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1. 当天下午,陈顶宝很意外地接到了黄坤妻子的电话,对方表示,黄坤好了一点,没有太大问题,心里的石头刚刚落下,没想到,再次接到电话的时候,已是噩耗。
2.   "What I require is, that justice be done. I am on the earthto punish, madame," he added, with a flaming glance; "anyother woman, were it the queen herself, I would send to theexecutioner; but to you I shall be merciful. To you I willsay, `Have you not, madame, put aside some of the surest,deadliest, most speedy poison?'"
3.   'But to bring you so far,' I returned, 'and to separate, seems bad companionship, Steerforth.'
4. 公司创始人兼CEO杨理想认为,民用AI在精英人才、产品理念、迭代速度以及产品可用性上有一定的领先优势。
5.   "My lord," he said, "you behold in me a poor man who only lives by the help of persons as rich and as generous as you."
6.   (Turning to the table.)


1. 贝尔纳斯像往常一样,除国际政治,他还考虑国内政治,他警告说,接受日本的条件可能意味着“把总统钉在十字架上”。
2.   In the country of Zouman, in Persia, there lived a Greek king. This king was a leper, and all his doctors had been unable to cure him, when a very clever physician came to his court.
3.   'Clara!' said Miss Murdstone, in her warning voice.
4. 扩博智能成立于2016年11月,是一家专注于机器视觉技术的高科技企业,总部位于上海和美国西雅图,并布局新加坡,进一步服务亚太客户。
5.   Darkness closed around, and then came the ringing of church bells and the distant beating of the military drums in the Palace Court-Yard, as the women sat knitting, knitting. Darkness encompassed them. Another darkness was closing in as surely, when the church bells, then ringing pleasantly in many an airy steeple over France, should be melted into thundering cannon; when the military drums should be beating to drown a wretched voice, that night all-potent as the voice of Power and Plenty, Freedom and Life. So much was closing in about the women who sat knitting, knitting, that they their very selves were closing in around a structure yet unbuilt, where they were to sit knitting, knitting, counting dropping heads.CHAPTER XVIIINine DaysTHE marriage-day was shining brightly, and they were ready outside the closed door of the Doctor's room, where he was speaking with Charles Darnay. They were ready to go to church; the beautiful bride, Mr. Lorry, and Miss Pross--to whom the event, through a gradual process of reconcilement to the inevitable, would have been one of absolute bliss, but for the yet lingering consideration that her brother Solomon should have been the bridegroom.
6.   The slaves that were in waiting ran to her aid, and the Sultan himself did his best to bring her back to consciousness, but for a long while it was all to no purpose. At length her senses began slowly to come back to her, and then, rather than break faith with the Prince of Persia by consenting to such a marriage, she determined to feign madness. So she began by saying all sorts of absurdities, and using all kinds of strange gestures, while the Sultan stood watching her with sorrow and surprise. But as this sudden seizure showed no sign of abating, he left her to her women, ordering them to take the greatest care of her. Still, as the day went on, the malady seemed to become worse, and by night it was almost violent.


1. 这位30岁的年轻妇女正为冠心病所困,在喝中药调理。
2. 拼假最好请带薪年休假中国旅游研究院的数据显示,与世界62个主要国家和地区相比,我国法定节假日天数(11天)目前排在并列33位,人均每年法定节假日天数远高于大部分发展中国家。
3. 过了一会儿,两个石匠突然浑身浮肿。
4. ['pre]
5. 基于此,在东南亚我们总结了2019年6大行业趋势变化1.细分领域领导者出现新加坡2019年最大新闻是Carousell收购菲律宾分类巨头OLX的消息。
6.   `No, you'd better come along in case she sticks. The engine isn't really strong enough for the uphill work.' The man glanced round for his dog...a thoughtful glance. The spaniel looked at him and faintly moved its tail. A little smile, mocking or teasing her, yet gentle, came into his eyes for a moment, then faded away, and his face was expressionless. They went fairly quickly down the slope, the man with his hand on the rail of the chair, steadying it. He looked like a free soldier rather than a servant. And something about him reminded Connie of Tommy Dukes.


