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1. 瘦的兔子可能跑得快一点,但是瘦到一定程度之后,再瘦一点与饥饿所增加的风险相比就不合算了。
2. 大年初一,园内还将举办福鼠萌狮闹新春文明游园活动。
3.   After breakfast, he immediately got his other clothes.
4. 此外,刘雄每逢节日和生日收的金条也占赃物的一大部分。
5.   "It is often my lot to bring ill-tidings and seldom good," saidhe. "This occasion is the more welcome. It is not leprosy.""A well-marked case of pseudo-leprosy or ichthyosis, a scale-likeaffection of the skin, unsightly, obstinate, but possibly curable, andcertainly noninfective. Yes, Mr. Holmes, the coincidence is aremarkable one. But is it coincidence? Are there not subtle forcesat work of which we know little? Are we assured that theapprehension from which this young man has no doubt sufferedterribly since his exposure to its contagion may not produce aphysical effect which simulates that which it fears? At any rate, Ipledge my professional reputation- But the lady has fainted! I thinkthat Mr. Kent had better be with her until she recovers from thisjoyous shock."
6. v. 决定,决心,确定,测定


1. 也就是说,我国目前仍缺乏社会救助服务的组织选择权和决策权,社会救助的兜底作用并没有充分发挥出来。
2. 因为女性护肤,每个人的需求差异性是极端不同的,油性皮肤干性皮肤只是一个浅层知识,单独买任何一个单一的产品,都解决不了用户的护肤这个大需求。
3. 抖音上面有很多这样的视频。
4. 微博和微信等社交平台是网红扩大交流的重要平台,而广告、电商和粉丝的付费使网红经济成为可能。
5. The December budget deal was hardly the kind of confidence-boosting agreement Washington has been debating for years. But at least it hit the pause button on the serial brinkmanship that threatened to derail the recovery each of the past three years.
6. 这三部电影虽然故事不同,风格各异,但是都以社会事件为切入点,将社会景观作为电影的重要意象,或具有黑色电影的风格或以家庭正剧书写历史变迁,都可以看做是中国当代历史的某种缩影和隐喻,也可以被看做是中国独立电影精神的延续。


1. 下面我们把对趋势线的讨论深入一步。首先倒底由什么因素来决定一条趋势线的重要程度?答案包含两个方面——它未被触及的时间越长,所经过试探的次数越多,则越重要。比如说,有条趋势线成功地经受了8次试探,从而连续8次地显示了自身的有效性,那么它显然比另一条只经受了3次试探的趋势线重要。另一方面,一条持续有效达9个月之久的趋势线,当然比另一条只有9个星期乃至9天有效历史的趋势线更重要。趋势线的重要性越强,由其引发的信心就越大,那么它的突破也就越具重要影响。
2.   75. Gniding: Rubbing, polishing; Anglo-Saxon "gnidan", to rub.
3. 但夫人的「效率单位」有两个困难。其一是真实世界从来不用这种单位量度劳力。生产力升,工资也上升。不要以为我吹毛求疵,因为这牵涉到第二个困难:逻辑上夫人是错了的。在过后分析件工合约时我会指出,生产力高一倍,工资的提升会在一倍以上。这是说,同样时间,乙的产出比甲的高一倍,乙的效率单位应该是一倍以上,但究竟是多少,要看其他合作的生产要素的价值而定。这也是说,如果其他生产要素的价值有变,夫人的效率单位量度是不能成立的。真实世界不采用这种量度单位是不难理解的吧。
4. 多年来,他出警时常遇到有人被戒指卡手。
5. 很难想象《迷失》中若是没有杰克·谢帕德作主角,这部剧会变成什么样。大概只有编剧真的这样写了,我们才会知道答案吧。美国广播公司引进这部剧后,杰克·谢帕德这一角色本该在坠机事件中遇难,接着将由凯特在这部剧中担任更多的领导角色。
6. 电子商务的叫做销售仓,拿来等着卖货,不是走过场;第三是退换货物流和“货损成本”,这部分占到3%;第四是电话呼叫中心,每个订单的电话成本是1%;第五是机房、服务器的成本占到了5%;第六是人员费用成本占到了10%;第七是购买流量成本(花钱购买广告,吸引点击等)最少占到10%;第八是包装成本,最少1%;第九是货到付款方式的手续费2%,也就是代收货款的物流公司,需要收取一定的费用。


1. 通过近几个月的实践,餐厨垃圾环比减量10%以上。
2. 在视频中,确实看到了夹缝中存在多只蟑螂,该客运站确实要加强卫生管理。
3. Net interest margins — the difference between interest paid on deposits and interest gained from loans — suffered as China lifted its remaining controls on the interest rates paid on deposits. The average margin declined by about 46 basis points to 2.54 per cent in 2015.
4. 现在她出事了,对家庭影响很大。
5. "I shall pretend that," she said; "and it will be a great comfort."
6.   With those words the passenger opened tile coach-door and got in; not at all assisted by his fellow-passengers, who had expeditiously secreted their watches and purses in their boots, and were now making a general pretence of being asleep. With no more definite purpose than to escape the hazard of originating any other kind of action.


1. X
2.   "Well, to come to an end of the matter, Mr. Holmes, and not toabuse your patience, there came a night when he made one of thosedrunken sallies from which he never came back. We found him, whenwe went to search for him, face downward in a little green-scummedpool, which lay at the foot of the garden. There was no sign ofany violence, and the water was but two feet deep, so that thejury, having regard to his known eccentricity, brought in averdict of `suicide.' But I, who knew how he winced from the verythought of death, had much ado to persuade myself that he had goneout of his way to meet it. The matter passed, however, and myfather entered into possession of the estate, and of some 14,000 pounds,which lay to his credit at the bank."
3. 民警让老路自己用铲子将血迹收集。

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      "Thus he spoke, and the Achaeans feared no more. The daughters ofthe old man of the sea stood round you weeping bitterly, and clothedyou in immortal raiment. The nine muses also came and lifted uptheir sweet voices in lament- calling and answering one another; therewas not an Argive but wept for pity of the dirge they chaunted. Daysand nights seven and ten we mourned you, mortals and immortals, but onthe eighteenth day we gave you to the flames, and many a fat sheepwith many an ox did we slay in sacrifice around you. You were burnt inraiment of the gods, with rich resins and with honey, while heroes,horse and foot, clashed their armour round the pile as you wereburning, with the tramp as of a great multitude. But when the flamesof heaven had done their work, we gathered your white bones atdaybreak and laid them in ointments and in pure wine. Your motherbrought us a golden vase to hold them- gift of Bacchus, and work ofVulcan himself; in this we mingled your bleached bones with those ofPatroclus who had gone before you, and separate we enclosed also thoseof Antilochus, who had been closer to you than any other of yourcomrades now that Patroclus was no more.

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