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1. 2004年12月8日,联想集团在北京正式宣布以总价12.5亿美元并购IBM的全球PC业务,其中包括台式机和笔记本产品线。
2.   "We have just come from his house."
3. 企业微信3.0还打通了小程序和微信支付。
4.   Now she had more time to herself she could softly play the piano, up in her room, and sing: `Touch not the nettle, for the bonds of love are ill to loose.' She had not realized till lately how ill to loose they were, these bonds of love. But thank Heaven she had loosened them! She was so glad to be alone, not always to have to talk to him. When he was alone he tapped-tapped-tapped on a typewriter, to infinity. But when he was not `working', and she was there, he talked, always talked; infinite small analysis of people and motives, and results, characters and personalities, till now she had had enough. For years she had loved it, until she had enough, and then suddenly it was too much. She was thankful to be alone.
5. 为2010年奥运会进行的投票结果出乎意料:这并不是因为温哥华的入选,而是因为在第二轮投票中,不为人知的韩国旅游胜地平昌虽被击败,但其票数却非常接近:56:53。很多人喜欢的萨尔兹堡在第一轮投票中就以16票被淘汰,平昌仅以6票之差没能在第一轮投票中直接中选。投票结果是:平昌51票、温哥华40票、萨尔兹堡16票。
6. 王跃明说,脑机接口领域的研究需要神经科学、信息科学、机械工程和医学等多个学科的紧密合作,而浙江大学综合性大学的特征,为学科交叉提供了肥沃的土壤,这也是浙江大学、浙大二院打造‘医学高峰,助力我省生命健康科创高地建设的一大亮点。


1. "That means," explained Sara, "`Then, fellow-sufferer, we will sleep in peace. Good night.'"
2. 第一节金国的建立与攻占辽东
3. S%(Q1(LYA(ep)n
4. 现在,《时代》的编辑可以进行如下推理:“假如《新闻周刊》采用艾滋病新药做封面故事,那么,假如我采用预算问题,我就会得到整个‘预算问题市场’(即全体读者的30%),假如我采用艾滋病新药,我们两家就会平分‘艾滋病新药市场’(即我得到全体读者的35%),因此,艾滋病新药为我带来的收入就会超过预算问题。假如《新闻周刊》采用预算问题,那么,假如我采用同样的故事,我会得到15%的读者,假如我采用艾滋病新药,就会得到70%的读者;这一次,第二方案同样会为我带来更大的收入。因此,我有一个优势策略,就是采用艾滋病新药做封面。无论我的对手选择采用上述两个新闻当中的哪一个,这一策略都会比我的其他策略更胜一筹。”
5. 据了解,此前阿里巴巴已设立了10亿元医疗物资供给专项基金,以及为在一线抗击疫情的全国医护人员设立了最高50万元的健康保障金。
6. 沈太福的集资规则是这样的:投资者与公司直接签订“技术开发合同”,集资金额的起点为3000元,高者不限。投资者可随时提取所投资金,按季支付“补偿费”,年“补偿率”达24%当时,银行的储蓄利率为12%左右,沈太福开出的利率高出一倍。他的第一轮集资活动是6月份在海南展开的,广告前一天刊出,第二天公司的门口就排了长龙,仅20天,就集资2000万元。初战即告大捷的沈太福当即加快集资步伐,他先后在全国17个城市开展了类似的活动,长城公司的集资风暴迅猛席卷全国,它很快成为当年最炙手可热的高科技企业。


