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1. Lottle sat bolt upright, and looked about her. She was a pretty, little, curly-headed creature, and her round eyes were like wet forget-me-nots. If her mamma had seen her during the last half-hour, she might not have thought her the kind of child who ought to be related to an angel.
2.   Among his other Servants and Followers, there was a yongGentleman, gracefull of person, excellent in speech, and every wayas active as no man could be more: his name Pyrrhus, highly affectedof Nicostratus, and more intimately trusted then all the rest. Suchseemed the perfections of this Pyrrhus, that Lydia (for so was theLady named) began to affect him very earnestly, and in such sort, asday or night shee could take no rest, but devised all meanes tocompasse her harts desire. Now, whether he observed this inclinationof her towards him, or else would take no notice thereof, it could notbe discerned by any outward apprehension: which moved the moreimpatiency in her, and drove her hopes to dispairing passions. Whereinto finde some comfort and ease, she called an ancient Gentlewoman ofher Chamber, in whom shee reposed especiall confidence, and thus shespake to her.
3. 季锦良急着想在初七也就是1月31日,把它们从佐贺运回上海。
4. "Do you think she DOESN'T know things?" said Sara, in her stern little voice. Sometimes she had a rather stern little voice.
5. 对于城市级三维实景地图数据的单体化切割,业内已有多样化的解决方案,但往往依靠较多的人力投入,因而成本较高。
6. 重点单词


1. 269
2. 记者梳理全国各地的警方通报发现,已有近20人因故意隐瞒行程、发病不报告等涉罪行为,被公安机关以涉嫌以危险方法危害公共安全罪立案
3.   "I will take all you have on board. Have them unloaded and we will make our bargain at once, and tell the other merchants to let me see all their best wares before showing them to other people."
4.   "I would rather die a hundred times -- oh, yes, die!"
5. 双眼皮、隆鼻、麻子脸磨平是那时候最常见的医美项目。
6.   "Felton!" cried she. "I am saved."


1. 1914年时的欧洲霸权不仅在广度上,而且在深度上也是前所未有的;这一点能从欧洲所实行的经济控制中觉察出来。欧洲已变成世界的银行家,为建造横穿大陆的铁路、开凿沟通海洋的运河、开发矿山、建立种植园提供所需的资金。到1914年时,英国在海外的投资已达40亿英镑,占其全部国民财富的四分之一;法国的投资达450亿法郎,相当于其国民财富的六分之一;德国的投资达220至250亿马克,为其全部财富的十五分之一。
2. ['fig?]
3. 究其原因,诺华公司全球企业战略主管UlrichMuehlner博士告诉36氪,我们对生物制药的投资已经非常成熟了,估值模型清晰,投资路径明确。
4.   "I'll try," said Carrie, brimming with affection and enthusiasm.
5.   "Then I saw Alcmena, the wife of Amphitryon, who also bore to Joveindomitable Hercules; and Megara who was daughter to great King Creon,and married the redoubtable son of Amphitryon.
6. She thought she had never seen more surprise and delight than the dark face expressed when she spoke in the familiar tongue. The truth was that the poor fellow felt as if his gods had intervened, and the kind little voice came from heaven itself. At once Sara saw that he had been accustomed to European children. He poured forth a flood of respectful thanks. He was the servant of Missee Sahib. The monkey was a good monkey and would not bite; but, unfortunately, he was difficult to catch. He would flee from one spot to another, like the lightning. He was disobedient, though not evil. Ram Dass knew him as if he were his child, and Ram Dass he would sometimes obey, but not always. If Missee Sahib would permit Ram Dass, he himself could cross the roof to her room, enter the windows, and regain the unworthy little animal. But he was evidently afraid Sara might think he was taking a great liberty and perhaps would not let him come.


1.   Why dost thou behold me so advisedly? Whereunto Nello answered,saying Hast thou felt any paine this last night past? Thou lookestnothing so well, as thou didst yesterday. Calandrino began instantlyto wax doubtfull, and replyed thus. Dost thou see any alteration in myface, whereby to imagine, I should feele some paine? In good faithCalandrino (quoth Nello) me thinks thy countenance is strangelychanged, and surely it proceedeth from some great cause, and so hedeparted away from him.
2.   'Growed, Mas'r Davy bor'? Ain't he growed!' said Ham.
3. 数据服务流量大的平台会出一些展示全网热点的数据产品,比如百度风云榜、新浪微博发现、百度指数、微指数、淘宝指数,爱奇艺指数、视频指数、贴吧热搜等,通过它们可以发现最新的社会热点和用户感兴趣的电影和话题。
4. 从投资规模来看,第一梯队公司的投资总额明显高于第二梯队。
5. 玻尔这是第一次见到首相。进入办公室后他就发现了一个面色凝重的丘吉尔。丘吉尔嘴里叼着他的烟斗,正在低头看一个文件。他头都没抬地做了一个让客人坐下的手势,眼睛一直没有离开他的文件。过了大约一分钟,他才把脑袋转过来,看了玻尔一眼。结果,他的目光立即转向了彻韦尔,并且,那目光立即毫不掩饰地转换成了责备的眼神儿。原来,他注意到了玻尔的一头散发。他心里在责骂彻韦尔:瞧你,给我弄来了这样一个披头散发的家伙!在他的观念里,世人都应该像他那样把头发剪得短短的,而且最好也像他那样,头发没有几根才合乎标准。
6. 老胡认为,北京的全国性交通枢纽,是防止疫情扩散的重要堡垒。


1.   "Yes, yes; let us hasten up; it was in Valentine's room."But before the doctor and the father could reach the room,the servants who were on the same floor had entered, andseeing Valentine pale and motionless on her bed, they liftedup their hands towards heaven and stood transfixed, asthough struck by lightening. "Call Madame de Villefort! --wake Madame de Villefort!" cried the procureur from the doorof his chamber, which apparently he scarcely dared to leave.But instead of obeying him, the servants stood watching M.d'Avrigny, who ran to Valentine, and raised her in his arms."What? -- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will bethe end?" Villefort rushed into the room. "What are yousaying, doctor?" he exclaimed, raising his hands to heaven.
2.   "One last favor, my Lord!" said he to the baron.
3. 从这种推理出发,演化的进程应当是病原体的毒力稳步降低,最终无害,甚至对宿主的生存有利。

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