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1.   `For gracious sake say something else besides ``indeed,'' or you'll fidget me to death,' said Miss Pross: whose character (dissociated from stature) was shortness.'
2. 联想记忆
3.   Again I reflected: I scarcely knew what school was: Bessiesometimes spoke of it as a place where young ladies sat in the stocks,wore backboards, and were expected to be exceedingly genteel andprecise: John Reed hated his school, and abused his master; but JohnReed's tastes were no rule for mine, and if Bessie's accounts ofschool-discipline (gathered from the young ladies of a family whereshe had lived before coming to Gateshead) were somewhat appalling, herdetails of certain accomplishments attained by these same young ladieswere, I thought, equally attractive. She boasted of beautifulpaintings of landscapes and flowers by them executed; of songs theycould sing and pieces they could play, of purses they could net, ofFrench books they could translate; till my spirit was moved toemulation as I listened. Besides, school would be a complete change:it implied a long journey, an entire separation from Gateshead, anentrance into a new life.
4. 很多人在思考,成分护肤的风还会刮多久?市场的趋势很难去做预判,我们曾经比较乐观的估计,成分党的风潮还能再持续两三年。
5. 二、请与患者林某某同时段出现的人员,自觉进行居家隔离,自行测量体温,及时向当地疾控中心报告,告知自身健康状况、家庭详细地址和联系方式。
6. 她返回家又翻找出几部手机,带着它们去宜宾市区卖掉,得了900元钱。


1. 刘道福博士从事人工智能和体系结构交叉领域的研究多年,在人工智能处理器领域有很深的造诣,提出了全球首个通用机器学习处理器架构。
2. 最冷的时候有多冷?在一千个严寒劳动者的眼里,有一千种极寒的感受。
3. 在程兆东返回餐厅接女友时,遭到王裕宽、代乾等十余人的拳打脚踢,殴打过程持续了50多秒。
4. [strein]
5. 联想记忆
6. 老大爷跌倒的原因正在调查中。


1. 作为特种车辆,救护车是社会应急系统的组成部分,无论是否属于企业,一旦正式涂装救护车标志,从用途到使用人员,都应有严格规范
2.   'With pleasure? Are you fond of it?'
3. 要落实这一要求,必须有对校园欺凌事件的依法依规处理,否则各校对要求的理解可能会有所不同。
4.   "He's all we've got," said Quincel, rolling up his eyes."Harrison went back on me at the last minute. Who else can weget?"
5. 原标题:湖南桃江一车辆意外坠崖5人死亡新京报快讯据湖南桃江县政府官网消息,2020年1月14日21时许,桃江县应急管理局接县消防救援大队电话报告,灰山港镇栗子山村有一车辆坠崖,5人失联。
6. 阿尔特韦格说:就我们所知,磷对生命至关重要


1. 不会。事情可能会这样发展:在一次试运营(其间出现多次交易停止)后,比特币期货将慢慢开始吸引机构资金。美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)的持仓数据将反映出资金管理公司对该产品存在的长期偏见。随着减仓的巨额成本变得不言自明,多头将越来越大声地抱怨围绕结算时间的例行分歧。就在参议院计划举行听证会调查潜在的市场操纵行为时,比特币期货价格将跌破现货价格,引发抛售。
2. 邱军给妻子卖了个关子。
3.   "But if he should be at home and see me?"
4. 雷军是瑞祥公司员工,1975年出生,湖北省黄梅县人,中专文化程度。
5.   "How long a delay do you wish for?" -- Morrel reflected."Two months," said he.
6. 这5名患者从住院到出院,均未超过10天。


1. 韩国文化部一位名叫黄记泳(Wang Ki-young,音译)的主管周五表示,中国当局已要求北京的旅行社从3月中旬起停止韩国游项目。黄记泳表示,此举或扩展至其他省份。
2. 供给侧结构性改革:去产能、去库存、去杠杆、降成本、补短板
3.   'My dear Traddles!' I quickly exclaimed. 'What are you talking about?'

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      "Yes, I know you are a man of a stout heart, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a voice almost affectionate; "I can therefore tell youbeforehand you shall be tried, and even condemned.""Another might reply to your Eminence that he had his pardon in hispocket. I content myself with saying: Command, monseigneur; I amready."

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      `Absolutely!' said Tommy. `But also, it seems to me a perfect description of the whole of the industrial ideal. It's the factory-owner's ideal in a nut-shell; except that he would deny that the driving power was hate. Hate it is, all the same; hate of life itself. Just look at these Midlands, if it isn't plainly written up...but it's all part of the life of the mind, it's a logical development.'

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    He passed this over rather hurriedly, saying that the same term would apply, but was seldom used.

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    This umbrella protects your dogs from the sun and rain.

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    在9月初发布的另一份报告中,世界气象组织(World Meteorological Organization)称,2013年大气中的二氧化碳水平,比工业革命之前的普遍水平高出42%。其他重要的温室气体含量也有所增加,与前工业化时代水平相比,甲烷增加了153%,一氧化二氮增加了21%。

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      The host had the appearance of as honest a man as any on earth.He received the travelers with his candlestick in one hand andhis cotton nightcap in the other. He wished to ledge the twotravelers each in a charming chamber; but unfortunately thesecharming chambers were at the opposite extremities of the hotel.D'Artagnan and Athos refused them. The host replied that he hadno other worthy of their Excellencies; but the travelers declaredthey would sleep in the common chamber, each on a mattress whichmight be thrown upon the ground. The host insisted; but thetravelers were firm, and he was obliged to do as they wished.They had just prepared their beds and barricaded their doorwithin, when someone knocked at the yard shutter; they demandedwho was there, and recognizing the voices of their lackeys,opened the shutter. It was indeed Planchet and Grimaud."Grimaud can take care of the horses," said Planchet. "If youare willing, gentlemen, I will sleep across your doorway, and youwill then be certain that nobody can reach you."