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1.   The Lady hearing these words (not without much paine and difficulty)restrayned her teares, quite contrary to the naturall inclination ofwomen, and thus answered. Great Marquesse, I never was so empty ofdiscretion, but did alwayes acknowledge, that my base and humblecondition, could not in any manner sute with your high blood andNobility, and my being with you, I ever acknowledged, to proceedfrom heaven and you, not any merit of mine, but onely as a favour lentme, which you being now pleased to recall backe againe, I ought tobe pleased (and so am) that it bee restored. Here is the Ring,wherewith you Espoused me; here (in all humility) I deliver it to you.You command me, to carry home the marriage Dowry which I broughtwith me: there is no need of a Treasurer to repay it me, neither anynew purse to carry it in, much lesse any Sumpter to be laden withit. For (Noble Lord) it was never out of my memory, that you tookeme starke naked, and if it shall seeme sightly to you, that thisbody which hath borne two children, and begotten by you, must againebe seene naked; willingly must I depart hence naked. But I humblybeg of your Excellency, in recompence of my Virginity, which I broughtyou blamelesse, so much as in thought: that I may have but one of mywedding Smocks, onely to conceale the shame of nakednesse, and thenI depart rich enough.
2. 三、新政的继续
3. 他选择了一趟中途要经停两次的航班,为的是每人能免费托运40公斤行李。
4. Americans: While you're here, why not pretend to be Canadian? Very few Britons can tell the difference, and it will allow you to rescue yourself from awkward conversations about the death penalty.
5. 点击进入专题:重庆居民楼火灾大火从楼底烧到楼顶。
6. 医学生搬家太难了像网友说的,几乎每年医学生期末的时候,都能上次热搜。


1. 因为它可以减低汽车制造过程中空气的粉尘污染而大受欢迎,3M一炮而红。
2. 那就是让NASA可以在我国的嫦娥四号上安装个探测器,让美国对中国的探月实现数据共享。
3. It was all theirs, waiting for them to learn, to love, to use, to serve; as our own little boys plan to be "a big soldier," or "a cowboy," or whatever pleases their fancy; and our little girls plan for the kind of home they mean to have, or how many children; these planned, freely and gaily with much happy chattering, of what they would do for the country when they were grown.
4. 所谓缸子,就是大锅清炖羊肉的袖珍版,用小搪瓷缸烹饪盛放的清炖羊肉。
5. 文字大意是一名女婴刚出生即遭遗弃,希望父母良知发现主动站出来,也希望爱心人士能帮助这个小生命……数九寒冬,是谁如此狠心将刚出生的婴儿丢弃?孩子又是怎样被发现的?现在情况如何?本文图片楚天都市报微信公号垃圾车内发现刚出生的女婴发现女婴的是一名环卫工,叫胡雪珍,今年61岁。
6. 老师姓袁,在那个穷山沟里面,天天跟我们讲国内国际的大形势。


1. 针对公司内部一些家庭比较困难的员工,比如家里有留守儿童、留守老人的员工,对他们进行一个住房的援助计划。
2. 一二○一年八月,章宗下诏推排西京、北京、辽东三路人户的物力。泰和二年(一二○二年)闰十二月,章宗认为,推排物力时,官府既要询问人民的浮财物力,又要核实分等,事繁期迫,难以得实,命令尚书省拟订“人户物力随时推收法”,让民间典卖产业时,随时“推收”物力钱。一二○六年十一月,下诏制定各州府“物力差役式”。一二○八年九月,再次派吏部尚书贾守谦等十三人,分别与各路按察司官员一起推排民户物力。章宗召见十三名使臣,指示他们在推排时,对“新强户”增加的物力不要添足,要“量存气力”,对“销乏户”也不要销而不尽,否则留下一些物力,仍旧负担不起。
3. 尤吉利时机恰当和思虑周密的举动应该能扭转猛龙下滑的颓势。
4.   'Abominable stuff! How shameful!'
5. "Oh, goodness!" exclaimed Ermengarde. "Do you think you can?"
6.   That danced and eke sung full soberly; And all they went *in manner of compass;* *in a circle* But one there went, in mid the company, Sole by herself; but all follow'd the pace That she kept, whose heavenly figur'd face So pleasant was, and her well shap'd person, That in beauty she pass'd them ev'ry one.


1. 回家等了一个多月,我没有收到任何消息,就决定再跑一次东城区法院。
2.   The Doctor, in the goodness of his heart, waved his hand as if to make light of it, and save Mr. Jack Maldon from any further reminder. But Mrs. Markleham changed her chair for one next the Doctor's, and putting her fan on his coat sleeve, said:
3. 新收的病人只能用钢瓶氧气,因为任务突然,氧气钢瓶表头有限,医院来不及调拨那么多氧气表头,所以只能一个表头接双通管,给两个病人同时用氧,这样下来一个钢瓶的氧气还不够一天用的,需要护士反复更换,这给护士增加了护理以外的工作量。
4.   `It's much less complicated if one stays pure,' said Berry.
5. 他们用最笨的方法,去社区、公园里跟老人聊天,去顾客家里拜访,邀请顾客开座谈会,几年下来积累了数万个调研数据。
6. 案发现场留下一摊血渍及两名亲友(右上图左一及二)到医院了解情况(图片来源:香港东网)据报道,5日下午5时许,该对越南情侣在马头涌道51号外争执,男方情绪激动出手打伤女友,见此情景,死者当时疑做和事老上前劝阻,却被男方迁怒取出利刀施袭,猝不及防胸口中多刀,重创倒地昏迷,行凶者伤人后逃走,有目击者见状报警


1. 无论你用微信、短信、邮件或是其他传输工具发送原图,都会将附带信息一并发送。
2. 点击进入专题: 身负7条人命女逃犯潜逃20年落网。
3.   Nor goal, nor measure is prescrib'd to you, If you desire to taste of everything, To snatch at joy while on the wing, May your career amuse and profittoo! Only fall to and don't be over coy!



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