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1. 据外媒报道,来自印度的经济型酒店管理公司OYO在最近几周已经撤出了200多座城市,分布在全球多个地区。
2. 记者多次联系大庆市卫健委,希望了解尸检报告的相关情况。
3.   In the evening, at which season of all others Saint Antoine turned himself inside out, and sat on doorsteps and window-ledges, and came to the corners of vile streets and courts, for a breath of air, Madame Defarge with her work in her hand was accustomed to pass from place to place and from group to group: a Missionary--there were many like her--such as the world will do well never to breed again. All the women knitted. They knitted worthless things; but, the mechanical work was a mechanical substitute for eating and drinking; the hands moved for the jaws and the digestive apparatus: if the bony fingers had been still, the stomachs would have been more famine-pinched.
4. "Assuredly we have, for each living generation."
5. "MILK? We have milk in abundance--our own."
6. 现场满是覆盖着泡沫的水,发生事故的水泥罐车停在左侧车道上,已经被撞变形烧得面目全非乐驰车,车头朝向桥中间,车身呈45度角,停在左侧车道上,地面上散落很多车身残骸,有一些雨伞,背包等车上的物品飞到了旁边的人行道上。


1.   I was confused. So had it never been; No one of me could any evil say. Alas,thought I, he doubtless in thy mien, Something unmaidenly or bold hath seen?It seemed as if it struck him suddenly, Here's just a girl with whom one maymake free! Yet I must own that then I scarcely knew What in your favourhere began at once to plead; Yet I was angry with myself indeed, That I moreangry could not feel with you.
2. 您有没有想过,你的超额分红老板拿1,事业部总经理就拿1,你有七个事业部,你的公司将有七个人挣三四百万,但为此你的超额将是2000万以上,你有什么好纠结的呢。
3. 经过2019年11月5日第三次公开披露后,乐融公司并未有最新整改方案或举措。
4. 营销人员又走了一步,指出在接下来的两年中,客户体验是头等大事。
5. 瑞幸能否击败星巴克,早也成为老生常谈话题。
6. 就像马云一样,虽然他从阿里退休了,但是没有人会忘记他的贡献。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. 放缓开门店减少在门店成本上的持续亏损,新用户获取速度放缓,但老用户依旧能维持,毕竟现有的门店又不会关。
3. 此外,李斌还让沈峰去和合肥市政府谈融资的可能性。
4. "We had, in the very old days, these," said Somel, and sketched with swift sure touches a sort of sheep or llama," and these"--dogs, of two or three kinds, "that that"--pointing to my absurd but recognizable horse.
5. 我不怕,我这是在救爸爸。
6. 一些慈善组织,将一特定关键人物求助信息作为捐助文案主体,实则为一个群体开展慈善募捐,易陷入误导公众的争议中。


1.   It was as if thousands and thousands of little roots and threads of consciousness in him and her had grown together into a tangled mass, till they could crowd no more, and the plant was dying. Now quietly, subtly, she was unravelling the tangle of his consciousness and hers, breaking the threads gently, one by one, with patience and impatience to get clear. But the bonds of such love are more ill to loose even than most bonds; though Mrs Bolton's coming had been a great help.
2. 需要说明的是,1999年版第五套人民币1元、5角、1角硬币是根据1999年中华人民共和国国务院令第268号决定发行的。
3. 印度整个国家人口数量直逼中国,并且年龄结构更年轻,35岁以下人群占65%,0~24岁人群比例远超过中国。
4.   Thus they spoke, for they thought that he had killed Antinous bymistake, and did not perceive that death was hanging over the headof every one of them. But Ulysses glared at them and said:
5. But when we asked them, in our later, more intimate conversations, how they accounted for so much divergence without cross-fertilization, they attributed it partly to the careful education, which followed each slight tendency to differ, and partly to the law of mutation. This they had found in their work with plants, and fully proven in their own case.
6.   `Yes.


1.   'Is she going by herself?' asked the porter's wife.
2. 此外,还能查看你2019的通话信息,包括全年通话分钟、联系最多的号码、月均通话分钟、共接听电话个数、拨打电话个数等。
3.   I see no reason to limit the process of modification, as now explained, to the formation of genera alone. If, in our diagram, we suppose the amount of change represented by each successive group of diverging dotted lines to be very great, the forms marked a214 to p14, those marked b14 and f14, and those marked o14 to m14, will form three very distinct genera. We shall also have two very distinct genera descended from (I) and as these latter two genera, both from continued divergence of character and from inheritance from a different parent, will differ widely from the three genera descended from (A), the two little groups of genera will form two distinct families, or even orders, according to the amount of divergent modification supposed to be represented in the diagram. And the two new families, or orders, will have descended from two species of the original genus; and these two species are supposed to have descended from one species of a still more ancient and unknown genus.

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      "To this he gave me but a pitiless answer, 'Stranger,' said he, 'youare a fool, or else you know nothing of this country. Talk to me,indeed, about fearing the gods or shunning their anger? We Cyclopes donot care about Jove or any of your blessed gods, for we are ever somuch stronger than they. I shall not spare either yourself or yourcompanions out of any regard for Jove, unless I am in the humour fordoing so. And now tell me where you made your ship fast when youcame on shore. Was it round the point, or is she lying straight offthe land?'

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      The king looked at the cardinal as if to interrogate him; but hehad not time to address any question to him--a cry of admirationburst from every mouth. If the king appeared to be the firstgentleman of his kingdom, the queen was without doubt the mostbeautiful woman in France.

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      He put a hand on either side of his head and rocked himself to andfro, droning to himself like a child whose grief has got beyond words.Sherlock Holmes sat silent for some few minutes, with his browsknitted and his eyes fixed upon the fire.