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1. 据称,口腔行业是国内增长最快的专科领域,每年的行业增速超过20%,预计到2020年,全国口腔医疗设备及相关产品与服务市场将突破4000亿元。
2. 也就是说该主板上的四个M.2SSD接口都提供了配套散热解决方案,可以避免因长时间高负载工作,出现M.2SSD过热掉速的现象。
3. v. 挖隧道,挖地道
4.   'Not a great deal, to be sure,' agreed Bessie: 'at any rate, abeauty like Miss Georgiana would be more moving in the samecondition.'
5.   Perhaps. Perhaps, see the great crowd of people with its rush and roar, bearing down upon them, too.CHAPTER VIIMonseigneur in TownMONSEIGNEUR, one of the great lords in power at the Court, held his fortnightly reception in his grand hotel in Paris. Monseigneur was in his inner room, his sanctuary of sanctuaries, the Holiest of Holiests to the crowd of worshippers in the suite of rooms without. Monseigneur was about to take his chocolate. Monseigneur could swallow a great many things with ease, and was by some few sullen minds supposed to be rather rapidly swallowing France; but, his morning's chocolate could not so much as get into the throat of Monseigneur, without the aid of four strong men besides the Cook.
6. 最有名的一次流行病就是黑死病,始于14世纪30年代的东亚或中亚某处,栖息在跳蚤身上的鼠疫杆菌(Yersiniapestis)通过跳蚤叮咬而感染人类。这批瘟疫大军借着老鼠和跳蚤,迅速蔓延全亚洲、欧洲和北非,不到20年便抵达大西洋沿岸。当时的死亡人数约为7500万~2亿,超过欧亚大陆人口的四分之一。在英国,每10人就有4人死亡,人口从瘟疫前的370万降到瘟疫后的220万。佛罗伦萨的10万居民,也有5万不幸殒命。6


1.   Cling to these ancient ribs of granite rock, Else to yon depths profound it youwill hurl. A murky vapour thickens night. Hark! Through the woods thetempests roar! The owlets flit in wild affright. Hark! Splinter'd are the columnsthat upbore The leafy palace, green for aye: The shivered branches whirr andsigh, Yawn the huge trunks with mighty groan. The roots upriven, creak andmoan! In fearful and entangled fall, One crashing ruin whelms them all, Whilethrough the desolate abyss, Sweeping the wreck - strewn precipice, Theraging storm - blasts howl and hiss! Aloft strange voices dost thou hear?Distant now and now more near? Hark! the mountain ridge along, Streametha raving magic - song!
2.   "The lady had a cavalier shut up with her," said Athos, "butas notwithstanding the noise, this cavalier did not showhimself, it is to be presumed that he is a coward.""Judge not rashly, says the Gospel," replied the cardinal.Athos bowed.
3.   `But doesn't it make you sad?'
4. 12月6日,犯罪嫌疑人周甲、余某权、周某力因涉嫌失火罪被连平县公安局森林分局依法予以刑事拘留。
5. 商人资本的独立发展与资本主义生产的发展程度成反比例这个规律,在例如威尼斯人、热那亚人、荷兰人等经营的转运贸易(carryingtrade)的历史上表现得最为明显,在这种贸易上,主要利润的获取不是靠输出本国产品,而是靠对商业和一般经济都不发达的共同体的产品交换起中介作用,靠对两个生产国家进行剥削。【“商业城市的居民从一些较富有的国家运进精制的工业品和昂贵的奢侈品,因而助长了大地主们的虚荣心,这些大地主贪婪地购买这种东西,并且用大量的本国原料来支付。因此,当时欧洲大部分地区的商业,都是一个国家用自己的原料去交换一个工业比较进步的国家的工业品……一旦这种嗜好普遍流行,以致引起大量需求,商人为了节省运费,就开始在他们本国建立类似的制造业。”(亚·斯密[《国富论》阿伯丁发行,1848年伦敦版]第3卷第3章[第267页])这一点与中国改革开放后的情形相似。】在这个场合,商人资本是纯粹的商业资本,同两极即以它作为媒介
6. 上观新闻记者统计的武汉市早前公开的44个死亡病例中,有30例(68.2%)患有高血压、冠心病、糖尿病等慢性疾病,也就意味着,本身患有慢性疾病的人对新冠肺炎的抵抗力相对较弱,容易致死。


