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1. 然后,新班子的第一个举动——用路易斯-威廉姆斯从火箭那里换来一个一轮签——是一个明确的信号,他们意识到必须不惜一切代价保证六月抽签时自己的选秀权能在前三。
2. 尽管后来有惊无险,但到了第三季的时候,该剧的外景制片主任卡罗·穆诺兹在拍另一位大毒枭故事的时候在墨西哥被干掉了。
3.   "M. de Chateau-Renaud -- M. Maximilian Morrel," said theservant, announcing two fresh guests.
4.   "Oh, you are good, you are great, my lord!" said Haidee,kissing the count's hand, "and I am very fortunate inbelonging to such a master!" Albert remained quitebewildered with all that he had seen and heard. "Come,finish your cup of coffee," said Monte Cristo; "the historyis ended."
6. muscular


1. 这里是景区,游客不少,生意还行。
2.   "In ev'rything, I wot, there lies measure;* *a happy medium For though a man forbidde drunkenness, He not forbids that ev'ry creature Be drinkeless for alway, as I guess; Eke, since I know for me is his distress, I oughte not for that thing him despise, Since it is so he meaneth in good wise.
3. 591
4. 知道李先生的遭遇后,张女士也希望赶紧找到这个骗子。
5.   The next morning early, the grand-vizir went back to the house where they had seen the children playing, and asked for the mistress and her children. Three boys appeared, and the grand-vizir inquired which had represented the Cadi in their game of the previous evening. The eldest and tallest, changing colour, confessed that it was he, and to his mother's great alarm, the grand-vizir said that he had strict orders to bring him into the presence of the Caliph.
6. extravagant


1. 除了SDC,还有哪些模式值得投资呢?以隐适美为代表的公司,引发了行业的第一波浪潮,不容忽视。
2. 日前网络曝光了某高校学生私人物品被丢弃、堆积等现象,随后高校深夜发布致歉信。
3. 赌客充值的资金,通过上述接单模式转到王琳等会员提供的个人账户,最后,再由王琳等人转到违法网站。
4.   `Indeed?'
5. 而新能源车的指标申请也是越来越多,要想买一辆新能源车,有可能要等到2028年。
6.   When night was come, they buried him in a goodly Marble tombe,erected in a faire Chappell purposely; and for many dayes afterfollowing, it was most strange to see, how the people of the Countrycame thither on heapes, with holy Candles and other offerings, withImages of waxe fastened to the Tombe, in signe of Sacred and solemneVowes, to this new created Saint. And so farre was spread the fame andrenowne of his sanctity, devotion, and integrity of life, maintainedconstantly by the Fathers of the Convent; that if any one fell sickein neede, distresse, or adversity, they would make their Vowes to noother Saint but him: naming him (as yet to this day they do) SaintChappelet, affirming upon their Oathes, that infinite miracles werethere daily performed by him, and especially on such, as came indevotion to visit his shrine.


1.   "Stranger," said he, "how suddenly you have changed from what youwere a moment or two ago. You are dressed differently and yourcolour is not the same. Are you some one or other of the gods thatlive in heaven? If so, be propitious to me till I can make you duesacrifice and offerings of wrought gold. Have mercy upon me."
2. 不仅是外卖,猫眼,酒旅业务也都是这么试出来的。
3.   "Really we must see Baynes at once," cried Holmes, picking up hishat. "We will just catch him before he starts." We hurried down thevillage street and found, as we had expected, that the inspector wasjust leaving his lodgings.
4. "Oh--useful! Why, the hunting dogs and watchdogs and sheepdogs are useful--and sleddogs of course!--and ratters, I suppose, but we don't keep dogs for their USEFULNESS. The dog is `the friend of man,' we say--we love them."
5. 康、梁派对于袁的罢斥自然大快,深佩"监国英断"。梁函善耆,请再明正袁的罪状,宣布朝廷励精图治与民更始之意,革命党人亦将归心。他所殷期的为赦免政治犯与开放党禁。载泽竭力阻挠,隆裕亦云光绪晚年的不幸为康、梁造成。皇族亲贵所不忘的是如何集权于满人,尤要掌握军权。设立禁卫军后,一九〇九年七月,宣布皇帝自为海陆军大元帅,由摄政王代理,派毓朗、载涛管理军谘处,①载洵、萨镇冰充筹办海军大臣,擢留学日本士官学校、排汉最力的良弼为禁卫军第一协统领官。一九〇九年九月,命陆军部尚书荫昌兼近畿陆军六镇训练大臣,十二月,设海军部,以载洵为大臣。于是陆海军悉归载涛、载洵兄弟主管。
6.   'He is very tall: some people call him a fine-looking young man;but he has such thick lips.'


