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1. 这一切不该让我们太惊讶。智人之所以统治世界,并不是因为智人的情感更深刻或音乐体验更复杂。至少在某些体验领域里,智人确实可能不如鲸鱼、蝙蝠、老虎或鹈鹕。
2.   Before he had uttered halfe these words, Beltramo, having forgotan especiall evidence in his Study, which was the onely occasion ofhis journey, came gallopping backe againe into the Castell Court,and seeing such a goodly Gelding stand fastened there, could notredily imagine who was the owner thereof. The waiting woman, uponthe sight of her Masters entring into the Court, came to her Lady,saying: My Master Beltramo is returned back?, newly alighted, and(questionlesse) comming up the staires. Now was our Lady Isabella, tentimes worse affrighted then before, (having two severall amouroussuters in her house, both hoping, neither speeding, yet her creditelying at the stake for either) by this unexpected returne of herHusband. Moreover, there was no possible meanes, for the concealing ofSignior Lambertuccio, because his Gelding stood in the open Court, andtherefore made a shrewde presumption against her, upon the leastdoubtfull question urged.
3. 厕所每天至少保洁三次根据要求,学校每天定人、定时对厕所进行保洁。
4.   "No," said Carrie, gently.
5. 今天再买手机,即便是个很讨厌听技术参数的女生,你问她为什么买华为,她也能给你讲出来几点。
6. 地租所以会提高,或者是因为在相对肥力和市场价格都保持不变的情况下,经营土地的资本的量已经增长。因此,虽然和预付资本相比,地租仍然不变,但地租量,比如说,会因资本本身增加一倍而增加一倍。既然价格没有下降,第二次投资也就会和第一次投资一样提供一个超额利润,这个利润在租佃期满后,也会转化为地租。这时,地租量增加了,因为产生地租的资本的量增加了。有人断言,同一地段上连续投入的各个资本,只有当它们的收益不等,从而产生级差地租的时候,才会生出地租,这个断言和下面的说法是一样的:如果有两个各1000镑的资本投在两块肥力相等的土地上,尽管这两块地都属于提供级差地租的较好土地,但其中只有一块能提供地租。(因此,地租总量,一个国家的地租总额,会在个别地段的价格,或者地租率,或者甚至个别地段的地租量都不必增加的情况下,随着投资的总量一起增加;在这种情况下,地租总量会随着耕种面积的扩大而增加。这种增加,甚至可能和个别土地的地租的下降结合在一起。)否则,这个断言就会和另一种说法一样:两块相邻的不同土地上的投资所遵循的规律,不同于同一块土地上的连续投资。但我们正好是从这两种情况的规律的同一性,从同一土地和不同土地上的投资的生产率的增加,引出级差地租的。在这里存在的并被人忽视的唯一差异是:在对不同地方的土地连


1. popul人民+ar…的→流行的
2. There was something so honest and kind in his face, and he looked so likely to be heartbrokenly disappointed if she did not take it, that Sara knew she must not refuse him. To be as proud as that would be a cruel thing. So she actually put her pride in her pocket, though it must be admitted her cheeks burned.
3.   Only think! My knees beneath me well - nigh sink! Within my press I've foundto - day, Another case, of ebony. And things - magnificent they are, Morecostly than the first, by far.
4. 笔者认为,行业之间的竞争有益于行业向上发展,相互之间的监督、牵制才能让行业规范化。
5.   Chapter 2 - Variation Under Nature
6.   The lover condemns the whole discourse of his friend as unworthy, and calls on Death, the ender of all sorrows, to come to him and quench his heart with his cold stroke. Then he distils anew in tears, "as liquor out of alembic;" and Pandarus is silent for a while, till he bethinks him to recommend to Troilus the carrying off of Cressida. "Art thou in Troy, and hast no hardiment [daring, boldness] to take a woman which that loveth thee?" But Troilus reminds his counsellor that all the war had come from the ravishing of a woman by might (the abduction of Helen by Paris); and that it would not beseem him to withstand his father's grant, since the lady was to be changed for the town's good. He has dismissed the thought of asking Cressida from his father, because that would be to injure her fair fame, to no purpose, for Priam could not overthrow the decision of "so high a place as parliament;" while most of all he fears to perturb her heart with violence, to the slander of her name -- for he must hold her honour dearer than himself in every case, as lovers ought of right:


1. 研究近代化与近代民族国家的关系,势必要研究帝国主义政策。蒋廷黻在海斯和沙费尔德(WilliamR.Shepherd)教授的启示下,选择当时欧洲最主要的帝国主义英国作为研究对象,重点放在反对传统帝国主义政策的英国工党的外交政策研究上。他以《劳工与帝国:关于英国工党特别是工党国会议员对于1880年以后英国帝国主义的反应的研究》作为博士论文[37],于1923年获得哲学博士学位。这一年他28岁。
2.   The comfortable manager looked at him, as much as to say: "Well,I should judge so."
3. 虽然事情已经过去了近半年的时间,但回忆对小鱼来说,仍然是十分痛苦的。
4. 这次的对比挑战恰逢年底,正好契合了网友们想要回顾总结一年改变的情绪。
5. “It is an area where clearly the fundamentals are slowing down,” he says. “I sold down a little bit, then the whole correction happened very quickly, so I waited for a rebound and sold there.”
6. 连续多轮的工资讨价还价


1. 除此之外,微博还将针对虚拟运营商手机号码注册进行限制。
2.   "Madam," returned the vizir, "you shall be obeyed. We have quite enough to please and interest us without troubling ourselves about that with which we have no concern." Then they all sat down, and drank to the health of the new comers.
3.   That forest-dell, where Lowood lay, was the cradle of fog andfog-bred pestilence; which, quickening with the quickening spring,crept into the Orphan Asylum, breathed typhus through its crowdedschoolroom and dormitory, and, ere May arrived, transformed theseminary into an hospital.
4. 利用规模效应,大规模生产,摊低边际成本。
5. 中圣公司工作人员称双方约定将于1月9日商议相关事宜。
6. 2020年将成为未来十年远程办公的元年未来十年远程办公将在全球内得到极大的发展,我认为办公空间这个话题将出现如下重大趋势:1.榜样的力量如今,已有一大批人意识到远程办公将影响到自己的命运,而他们已经付诸了行动。


1. 软银愿景基金的投资推动Lenskart的募资总额达到4.56亿美元。
2.   With this hurried adjuration, he cocked his blunderbuss, and stood on the offensive.
3. "When we began--even with the start of one particularly noble mother--we inherited the characteristics of a long race- record behind her. And they cropped out from time to time-- alarmingly. But it is--yes, quite six hundred years since we have had what you call a `criminal.'

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      Peggotty began to be less with us, of an evening, than she had always been. My mother deferred to her very much - more than usual, it occurred to me - and we were all three excellent friends; still we were different from what we used to be, and were not so comfortable among ourselves. Sometimes I fancied that Peggotty perhaps objected to my mother's wearing all the pretty dresses she had in her drawers, or to her going so often to visit at that neighbour's; but I couldn't, to my satisfaction, make out how it was.

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