1. 政府可以宣布它要按照字母顺序追究违法者。姓氏为艾伦(Aaron)的人知道,假如他不去注册,他就会受到惩罚。惩罚的必然性已经足以促使他乖乖注册。接下来,姓亚当的人(Adams)会认为,既然所有艾伦都注册了,惩罚就会落到自己身上。这么依次分析下去,直到朱可夫们(Zhukovs)和兹韦贝尔们(Zweibels),也都会乖乖就范。
2. 10月底推出的新款登峰系列定价过高,引起了市场观望,发布后不到半月,11月12日,波司登股价大跌近10%,创下今年6月以来的最大跌幅
3. 旅客通过互联网购买试点车次电子客票时,支付成功页面将提示您本次购买的车票是电子客票,无需换取纸质车票,请乘车人持购票身份证件检票乘车。
4.   'The opinion of those other branches of my family,' pursued Mrs. Micawber, 'is, that Mr. Micawber should immediately turn his attention to coals.'
5. 而就在该事件发生的前一天(12月28日),基本医疗卫生与健康促进法经全国人大常委会表决通过,将于2020年6月1日实施,明确规定禁止任何人威胁、危害医护人员人身安全。
6. 马宏彬理想中的团队,就是要尽可能地接近互联网公司该有的状态。


1. 凌晨时分,当地医院给驻守的工作人员送来了热水和泡面,这令刘宏伟至今难忘。
2. 社交电商是社交即世界,信息不对称造成很大的价值泡沫,项目仅运营四个月,果断结束止损。
3. 从上世纪70年代末,国内广告走市场营销道路以来,一直是营销的监督,而且广告一直是营销的一个变量,从广告里头我们就能够看到营销的一些变化。
4. The highest ranked of these is Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai at 40, down eight places on its previous rank in 2014.
5.   `I replied to the Bank, sir, that as it was considered necessary, by those who know, and who are so kind as to advise me, that I should go to France, and that as I am an orphan and have no friend who could go with me, I should esteem it highly if I might be permitted to place myself, during the journey, under that worthy gentleman's protection. The gentleman had left London, but I think a messenger was sent after him to beg the favour of his waiting for me here.'
6. 玫瑰馕是最具西域风情的,汉代时被称为突厥蔷薇的玫瑰,原产地就在中亚。


1. Do your homework. Read the assigned pages, and then some. Plug your topic into the Internet, grab another book at the library, and see what else you can learn about the subject.
2.   And of that longing cometh heaviness, And thereof groweth greate sickeness, And <2> for the lack of that that they desire: And thus in May be heartes set on fire, So that they brennen* forth in great distress. *burn
3.   No more was said, and I took the pen and wrote the six sorts of writing in use among the Arabs, and each sort contained an original verse or couplet, in praise of the Sultan. And not only did my handwriting completely eclipse that of the merchants, but it is hardly too much to say that none so beautiful had ever before been seen in that country. When I had ended the officials took the roll and returned to the Sultan.

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    "I dare say it is rather hard to be a rat," she mused. "Nobody likes you. People jump and run away and scream out, `Oh, a horrid rat!' I shouldn't like people to scream and jump and say, `Oh, a horrid Sara!' the moment they saw me. And set traps for me, and pretend they were dinner. It's so different to be a sparrow. But nobody asked this rat if he wanted to be a rat when he was made. Nobody said, `Wouldn't you rather be a sparrow?'"