1.   Sundays were dreary days in that wintry season. We had to walktwo miles to Brocklebridge Church, where our patron officiated. We setout cold, we arrived at church colder: during the morning service webecame almost paralysed. It was too far to return to dinner, and anallowance of cold meat and bread, in the same penurious proportionobserved in our ordinary meals, was served round between the services.
2. 第二,要熟悉的运用定位理论,知晓一个商业组织最有价值的资源不仅仅是资本资源、人力资源、知识资源(这些资源没有消失),但其决定性的地位都要让位于品牌所代表的的心智资源。
3. 30日下午两点半,第一财经记者进入万科金域蓝湾项目现场,营销大厅、样板间都人头攒动,除了一家农商行组织的企业团购外,不少都是佛山当地、广州前来看盘的客户。

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    而最终取得压倒性胜利的是福特公司(Ford)的CEO马克?菲尔茨(Mark Fields),去年年初他曾令人沮丧地宣布他的公司正“从一家汽车公司向一家汽车公司兼出行公司转型”。他紧接着声称:“遗产是蕴藏着前景的历史。”他超爱这句话,说了不止一次。这句话被他翻来覆去地说,让我觉得它不像格言反倒更像废话。因此本年度新晋“首席蒙人冠军”(Chief Obfuscation Champion)非菲尔茨先生莫属。

