期之前,把他投放市场的棉布出售,就可以兑付这张汇票。如果谷物投机商人向他的代理人开出一张汇票,这个代理人只要能在到期之前按预期的价格把谷物出售,就能够支付货币。因此,这种支付取决于再生产的不断进行,也就是说,取决于生产过程和消费过程的不断进行。但由于信用是互相的,每一个人的支付能力同时就取决于另一个人的支付能力;因为在签发汇票时,一个人不是指望他本人企业中的资本回流,就是指望在这期间要向他兑付汇票的第三者企业中的资本回流。把这种对资本回流的指望撇开不说,支付就只有依靠准备资本,这是由发票人自己支配,以便在回流延迟时偿付债务的。
3. 因此,口罩过滤材料往往要经过驻极处理,使其携带微量的电荷,从而在比较蓬松的情况下仍能有效吸附空气中的各种微粒。
4. 虽然勇士依靠帕斯卡尔和布尔克斯追回分数,但小哈达威再中3分,东契奇也连得7分,分差被扩大到了36分之多。
5. It was just then that Miss Minchin entered the room. She was very like her house, Sara felt: tall and dull, and respectable and ugly. She had large, cold, fishy eyes, and a large, cold, fishy smile. It spread itself into a very large smile when she saw Sara and Captain Crewe. She had heard a great many desirable things of the young soldier from the lady who had recommended her school to him. Among other things, she had heard that he was a rich father who was willing to spend a great deal of money on his little daughter.
6. 途径一条河流时,一些游客乘着竹筏漂流而过。


1. 最有意思的是,这场运动激化了北洋军阀内部的裂痕。它给了反皖系势力一个最好的口实——一个爱国的口实、一个民意的口实。当时皖系政府在这场运动中穷于招架,步步退让。本来在收回山东的要求被拒绝之后,政府是准备在巴黎和会上签字的,签了之后就可以继续走嘛,但是运动一来,就不能签,没人敢签。本来没什么证据,曹、章、陆是不能被罢免的,但是非被罢免不可,结果真的被罢免了。这个罢免的要求,不是说,工人一起来就罢免了。其实当时的上海护军使卢永祥以及江苏督军李纯,都认为该罢免,吴佩孚就不用说了,甚至皖系的心腹大将张敬尧都拍来电报,说把他们几个文官牺牲算了。这些军阀都表态了,所以政府顶不住。说实话,上海罢工对北京的影响并不大,当时军阀割据,不管上海有多少钱,一分钱也到不了北京,所以上海罢工威胁不到北京政府。
2. 一样,欲速则不达。王充以古人成才为例,进一步证明在学业上不能急于求成,他说吕望到了晚年辅佐周武王伐纣才封侯显贵,百里奚晚年被秦穆公任用为相,始表露才华,说明大器晚成,任重,取进疾速,难矣(《论衡?状留》)。王充用了大量自然和人事的实例来说明学习必须循序渐进,勤学不舍,因此,他强调学习中的日见日为的功夫,刻苦锻炼,反复练习是学习成功的保证。他以骨、象、玉石经过切磋琢磨,才成为宝器,来说明人之学问,知能成就,犹骨象玉石,切磋琢磨也(《论衡?量知》),注意学习锻炼,强调反复练习是符合学习规律的。教育欲育人成才,受教者欲奋发进取都应有锲而不舍的精神。王充认为,若取得学业成就,不仅要勤学不舍,而且必须精思好问。他认为,可以被人们学会的知识,经过思考可以弄懂;尚未了解的知识,向别人请教也能够得到解决。事实上,天下的事情,人间的事情,假若通过深思熟虑可以弄明白的,即使是愚笨的人最终也能明白。假若通过努力探求还不能理解,即使是圣人也难弄懂。所以,他认为,不学自能,无师自达(《论衡?实知》)的事情是不存在的。总之,求知在于学习。
3.   "I have just left him," answered Caderousse.
4.   `Kill him!' croaked Jacques Three, who had come close up.
5.   Whereof I had so inly great pleasure, That, as me thought, I surely ravish'd was Into Paradise, where [as] my desire Was for to be, and no farther to pass, As for that day; and on the sweete grass I sat me down; for, *as for mine intent,* *to my mind* The birde's song was more *convenient,* *appropriate to my humour*
6. 东汉书法艺术走向繁荣,篆、隶、草、行、楷诸体具备,但东汉仍是以隶书为轴心的时代,隶书大为风行并发展到顶峰。东汉刻碑立石之风甚盛,多采用隶书,镌刻精细,所留丰碑极多,琳琅满目,丰富多彩,富有装饰趣味的燕尾波挑在汉碑中得到发展,趋向华美的风格,隶书至此已经完全成熟。篆书受到隶书影响,产生了缪篆。从隶书衍生出的章草、今草已经开始更广泛地使用,草书的兴趣为书法艺术开拓了更大的领域。许多书法家和书法理论著作在汉末也大量涌现。近代还出土了大量东汉竹木简,为东汉书法艺术宝库增添了珍贵的书法资料。总之,东汉是中国书法发展史上的一个辉煌灿烂的时期。下面按其书体介绍其发展面貌。


1.   There was Charles May, an Irishman, who wrote scientifically about stars. There was Hammond, another writer. All were about the same age as Clifford; the young intellectuals of the day. They all believed in the life of the mind. What you did apart from that was your private affair, and didn't much matter. No one thinks of inquiring of another person at what hour he retires to the privy. It isn't interesting to anyone but the person concerned.
2.   Beleeve me Sir, the journey is over-farre for mee to undertake,but if it were neerer; I could affoord to goe in your Company; onelyto see how they make these Macherones, and to fill my belly with them.
3.   "It was just about two hours ago. The light was just fading. I wassitting reading in the chair. I don't know what made me look up, butthere was a face looking in at me through the lower pane. Lord, sir,what a face it was! I'll see it in my dreams."

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