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      That varieties of this doubtful nature are far from uncommon cannot be disputed. Compare the several floras of Great Britain, of France or of the United States, drawn up by different botanists, and see what a surprising number of forms have been ranked by one botanist as good species, and by another as mere varieties. Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I lie under deep obligation for assistance of all kinds, has marked for me 182 British plants, which are generally considered as varieties, but which have all been ranked by botanists as species; and in making this list he has omitted many trifling varieties, but which nevertheless have been ranked by some botanists as species, and he has entirely omitted several highly polymorphic genera. Under genera, including the most polymorphic forms, Mr Babington gives 251 species, whereas Mr Bentham gives only 112, a difference of 139 doubtful forms! Amongst animals which unite for each birth, and which are highly locomotive, doubtful forms, ranked by one zoologist as a species and by another as a variety, can rarely be found within the same country, but are common in separated areas. How many of those birds and insects in North America and Europe, which differ very slightly from each other, have been ranked by one eminent naturalist as undoubted species, and by another as varieties, or, as they are often called, as geographical races! Many years ago, when comparing, and seeing others compare, the birds from the separate islands of the Galapagos Archipelago, both one with another, and with those from the American mainland, I was much struck how entirely vague and arbitrary is the distinction between species and varieties. On the islets of the little Madeira group there are many insects which are characterized as varieties in Mr Wollaston's admirable work, but which it cannot be doubted would be ranked as distinct species by many entomologists. Even Ireland has a few animals, now generally regarded as varieties, but which have been ranked as species by some zoologists. Several most experienced ornithologists consider our British red grouse as only a strongly-marked race of a Norwegian species, whereas the greater number rank it as an undoubted species peculiar to Great Britain. A wide distance between the homes of two doubtful forms leads many naturalists to rank both as distinct species; but what distance, it has been well asked, will suffice? if that between America and Europe is ample, will that between the Continent and the Azores, or Madeira, or the Canaries, or Ireland, be sufficient? It must be admitted that many forms, considered by highly-competent judges as varieties, have so perfectly the character of species that they are ranked by other highly-competent judges as good and true species. But to discuss whether they are rightly called species or varieties, before any definition of these terms has been generally accepted, is vainly to beat the air.Many of the cases of strongly-marked varieties or doubtful species well deserve consideration; for several interesting lines of argument, from geographical distribution, analogical variation, hybridism, &c., have been brought to bear on the attempt to determine their rank. I will here give only a single instance, the well-known one of the primrose and cowslip, or Primula veris and elatior. These plants differ considerably in appearance; they have a different flavour and emit a different odour; they flower at slightly different periods; they grow in somewhat different stations; they ascend mountains to different heights; they have different geographical ranges; and lastly, according to very numerous experiments made during several years by that most careful observer G?rtner, they can be crossed only with much difficulty. We could hardly wish for better evidence of the two forms being specifically distinct. On the other hand, they are united by many intermediate links, and it is very doubtful whether these links are hybrids; and there is, as it seems to me, an overwhelming amount of experimental evidence, showing that they descend from common parents, and consequently must be ranked as varieties.Close investigation, in most cases, will bring naturalists to an agreement how to rank doubtful forms. Yet it must be confessed, that it is in the best-known countries that we find the greatest number of forms of doubtful value. I have been struck with the fact, that if any animal or plant in a state of nature be highly useful to man, or from any cause closely attract his attention, varieties of it will almost universally be found recorded. These varieties, moreover, will be often ranked by some authors as species. Look at the common oak, how closely it has been studied; yet a German author makes more than a dozen species out of forms, which are very generally considered as varieties; and in this country the highest botanical authorities and practical men can be quoted to show that the sessile and pedunculated oaks are either good and distinct species or mere varieties.

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      When night came the Sultan called his vizir, and said to him, "I have resolved to clear up this mystery. I am going out alone, and do you stay here in my tent, and when my ministers come to-morrow, say I am not well, and cannot see them. Do this each day till I return."

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