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      Habit is hereditary with plants, as in the period of flowering, in the amount of rain requisite for seeds to germinate, in the time of sleep, &c., and this leads me to say a few words on acclimatisation. As it is extremely common for species of the same genus to inhabit very hot and very cold countries, and as I believe that all the species of the same genus have descended from a single parent, if this view be correct, acclimatisation must be readily effected during long-continued descent. It is notorious that each species is adapted to the climate of its own home: species from an arctic or even from a temperate region cannot endure a tropical climate, or conversely. So again, many succulent plants cannot endure a damp climate. But the degree of adaptation of species to the climates under which they live is often overrated. We may infer this from our frequent inability to predict whether or not an imported plant will endure our climate, and from the number of plants and animals brought from warmer countries which here enjoy good health. We have reason to believe that species in a state of nature are limited in their ranges by the competition of other organic beings quite as much as, or more than, by adaptation to particular climates. But whether or not the adaptation be generally very close, we have evidence, in the case of some few plants, of their becoming, to a certain extent, naturally habituated to different temperatures, or becoming acclimatised: thus the pines and rhododendrons, raised from seed collected by Dr Hooker from trees growing at different heights on the Himalaya were found in this country to possess different constitutional powers of resisting cold. Mr Thwaites informs me that he has observed similar facts in Ceylon, and analogous observations have been made by Mr H. C. Watson on European species of plants brought from the Azores to England. In regard to animals, several authentic cases could be given of species within historical times having largely extended their range from warmer to cooler latitudes, and conversely; but we do not positively know that these animals were strictly adapted to their native climate, but in all ordinary cases we assume such to be the case; nor do we know that they have subsequently become acclimatised to their new homes.As I believe that our domestic animals were originally chosen by uncivilised man because they were useful and bred readily under confinement, and not because they were subsequently found capable of far-extended transportation, I think the common and extraordinary capacity in our domestic animals of not only withstanding the most different climates but of being perfectly fertile (a far severer test) under them, may be used as an argument that a large proportion of other animals, now in a state of nature, could easily be brought to bear widely different climates. We must not, however, push the foregoing argument too far, on account of the probable origin of some of our domestic animals from several wild stocks: the blood, for instance, of a tropical and arctic wolf or wild dog may perhaps be mingled in our domestic breeds. The rat and mouse cannot be considered as domestic animals, but they have been transported by man to many parts of the world, and now have a far wider range than any other rodent, living free under the cold climate of Faroe in the north and of the Falklands in the south, and on many islands in the torrid zones. Hence I am inclined to look at adaptation to any special climate as a quality readily grafted on an innate wide flexibility of constitution, which is common to most animals. On this view, the capacity of enduring the most different climates by man himself and by his domestic animals, and such facts as that former species of the elephant and rhinoceros were capable of enduring a glacial climate, whereas the living species are now all tropical or sub-tropical in their habits, ought not to be looked at as anomalies, but merely as examples of a very common flexibility of constitution, brought, under peculiar circumstances, into play.How much of the acclimatisation of species to any peculiar climate is due to mere habit, and how much to the natural selection of varieties having different innate constitutions, and how much to means combined, is a very obscure question. That habit or custom has some influence I must believe, both from analogy, and from the incessant advice given in agricultural works, even in the ancient Encyclopaedias of China, to be very cautious in transposing animals from one district to another; for it is not likely that man should have succeeded in selecting so many breeds and sub-breeds with constitutions specially fitted for their own districts: the result must, I think, be due to habit. On the other hand, I can see no reason to doubt that natural selection will continually tend to preserve those individuals which are born with constitutions best adapted to their native countries. In treatises on many kinds of cultivated plants, certain varieties are said to withstand certain climates better than others: this is very strikingly shown in works on fruit trees published in the United States, in which certain varieties are habitually recommended for the northern, and others for the southern States; and as most of these varieties are of recent origin, they cannot owe their constitutional differences to habit. The case of the Jerusalem artichoke, which is never propagated by seed, and of which consequently new varieties have not been produced, has even been advanced for it is now as tender as ever it was -- as proving that acclimatisation cannot be effected! The case, also, of the kidney-bean has been often cited for a similar purpose, and with much greater weight; but until some one will sow, during a score of generations, his kidney-beans so early that a very large proportion are destroyed by frost, and then collect seed from the few survivors, with care to prevent accidental crosses, and then again get seed from these seedlings, with the same precautions, the experiment cannot be said to have been even tried. Nor let it be supposed that no differences in the constitution of seedling kidney-beans ever appear, for an account has been published how much more hardy some seedlings appeared to be than others.On the whole, I think we may conclude that habit, use, and disuse, have, in some cases, played a considerable part in the modification of the constitution, and of the structure of various organs; but that the effects of use and disuse have often been largely combined with, and sometimes overmastered by, the natural selection of innate differences.

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      In delivering these words, he sweetly kissed and embraced her, asshe sat on the Chest wherein her husband lay: now, what they didelse beside, in recompence of the wrong received, I leave to yourimagination, as rather deserving silence, then immodest blabbing.Spinelloccio, being all this while in the Chest, hearing easily allthe words which Zeppa had uttered, the answer of his wife, as alsowhat Musicke they made over his head: you may guesse in what a case hewas, his heart being ready to split with rage, and, but that hee stoodin feare of Zeppa, he would have railde and exclaimed on his wife,as thus hee lay shut up in the Chest. But entering into betterconsideration, that so great al injury was first begun by himselfe,and Zeppa did no more, then in reason and equity he might well do(having evermore carried himselfe like a kinde neighbour and frendtowards him, without the least offer of distaste) he faithfullyresolved, to be a firmer friend to Zeppa then formerly hee had bin, ifit might be embraced and accepted.

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