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1. engaged
2. 孩子们反映,有的时候,菜品有异味,打荤菜的时候,师傅的手还特别抖,一抖就把肉都抖回锅里。
3. 他回复称,洁厕液都是锁在卫生间最高处的柜子里,孩子自己根本无法触碰到。
4.   90. Lyke-wake: watching by the remains of the dead; from Anglo-Saxon, "lice," a corpse; German, "Leichnam."
5. 展开全文0204虽然我的工作离不开网络,但对于我的孩子们,我一直在努力做个不顺畅的导体,尽可能地把她们隔绝网络。
6. 2014年,印度与互联网有关的创业公司共产生了50亿美元的相关投资,这一数字较2013年增长了近三倍。


1.   LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.
2. 推进新能源技术研究的创新,提升光伏产品可靠性,掌握工业储能系统核心的集成及能量调度控制技术,进一步发力海外市场。
3. [·全文总结·]现如今,新能源车已经成为每届车展之中重要的组成部分,而从本届广州车展来看,新能源车的参展数有望再创新高。
4.   "Oh, are you?" said Carrie, taking another glance at thenewcomer.
5. With what we told them, from what sketches and models we were able to prepare, they constructed a sort of working outline to fill in as they learned more.
6. 《金顶山公墓定价收费情况的汇报》文件显示:根据四川省民政厅关于同意兴建巴中市恩阳区金顶山公墓的批复文件(川民[2015]504号),文件第二条规定,园区已建成12个地中价公益性墓穴,其中7000元以下的墓穴6类,1.7万元至5.8万元的墓穴6类,公益性公墓类无利润,大部分墓型属亏本经营,目的是能够满足低中端人群消费。


1. 公诉机关指控,被告人杨某淇自2018年上半年开始,产生消极情绪,悲观厌世,逐步发展到产生自杀的想法,因未能坚定决心没有付诸实施。
2. Management consultancies pride themselves on being expert advisers on “change” — from helping clients integrate after mergers, to keeping them at the cutting edge of new technology. Several of the world’s largest consultancies will have to make use of their own advice in 2018 as they prepare for leadership changes — the first in years — that will have significant ramifications for their workforce.
3.   "Eumaeus, this house of Ulysses is a very fine place. No matterhow far you go you will find few like it. One building keeps followingon after another. The outer court has a wall with battlements allround it; the doors are double folding, and of good workmanship; itwould be a hard matter to take it by force of arms. I perceive, too,that there are many people banqueting within it, for there is asmell of roast meat, and I hear a sound of music, which the godshave made to go along with feasting."
4. 检察院称若证据确实充分,考虑追加被告人针对上述情况,12月5日,城关派出所原所长陈石接受新京报记者采访时表示,因为付某在派出所身亡,自己已被免职,录音也是当所长的时候,现在不好回答。
5. 遇难的6人包括一家四代人,年龄最大的是表弟的爷爷,也是我妻子的外公,已经80多岁了,但平时身体还不错,外婆住院时还能照顾外婆。
6.   "Not a word. He lives at the lodge with his mother, and as he wasa very faithful fellow we imagine that he walked up to the housewith the intention of seeing that all was right there. Of coursethis Acton business has put everyone on their guard. The robber musthave just burst open the door-the lock has been forced-when Williamcame upon him."


1. 上个月,这位匿名患者在德里的甘加拉姆爵士医院接受了2个小时的手术。
2. 故事具有疗愈力量,虽然它并不直接告诉读者怎么做,但是故事的隐喻会产生积极的心理暗示。
3.   "Needless," said the Englishman; "I am well furnished withsuch playthings."
4. 护林员巡护时刚好遇见,雪豹发现护林员之后停止打斗,各自离开。
5. 叶适的著述中,还有一个重要的内容,即对儒家的经书以至后人的经学、哲学著述,作了大量的评论。叶适认为三代以后,即“道德败坏,而义利不并立”。学者中他只推尊孔子,以为谈义理必须以孔子语为准的。经书中他只推重《周礼》,而认为《诗》《书》“最为入道之害”。叶适激烈批评子思、孟子学派的“尽心知性”说,认为周公、孔子是“以道为止”,思、盂是“以道为始”。他还批评荀子是“乖错不合于道”,老子是“以有为无”,庄子是不理“事物之情”。管子是“浅鄙无稽”,成为申、韩的先驱。法家申、韩和商鞅、李斯的学说,是使“民罹其祸而不蒙其福”。后世君主所谓“杂用王霸”,实际上是以“王道儒术缘饰申、韩之治”。陈亮惟重汉唐,以为君主有“拯民之志”,叶适则认为:“如汉高祖、唐太宗与群盗争攘竞杀,胜者得之,皆为己富贵,何尝有志于民?”(《记言》卷三八)叶适在他的多种评论中贯串着“以利和义”,利义合一的思想。他的政治学说的基本观点是“善为国者,务实而不务虚”(《水心文集》卷二九)。
6. 12月18日发布的中国企业综合调查报告显示,使用机器人企业所雇佣的劳动力人数占样本总体的比例从2008年的12%提升至2017年的37%,10年之间快速提升约25个百分点,这表明中国约有40%的制造业劳动力人口已受到机器人使用的潜在影响。


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2. 为了应对加大的医用防护口罩,3M正在全球范围地加大规模地生产口罩,已开启7天24小时连轴转的全产能性生产模式
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