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1. 品牌深度融入:AI产品大多从0起步,品牌有机会从产品定位开始就进行深度融入,影响软硬件的设计、以及全链路的设计调性。
2.   "Now, to-morrow," he thought, "I'll look around myself," and withrenewed hope he lifted his eyes from the ground.
3.   "Yes," returned Morcerf, "a baron of a new creation."
4.   Alessandro, forbeare such boldnesse, uppon thy lives perill, andbefore thou further presume to touch me, understand what I shalltell thee. I am (as thou perceivest) no man, but a woman; anddeparting a Virgin from my Fathers House, am travelling towards thePopes holinesse, to the end that he should bestow me in marriage.But the other day, when first I beheld thee, whether it proceeded fromthy happinesse in fortune, or the fatall houre of my owne infelicityfor ever, I know not; I conceyved such an effectuall kinde of likingtowardes thee, as never did Woman love a man more truely then I doethee having sworn within my soule to make thee my Husband before anyother; and if thou wilt not accept me as thy wife, set a locke uponthy lippes concerning what thou hast heard, and depart hence tothine owne bed againe.
5. 那些不快乐的公司或者产品,都无法逃脱平庸的命运。
6. 此外,《劳动合同法》第40条规定,劳动者不能胜任工作,经过培训或调整工作岗位后仍不能胜任工作的,用人单位可以解除劳动合同。


1. 花边整理当作一种家庭劳动,或者是在所谓“老板娘家”进行的,或者是在妇女家里由她自己或同她的子女一道进行的。那些开设“老板娘家”的妇女本身也是贫穷的。工场就是她们的私宅的一部分。她们从工厂主或商店老板等人那里承揽定货,使用妇女、少女和幼童的劳动,其人数要看她们房间的大小和营业需要
2.   For my own part, my occupation in my solitary pilgrimages was to recall every yard of the old road as I went along it, and to haunt the old spots, of which I never tired. I haunted them, as my memory had often done, and lingered among them as my younger thoughts had lingered when I was far away. The grave beneath the tree, where both my parents lay - on which I had looked out, when it was my father's only, with such curious feelings of compassion, and by which I had stood, so desolate, when it was opened to receive my pretty mother and her baby - the grave which Peggotty's own faithful care had ever since kept neat, and made a garden of, I walked near, by the hour. It lay a little off the churchyard path, in a quiet corner, not so far removed but I could read the names upon the stone as I walked to and fro, startled by the sound of the church-bell when it struck the hour, for it was like a departed voice to me. My reflections at these times were always associated with the figure I was to make in life, and the distinguished things I was to do. My echoing footsteps went to no other tune, but were as constant to that as if I had come home to build my castles in the air at a living mother's side.
3.   Stop, Kind element, be still, I say!
4. 原标题:智造头条|小牛电动发布自动驾驶电摩,支持5G通讯。
5.   The men resented it...she should have pretended to hear nothing. They hated her admitting she had attended so closely to such talk.
6.   While disease had thus become an inhabitant of Lowood, and deathits frequent visitor; while there was gloom and fear within its walls;while its rooms and passages steamed with hospital smells, the drugand the pastille striving vainly to overcome the effluvia ofmortality, that bright May shone unclouded over the bold hills andbeautiful woodland out of doors. Its garden, too, glowed with flowers:hollyhocks had sprung up tall as trees, lilies had opened, tulipsand roses were in bloom; the borders of the little beds were gaywith pink thrift and crimson double daisies; the sweetbriars gave out,morning and evening, their scent of spice and apples; and thesefragrant treasures were all useless for most of the inmates of Lowood,except to furnish now and then a handful of herbs and blossoms toput in a coffin.


1.   'Lord bless my soul!' he exclaimed, 'I didn't know they were chops. Why, a chop's the very thing to take off the bad effects of that beer! Ain't it lucky?'
2.   'Come, old gal!' cried Mr. Peggotty. 'Take and heave it.'
3. 随着AI及物联网技术的深入发展,如何在更加广阔的场景中应用AIoT技术成为重要议题,那就需要众多开发者一起构建强大的生态。
4. 护士每两小时会进来检测记录一次体温,晚上睡觉时也是这样。
5. 校服、水杯最易被搞丢操场成了失物集中地操场长凳上躺了很多‘孤儿,都是学生们遗失的,至今还没找到‘主人。
6. 在1994至1996年的四轮疯狂价格战中,他带领联想打败国际PC巨头康柏、IBM和惠普,联想电脑跃升至中国电脑市场No..1,避免了中国PC市场被外国品牌垄断


1. 展开全文所以,当你留存用户的时候,如果用户是因为你的A动机而来,但是你却不断宣传你的其他增值服务,可能在用户的眼中,那只是一个广告。
2.   "I don't like to contradict a lady," said Danhasch, "but you must really permit me to doubt any mortal being as beautiful as my princess."
3. 成宗在尊儒臣、用汉法的同时,又任用色目官员以综理财赋。回回人赛典赤孙伯颜任中书乎章政事,弟伯颜察儿参议中书省事。阿合马余党得罪获免的阿里,在桑哥败后,任中书右丞。成宗即位,御史台提出弹劾,成宗采中书省议,仍令阿里执政如故。成宗用蒙汉儒臣执政,色目官员理财,汉法与“回回法”并用。在他统治的十二年间,没有再爆发如象世祖时期那样尖锐的回汉之争,暂时地稳定了朝廷的政局。但是,以守成为方针的成宗统治时期,朝廷政治日渐腐败,财政经济的紊乱和钞法的败坏也仍在继续发展。
4. 尽管如今开发高性能软件所需了解的深入知识门槛从未如此高,但将新软件产品推向市场的过程却前所未有的便宜且快速。
5. 正如不少网友所分析的,这些刻意隐瞒者要么是抱着侥幸心理,以为自己没事。
6. 四号线:健身网红线目前,健身短视频相较于美食、美妆等,依然有很大的发展空间。


1.   `Why didn't you make it then?'
2. 湿布盖火断氧最靠谱断绝火源的氧气是扑灭酒精起火的最好方式。
3. 考什么、为什么考、考不过不能出院?今日(12月26日),新京报记者联系到医院知情人士,就上述问题进行了求证。

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