1. 胡锋接处警永远都是最积极的一个,从不推托。
2.   `And has left me,' answered the nephew, `bound to a system that is frightful to me, responsible for it, but powerless in it; seeking to execute the last request of my dear mother's lips, and obey the last look of my dear mother's eyes, which implored file to have mercy and to redress; and tortured by seeking assistance and power in vain?
3.   "The ship ran before a fresh North wind till we had reached thesea that lies between Crete and Libya; there, however, Jove counselledtheir destruction, for as soon as we were well out from Crete andcould see nothing but sea and sky, he raised a black cloud over ourship and the sea grew dark beneath it. Then Jove let fly with histhunderbolts and the ship went round and round and was filled withfire and brimstone as the lightning struck it. The men fell all intothe sea; they were carried about in the water round the ship lookinglike so many sea-gulls, but the god presently deprived them of allchance of getting home again. I was all dismayed; Jove, however,sent the ship's mast within my reach, which saved my life, for I clungto it, and drifted before the fury of the gale. Nine days did Idrift but in the darkness of the tenth night a great wave bore me onto the Thesprotian coast. There Pheidon king of the Thesprotiansentertained me hospitably without charging me anything at all forhis son found me when I was nearly dead with cold and fatigue, whereonhe raised me by the hand, took me to his father's house and gave meclothes to wear.
4. 新京报:对目前的生活状况满意吗?王广超:还可以,虽然不能大富大贵,但我能自己养活自己,也能养家。
5.   So saying he gave me a supply of food, and returned to the town, and I perched myself high up in the tree and kept watch. That night I saw nothing, but just after sunrise the next morning a large herd of elephants came crashing and trampling by. I lost no time in letting fly several arrows, and at last one of the great animals fell to the ground dead, and the others retreated, leaving me free to come down from my hiding place and run back to tell my master of my success, for which I was praised and regaled with good things. Then we went back to the forest together and dug a mighty trench in which we buried the elephant I had killed, in order that when it became a skeleton my master might return and secure its tusks.
6.   Release me from those worse then servile bands,


1.   When seated 'mong the jovial crowd, Where merry comrades boasting loudEach named with pride his favourite lass, And in her honour drain'd his glass;Upon my elbows I would lean, With easy quiet view the scene, Nor give mytongue the rein until Each swaggering blade had talked his fill. Then smiling Imy beard would stroke, The while, with brimming glass, I spoke; "Each to histaste! - but to my mind, Where in the country will you find, A maid, as mydear Gretchen fair, Who with my sister can compare?" Cling! Clang! so rangthe jovial sound! Shouts of assent went circling round; Pride of her sex is she!- cried some; Then were the noisy boasters dumb.And now! - I could tear out my hair, Or dash my brains out in despair! Meevery scurvy knave may twit, With stinging jest and taunting sneer! Likeskulking debtor I must sit, And sweat each casual word to hear! And though Ismash'd them one and all, Yet them I could not liars call.Who comes this way? who's sneaking here? If I mistake not, two draw near.If he be one, have at him; - well I wot Alive he shall not leave this spot!Faust. Mephistopheles
2. 自接到市里关于全力保障口罩等医用物资供应的通知后,他们调动一切资源,千方百计加快口罩、防护服等紧缺物资进口,辛苦换来不错的成绩单。
3. 而特斯拉上海工厂最重要的两个作用,第一是降成本,第二是扩大需求,二者与盈利密切相关。
4. 在哪个地方分赃?答是在土地庙,不是,是在你家分赃的吧?那就是吧。
5. 'For now she wears a dab of lipstick and nail varnish.'
6.   In regard to the domestic animals kept by uncivilised man, it should not be overlooked that they almost always have to struggle for their own food, at least during certain seasons. And in two countries very differently circumstanced, individuals of the same species, having slightly different constitutions or structure, would often succeed better in the one country than in the other, and thus by a process of 'natural selection,' as will hereafter be more fully explained, two sub-breeds might be formed. This, perhaps, partly explains what has been remarked by some authors, namely, that the varieties kept by savages have more of the character of species than the varieties kept in civilised countries.


1.   So next morning Mick was more uneasy than ever; restless, devoured, with his hands restless in his trousers pockets. Connie had not visited him in the night...and he had not known where to find her. Coquetry!...at his moment of triumph.
2.   The ancient one I like sometimes to see, And not to break with him amalways civil; 'Tis courteous in so great a lord as he, To speak so kindly evento the devil.
3. 持续的乏力和反复的发烧使她疲于应对,已经没有多少坚持下去的欲望了。

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