1. 当时,东京政府每天的决定赫尔都知道,因为日本的电台密码已被破译。因此,一份份“注意戒备”的警告送到了珍珠港,送到了驻扎在菲律宾的美国远东军司令道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟将军的手中。12月7日,参谋长乔治·C.马歇尔将军从华盛顿向珍珠港发出了最后一份警告。由于静电故障妨碍了美军电台的使用,因此,这一消息只得通过商业渠道传送。在火奴鲁鲁岛,这份电报交给了一位骑自行车的邮差。当他还在送信途中,即上午7点刚过,日本的炸弹已开始落在这座岛屿上。几小时之内,除三艘巡洋舰和三艘驱逐舰被炸毁外,珍珠港上的八艘战列舰中有五艘被击毁。与此同时,日本另一支特遣部队摧毁了美军在菲律宾的大部分飞机。
2. 坤鹏论总结下来,其实你只要掌握以下三个原则就够了:第一是自知自省,经常反思自己的得与失,成功与失败,想一想,如果再给你一次机会,你会怎么做。
3. 孔丘创立儒家学派,删定六经。历代相沿,形成经学。但孔丘的原始儒学,主要内容是统治者为政的方术和修身处世之道,哲学思想是贫乏的。汉学拘泥于章句训诂,更不去探究哲理。经学从汉学转变到宋学,才逐渐哲学化,进而出现了理学。
4. 过去四年多,踏入这家医院患者,几乎遭遇到了同样的伤害。
5. 欧洲工商管理学院的出类拔萃不仅表现在一年期MBA课程上,还体现于强大的国际文化(基于两个校区)以及覆盖面最广和最多样化的校友网络之一。该课程在校友国际流动性指标上排名第三,在国际课程体验指标上排名第六。
6. 一杯咖啡吸收宇宙能量的文化,也是从那时起,被任正非大力推广的。


1.   I will, however, give one curious and complex case, not indeed as affecting any important character, but from occurring in several species of the same genus, partly under domestication and partly under nature. It is a case apparently of reversion. The ass not rarely has very distinct transverse bars on its legs, like those of a zebra: it has been asserted that these are plainest in the foal, and from inquiries which I have made, I believe this to be true. It has also been asserted that the stripe on each shoulder is sometimes double. The shoulder-stripe is certainly very variable in length and outline. A white ass, but not an albino, has been described without either spinal or shoulder-stripe; and these stripes are sometimes very obscure, or actually quite lost, in dark-coloured asses. The koulan of Pallas is said to have been seen with a double shoulder-stripe; but traces of it, as stated by Mr Blyth and others, occasionally appear: and I have been informed by Colonel Poole that foals of this species are generally striped on the legs, and faintly on the shoulder. The quagga, though so plainly barred like a zebra over the body, is without bars on the legs; but Dr Gray has figured one specimen with very distinct zebra-like bars on the hocks.With respect to the horse, I have collected cases in England of the spinal stripe in horses of the most distinct breeds, and of all colours; transverse bars on the legs are not rare in duns, mouse-duns, and in one instance in a chestnut: a faint shoulder-stripe may sometimes be seen in duns, and I have seen a trace in a bay horse. My son made a careful examination and sketch for me of a dun Belgian cart-horse with a double stripe on each shoulder and with leg-stripes; and a man, whom I can implicitly trust, has examined for me a small dun Welch pony with three short parallel stripes on each shoulder.
2. 今年,成功上市后,孙陶然旧话重提,雷军兑现承诺送出一块一公斤的黄金。
3. 老路给了第一个告诉他消息的那个人3000元的感谢费,究竟那人是否把钱分给老李,老路就不知道了。

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      I took them gratefully, and as we went from one island to another I laid in stores of cloves, cinnamon, and other spices. In one place I saw a tortoise which was twenty cubits long and as many broad, also a fish that was like a cow and had skin so thick that it was used to make shields. Another I saw that was like a camel in shape and colour. So by degrees we came back to Balsora, and I returned to Bagdad with so much money that I could not myself count it, besides treasures without end. I gave largely to the poor, and bought much land to add to what I already possessed, and thus ended my third voyage.